I Get You - Master your business communication super powers by Warren Tate

I Get You - Master your business communication super powers by Warren Tate

$1.99 (regularly $7.99) 5/18/2017 - 5/22/2017!

How we communicate, how we construct our messages and how we deliver them have a major influence on the success of our outcomes, both short and long term.

We are all born equal – two arms, two legs, two ears, one mouth, etc. However, we certainly don’t end up equal in our careers or businesses. What is the difference between the people who succeed and those who struggle through work and life? Many people will respond with answers such as lack of education, up bringing, personal circumstances, economic circumstances, physical or mental disadvantages; the list could go on and on.

There are people in this world who have been incredibly successful in rising to the top of corporations, building massive companies that started from a small business in a shed, or becoming famous entertainers or sports people, who have all experienced one or many of the circumstances that hold most people back. On the other hand, there are many who have thought of taking a leap of faith and pursuing their dream of entrepreneurship, or going all in and committing to their concept or idea, yet they never take that first and most important step.

Mastering your communication skills and deciding to take that first step will change your life and your outcomes.

Communication truly determines your destination. Your words and how you deliver them can change the world. Don’t believe me? Think about some of the greatest speeches in history, from Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy or perhaps Gough Whitlam. Words, presented in the right format to the right audience, have the power to start and finish wars, to bring down a government or simply to start a new life together as a couple.