Moonracer: The Long Shadow - a novel by T. August Green

People who fall in love with those in dangerous professions face heart-rending challenges. In the 23rd century, the sport of Moonracing is filled with as much peril as it is glamour, and its drivers are celebrities who risk death at every turn. Those who are so passionate about their sport reach for those same emotions in their personal lives, and any heart that dares draw close does so cautious apprehension.

The travel to the Six Worlds, the dazzling cities that play host to the events, and the lavish promotional parties all make for a bright-lights, red carpet world that can sweep you away like a fantasy. But behind closed doors, how do you hold tight to someone who could perish the next time they step on the track?

The Luna Le Mans 24Hours is the pinnacle event of Moonracing, and the Aurora Plains on Mars echo the French roots from which it sprang. The village of Le Mans Rouge is nestled close by while the bustling metropolis of Nouveau Parisienne shines like a beacon in the distance, and they both beckon fan and competitor alike with their beauty and charm.

The drivers want the glory of victory, but those lost along the way leave loved ones filled with bitter revenge, and those who remain find their hearts both soaring and broken as each discovers the high cost of chasing dreams.

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