Hired Hands: Parts I and II - a gripping psychological thriller by Belinda Bennett

Hired Hands: Parts I and II - a gripping psychological thriller by Belinda Bennett

What would you do if you came home one day and discovered your parents had disappeared? Vanished. Who would you tell?
Mandy's parents are missing, but she can't tell anyone. Not a living soul.

After 20 years behind bars, the convicted cop killer has finally walked free - only to find herself plunged into a nightmare. The intoxicating scent of freedom quickly evaporates as she finds herself in deep trouble and with nobody to turn to.

In a tale of two halves, novella Hired Hands is a story told from different perspectives. Because there are always two sides to every story, it delves into the minds of both the innocent and the depraved.

Part I - Mandy

Mandy was just a teenager when she climbed over her boyfriend's bloodied, lifeless body and ran. Running was a mistake - a regret that stalked every day of the two decades she sat in a prison cell.

But, as she soon discovers, freedom comes at a price. Does the transition from a controlled world to the free world tip her over the edge? Has she killed her parents? Or is a greater evil at work?

Tense changes in this section reflect time lapses.

Part II - Danielle

The day the police finally come isn’t the end of Danielle's nightmare... It is just the beginning.

What police find at the bottom of the garden turns the spotlight full circle. Instead of looking at her 'husband', they are now investigating her. Every aspect of Danielle's tortured life is put under the microscope by police investigating the disappearance of Mandy Jacobs' parents. Nobody seems to care that Danielle has been a missing person herself since she was eight years old.

After existing under the radar for more than three decades, she becomes the unsuspecting prime suspect in a major inquiry.

A shocking portrayal of what can happen when the eyes of the law are turned away.

Murder, lies and more lies.