5 Keys To Emotional Oneness: The Emotional Detox System by Dr. Celina Belmarce Pina

5 Keys To Emotional Oneness: The Emotional Detox System by Dr. Celina Belmarce Pina

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Emotional Detoxing, using the “5 Key System,” is your guide and journal towards eliminating those overbearing and manipulative emotional intruders and minimizing the characteristics and behaviors of block, stop and flat-line.

By processing though and mastering the “5 Key System;” you are creating your journey into a comprehensive understanding of self; opening doors to management of emotional input; promoting creativity and building coping skills; establishing a deep cognition for experiencing pure meaning of forgiveness, wisdom and healing; and transforming from feeling blocked, stopped and flat-lined by old exposures. In order to regain our innate gifts, it is important that we bridge our passions, which are our innate gifts handed to us through birth from God; with our mishaps, which are the past negative exposures and traumatic events that were handed to us without consideration but with purpose.

Through this system you will begin to understand the preparation that was needed to enhance and strengthen your innate gifts, and the answer to the “Why” for the negative life exposures. Once you understand the necessary process of “Preparation” and begin to bridge your passions with your mishaps; you will create a ventilation for the evolution and transformation of emotional and systemic balance. There cannot be purpose without pain and there cannot be transformation without understanding the pains of preparation.