Seven Keys To Surviving The Trump Presidency - a Self-Help Book Promotion by Kiran Dintyala

Seven Keys To Surviving The Trump Presidency - a Self-Help Book Promotion by Kiran Dintyala
Seven Keys To Surviving The Trump Presidency - a Self-Help Book Promotion by Kiran Dintyala

In this timely book, Seven Keys to Surviving the Trump Presidency, Dr. Kiran Dintyala offers a much-needed approach to healing our deeply divided nation of post-election stress. Known as Dr. Calm, he provides useful insights and strategies to help you relieve your feelings of anxiety and find solace.

Dr. Dintyala proposes that whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, or an independent, whether you voted for or against Trump, you can heal. You have the capacity to bounce back and reclaim your lost peace and joy in life. For anyone looking for a solution through the chaos and confusion of these stressful times, this book has the answer.

Key benefits
1. Finding peace of mind despite the parade of craziness you encounter.
2. Emptying your mind of all negative thoughts and sleeping better.
3. Being happy no matter who the president is.
4. Preventing political arguments with friends, relatives, and colleagues.
5. Letting go of the past, marching forward, and building a bright future.

About the author

Dr. Dintyala is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician who holds a master's in public health. He is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. He is also the author of the upcoming book, Calm in the Midst of Chaos. Dr. Dintyala is a keynote speaker who hosts seminars and retreats to help people learn to reduce stress and find peace of mind and experience more joy. When he is not helping others, Dr. Dintyala is an avid tennis and racquetball player, singer, and movie buff who enjoys spending time by the ocean.


His mission is to elevate the emotional well-being of humanity and thus increase the happiness index of this world.
Every day, Dr. Dintyala compassionately takes steps to alleviate the suffering of humanity and empower people to succeed in their lives through better usage of their own innate capabilities to be happy, peaceful, and content.
He firmly believes that with the simple principles and techniques he teaches, anyone can become stress-free. He envisions and strives toward creating stress-free organizations, communities, and families across the United States and the rest of the world.
He proposes that a calm state of mind greatly enhances our productivity and capabilities in life, thus paving a path for success and happiness.

A Short Version of My Story

Many years ago, when I was in the middle of a perfect storm of stress in my life, I accidentally stumbled upon certain principles and techniques that saved my life. Those principles and techniques helped me calm down instantaneously and gave me the ability to take control of my life situation. That ability to calm down in the midst of chaos not only saved me from a dismal failure that threatened my career but also paved a path to the career of my dreams. The concepts I have learned over years of many life-and-death situations became solidified into the P-E-T system for stress-free living. This system is simple and easy to follow, and it melts away stress instantaneously. These principles and techniques work with mathematical accuracy!

Why am I doing this?

Having benefited from this system myself, I am now on a journey to help others reap the same benefits. I know stress is a relentless killer. I have experienced extremes of stress in my own life, and I know how it feels to be in a situation that makes you feel desperate, hopeless, and unhappy. When you are in deep distress, you feel as if nothing works in your life. You feel as if everything is wrong in your life. You feel that there is no meaning to life. All the goals and dreams of life look futile. Yet, with experience, I realized that there is a golden path to peaceful, joyful, and productive living. No situation is hopeless and there are obvious ways to emerge out of difficult situations successfully and find solutions.

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