Jacob's Justice - injustice and prejudice in 1642 - a book by p.d.r. lindsay

Jacob's Justice by p.d.r. lindsay

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It's 1642, and England is tearing itself apart.

Politics & Religion, King & Parliament at loggerheads. Jacob Emerick, the youngest son of the Merchants Emerick, shipping owners, must save the family's gold and ships, under threat from a powerful family, the Fowkes. The Fowkes are supporters of the King, and want their loan repaid now, despite the actual legal agreement, to give to the King in exchange for a title. The extreme Puritans want that money & the ships too. Jacob leaves London for a small Kentish town full of bigoted Puritans and arrogant Fowkes where he must negotiate with the Fowkes and dodge the Puritan spies. Both sides are prepared to seize everything the family owns. Neither side mind how they do it either. In a few short weeks Jacob grows from cocky young man to become a powerful fighter, & a thoughtful man of peace.