Dawn Power Dream, An epic fantasy adventure by James M. Gabagat

Dawn Power Dream Kindle

Be virtuous, be bold…

Amidst corruption and impending revolution, the Kingdom of Valtasia becomes a shadow of its golden age. In an era come to be known as the “Free Enterprise Movement,” commoners have banded into martial guilds to combat the threat of crooked nobles and organized crime syndicates. These guild affiliates, mercenaries, outlaws, and champions alike, have become icons, unorthodox heroes amongst the people.

Live without regret…

Guild commander Qinjai Altavi, son of a revered Valtasian lord, leaves behind wealth and his inheritance to pursue purpose and an unknown destiny. He leads the Dawn Power Dream Regime, individuals with checkered pasts and questionable lifestyles. Recruited into his ranks, Siamprima Bubette “The Prince of Peacocks,” an infamous rogue criminal, and Suvessi “The Huntress,” an enigmatic bounty hunter and vigilante of rising prominence.

Die young, or die old…

Either for the need to test courage or for the want of extra coin—or out of absentminded impulse—Qinjai Altavi and his “Regime” accept a contract issued by the nobles, a rescue mission on the secluded island of Manganga, where the creatures of the old world dwell. The Dawn Power Dream Regime will journey, discover dark conspiracies and forgotten magic, and battle rival guilds and monsters of legend. This is the tale of wickedness, retribution, and bloodshed, and of redemption, loyalty, and the strength of friendship.

Dawn Power Dream till death.