The Travelers and the Four Doors of Artew - action/adventure fantasy by Dennis Garber

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In The Travelers and the Four Doors of Artew, the first in series and debut of Dennis Garber, tensions mount for a modern-day Will as he faces ridicule and bullying on a daily basis, but also during an unavoidable plunge, as a half Native American Indian boy, into the world of Kroy. On Will’s 13th birthday he receives his powers. What powers? Different incredible abilities, all starting with the mind, being able to read people’s thoughts and communicate without speaking, is just one of them. Will is otherwise a bit of a misfit in his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, not able to make friends easily, if at all, but is soon the center of attention in a place painted as brilliant in colors much like heaven, a new and curious world no one could imagine.

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