Hardin Hollow - the first of a series of four Billie Jean Hardin novels by D. Larry Patterson

Hardin Hollow - the first of a series of four Billie Jean Hardin novels by D. Larry Patterson

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Hardin Hollow is the first in a series of four Billie Jean Hardin novels. All four contain over fifty color photographs of actual places and items mentioned in the books.

When 15-year-old female sniper Billie Jean Hardin is unwittingly pitted against the Thibodaux clan of hardcore hillbilly tush-hog meth cookers blood flows, body counts build, and maniacal mayhem ensues.

Billy Jean grew up tough in rural northwest Arkansas in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Hardin Hollow. Abandoned by her mother soon after birth, her father Hank was a disabled, disfigured former Army Sniper suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and increasing bouts of deep depression that eventually caused him to become barely functional.

Soon after her fifteenth birthday, two vicious, degenerate meth addicts murdered her father in cold blood, leaving Billy Jean alone in the world to fend for herself and seek retribution. Fortunately, she was well equipped to do so. From her first recollections, her only goal in life was to become a sniper like her father. Therefore, before his death Hank taught Billy Jean the ways of the sniper and instilled in her a love for the Ozark wilderness and the ability to survive there. An apt pupil, Billie Jean became an expert marksman skilled in martial arts.

By the time pretty blond Billie Jean was in her teens, she was a real head turner. However, staring into her beautiful smiling face, in those cornflower-blue eyes lurked the chilling look of steely-eyed determination—normally found only in experienced snipers and seasoned fighter pilots—that gave the warning, “Danger. Danger! Danger! Billie Jean Hardin is a pretty girl that can totally kick your ass in a heartbeat!”

Billie Jean’s superb skill, animal cunning, strength of character, well developed analytical mind, and overpowering resolve to do absolutely anything it takes to survive makes this an exciting and unpredictable read that causes one to wonder if this might have actually happened. If it hasn’t, it sure as hell could!

In three follow on Hardin Hollow novels, the action moves back and forth between Arkansas and Colorado where Billie Jean comes up against and does battle with the Rocky Mountain Militia, Pendejos Motorcycle Gang, Newton County Shooter, Peoples Temple of Jesus (a human trafficking cult), and other many assorted degenerate scumbags.

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