Annie's 1st Break - a Romantic Comedy Mystery Series by Willee Amsden

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"The author has a nice, chatty writing style. The descriptions are excellent in a wacky, oddly realistic way... Annie and all of the supporting characters are well developed with interesting backstories." "Bookowlie"

Fans of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum and Deborah Coonts will love Annie McCauley and the many quirky characters and hilarious situations in Willee Amsden's new series.

Look out New York City! Ms. Rayanne “Annie” McCauley from little old Mesa View, Texas has set her sights on being a high fashion model. Despite her humble beginnings in the Mesa View Mobile Home Park, hot tempered Annie thinks she can make it all the way to the cover of Women’s Wear Daily (as long as she follows her own rules). But she won’t be able to do it without a lot of trouble from her arch rival, Brittany Carstairs, another alumnus of the trailer park and a woman who never met a nasty trick she didn’t use. Brittany is brilliant and ruthless. She tries to get Annie fired from every job she starts and also tries to steal every man.

Annie thinks she may finally be getting her big break in the modeling world. She has aced her first interview with handsome, Tomi Di Ponti and is ready for her second interview where she expects to be given the job as spokesmodel for the new Czarina line of Di Ponti cosmetics and fashions.

But things rarely go smoothly for Annie and before she knows it, Brittany has pulled one of her dirty tricks and it looks like Annie may not get the job after all. However, with the help of Luis and the understanding of Tomi things seem to be working out. Brittany isn't easily beaten and through an elaborate plan, it appears she's working against Annie behind the scenes. Comical mishaps, the Rigatoni, a vertically challenged gang of old world mobsters, and Nonni, the grandmother from hell all make Annie's dream seem just out of reach.

 Enter Ida and her son, Luther Grolsch, a man that Annie feels might be the sexiest, but most annoying man she's ever met. Together they try to keep Annie alive and find out who is really behind the sabotage that seems to be aimed at the Di Ponti Company and Annie in particular. Will Annie and Tomi ever get together? Who Hired the Rigatoni Gang? Find out in Annie's 1st Break, a hilarious, laugh out loud, romantic mystery. Book one of a four book series with book 5 on the way.