Betrayal of faith - a action/thriller by Ole Jørgen Rodar

An entity, as old as mankind, has substituted its own desires with mankind's desire for something bigger. It creates havoc in search for the power it wants so much. Thor Audunson and Karl Longwalk are in for a battle of a lifetime when they go up against this old power.

Do we need religions? Do we need gods. And if so, why do we want them? Ihave friends from almost every religion, and we dont fight. So why do the rest of the world fight over religions and gods? Today, we have religions marking themselves in very unfortunate ways. And why? Because a god says so? I dont think this is right. I want peace and friendliness, and i hope my book will give us a second chance.

Amazon Customer reviewed Betrayal of Faith (Tales from the Grey Dragon) (Volume 2)

Great book, with an engaging and entartaining story line.

Even though the writers first language isn't English, it doesn't show in his writing. It is grammatically correct and well written. The author manages to suck you in to the story, and keep you in suspense. It is engaging, and very entertaining to read. It offers a different and enlightened view on our world, and culture today. It also takes advantage of displaying and discussing both traditional bowie knife and bows as weapons, used to great effect by the main characters. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy fiction, and will reading all of his other novels as they come out.

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