An Elf's Homecoming - The Goldenfell Saga - Book One - an Epic Fantasy Novel by Laurie Cook

"An Elf's Homecoming" was my first novel.  I have since written two mysteries, but now I have returned to my favorite genre, Fantasy(Epic - Adventure).  This book is now the first in my series, "The Goldenfell Saga."

The night Brandt came across the scene of an ambush in the woods; it changed his life forever.  Thomaline's latest mission for Lord Silvan  had turned into a disaster.  The party including Lord Silvan's son, had been attacked and while the rest of her men made it to safety, she had been injured and captured and in great peril until a lone Man stepped in to saved her life.  Thomaline was an Elf who had long been living in the world of Men; alone and in disguise.  When the failure of her assignment led to her dismissal, she found herself happily free to act upon the feeling that she was needed at the home she had not seen for over two hundred years.  Brandt was also a warrior and his wish to travel with Thomaline on her journey, would lead to unexpected and life threatening adventure.  It was a long journey to the land of Goldenfell and the true reason for Thomaline being recalled to her homeland was something neither of them expected.