Stacy - an erotic space opera by Guinevere Candy

A utopian future, where space stations are dedicated to each profession and Europa is just a transport ride away.

On the Pleasure station, people live and breathe sex. Stacy is one such person; sexually liberated, free thinking, a bit of a deviant. She’ll make sure her boring night at a bachelorette party is going to end with a bang...literally. There’s just one problem; the new lover droid prototype she’s hooked up with is just too good not to keep. Or, in this case, steal.

Unfortunately if she gets caught, that means one thing: jail. But, on the Pleasure Station you don't just go to jail; you become a guinea pig for sex toys. Join Stacy on her romp through the factory known as Lascivox where unspeakable experiments and inventions are tested and her only escape, is through doing a bit of her own experimenting and leaving her dignity at the door.

This book with it’s colorful world, bizarre characters, and vivid descriptions features an extensive list of highly detailed and unusual sex acts that aren’t for the faint of heart. Don’t worry; everything you experience while under the care of Lascivox will be strictly confidential. Just sign this release and give us your full cooperation.

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