Relationship - Bridge to the Soul - a Relationship and Self-Help by Chris G. Moon

Relationship - Bridge to the Soul - a Spiritual book by Chris G. Moon

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Written with humour and compassion, this is an easy-to-read handbook that has guided over a 150,000 readers through the essential stages of relationship, and helped them respond to the challenges and opportunities inherent in each stage. Chris Moon uses the design of intimate partnership as a template for all relationship dynamics, as he guides the reader from the glamour of Romance, past the disappointments and struggles of the Disillusionment stage, and beyond to the freedom of a Soul-Centered Partnership. Like a detailed road map, the book outlines the most direct route to happiness, and indicates which relationship hazards and pitfalls can be traversed more smoothly or avoided altogether. If you are experiencing a bit of a "bad patch", floating through the calm waters of harmony, or are undergoing an intense upheaval in a close partnership, Relationship -- Bridge to the Soul is a wonderful guiding light on whatever relationship path you are traveling.

But there are surprises to be had with this book as well! Moon challenges the conventional beliefs about the purpose of close partnerships, and offers an eye-opening proposal regarding the true purpose and process of relationship. The revelations that are scattered throughout this book can assist the reader in having wonderful transformations, not only regarding their primary relationships, but in all aspects of their lives, for, as Moon states, "... the purpose of your most important relationships is exactly the same as the purpose of your life! Who am I? Why am I here? The answers to these two most fundamental human questions can be directly experienced through your interactions with your mate, children, parents,... all the important people in your lives.

If you enjoyed the works of David Schnarch, Gay and Kathleen Hendricks, John Grey and other "Relationship Pioneers", you are sure to enjoy this read!