Friends and Enemies - a science fiction by William Dusty

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A teenage recruit meets his new squadmate -- a veteran female soldier -- for the very first time in this debut novel in the Stellar Conflict series.

Private Paul Bosignoir is sent to the front lines to take up his turn in a decades-long interstellar war. The naive young soldier, though, is ill suited for soldiering, and no sooner does he arrive at his unit's headquarters space station than he is taken for both his money and his service bag. Frightened and alone as he waits for his unit to come in, another soldier transferring from a combat unit shows up, and she takes him under her wing until their unit finally arrives.

This female soldier, Senior Private Alyssa Kaye Bretchvelle, is a veteran who has suffered her own loss in the war, and she too must prove herself to her doubting--and oftentimes hating--new comrades.

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