PARTS - A comedy horror novel by Chris Hayward

Welcome to the odd world of Abner Rondings, a lonely man who is convinced his rather awful life will be made a whole lot better by one thing – love. But finding a partner is a tricky task for Abner. He's not exactly charming, he has bleak outlook on life, and his job at a slaughterhouse means he often finds bits of meat in his hair.

Determined to find love, especially the nudity that comes along with it, Abner signs up to a dating agency and his world suddenly turns into a terrifying nightmare. He meets a woman, but it's a woman who turns out to be a witch with only one thing on her mind; and it's not love.

Parts is a comedy horror, both amusing and terrifying, from British writer Chris Hayward, and is one of the few books to include witchcraft, loneliness and a dog walking on two legs. Step into the strange world of Abner and find out for yourself.