WEST 57 - Funny romantic drama from international bestseller B.N. Freeman

WEST 57 - Funny romantic drama from international bestseller B.N. Freeman

Meet Julie Chavan.

Julie's trying to rescue the legendary New York publishing house, WEST 57. Everyone else in her life is trying to rescue Julie. Her mother. Her ex-fiancé. Her ex-best friend. Even the ghost of her dead father. They all think they know what Julie needs.

Actually, what Julie needs is a big bestseller for WEST 57 -- but her debut of the year's hottest book is spinning wildly out of control. Julie's dealing with a dead con artist, an over-sexed London agent, an irresistible young book editor, a drunk author spouting bawdy limericks, and a flying Chihuahua.

The smart thing would be to say goodbye to WEST 57. Julie's Hollywood mother wants her in L.A., and there's nothing keeping Julie in New York -- nothing except her whole life. But before Julie can decide where she's going, she has to decide what she really wants.

Exuberantly funny and emotionally rich, WEST 57 will make you laugh and cry about love, friendships, and the big choices in life.

"Freeman takes a second turn at chick lit (after 2009's The Agency as Ally O'Brien), with just the right mix of zany humor, sexy romance, and cheeky jabs at the publishing world...it's a doozy! Fans of classic single-in-the-city chick lit will find much to enjoy here." --Booklist

"Freeman's snappy new chick-lit romp....a bright, fun read." --Pioneer Press


"Entertaining...witty...a delight." - People Magazine
"One fantastic novel" - Romantic Times (Four Stars)
"Perfectly irresistible" - Chicago Tribune