The Making of a Demon - a Christian Fantasy by Della Loredo

The Making of a Demon - a Christian Fantasy by Della Loredo

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For nearly 2,000 years, Kamil Lanaj has lived in perfect harmony with her five siblings while reveling in her work of creating beauty. She's never even heard the word, "sin," and she can't imagine doing anything that her creator-father, King Doug, might disapprove.

When her elder brother and linkmate, Lustanli Lanaj, circulates some exciting new ideas, she's swept up in the thrilling possibilities. Queen Debora warns of danger, but Kamíl doesn't know what to make of the warnings when her brother claims that the royal family regularly practices deceit. Horrified at the mere idea, Kamíl clings to the elder brother she loves so dearly.

As the tension between King Doúg and Lustanli grows, Kamíl gradually finds herself caring less about the royal family's warnings. And when her linkmate declares war on the royal family, Kamíl supports him wholeheartedly, certain that the compassionate King Doúg would never forcibly defend his throne.

But the loving monarch does battle the rebels and, when he wins, exiles them to an undeveloped plot of land. Angry and despairing, the insurgents nevertheless determine to set up the kingdom of unrestricted personal liberty that Lustanli had promised them. However, Kamíl discovers that accomplishing such a feat requires her to sacrifice bits of herself, bit by bit, until the woman who once reveled in bringing joy to others through beauty now spends every waking moment digging through the ugliness of a world gone berserk.

The Making of a Demon examines the question of how holy angels, nurtured in an atmosphere of perfect love, could learn to hate--of how beings created for everlasting joy could choose a life of destruction and carnage. And we see that their destiny was probably altered in the same way ours is—one choice at a time.