The Lord Peter Sluggly Chronicles by Simon. A. Gallimore

The Lord Peter Sluggly Chronicles book promotion Simon. A. Gallimore

In the first book of the Jamie Ballard series 'Here, There and Back' our four friends found themselves unwittingly caught up in some serious espionage. This culminated in the four returning back to England as a trio, after some frenetic and comical escapades in around the streets of Amsterdam. Stupidity seemed to know no bounds.

In this offering 'The lord Peter Sluggly Chronicles' we catch up with the three brothers in arms a couple of months later, in Paris, France. Once again a series of farcical events leads to misunderstandings and a certain level of humour. Whilst in Amsterdam in the previous 'Here, There and Back' novel, the lads kept bumping into a group of young men on a wild adventure of their own. These men were members of the fabled Rotund society. A group of lads on a mission to enjoy themselves. They were led by their charismatic leader and life president, Lord Peter Sluggly. He extended an invitation to Jamie Ballard. This came as an invite to the Sluggly manor summer ball. Jamie, H and Vinny from the first novel accepted his lordships offer.

Co meth the summer ball and our adventure gets underway in earnest. Upon their arrival at Sluggly manor hall, a large Oak tree has been felled by a lightening strike a few days earlier. Whilst it carcass was being removed from the ground, a metal cylinder is discovered under the roots. It had been there since the tree was first planted some three hundred years before by an ancient, Sluggly manor, ancestor. Its contents, a door handle. All they have to do is find which door it fits. This then leads them on a treasure hunt. But it seems that Jamie, Vinny, H and Peter are not the only ones with an interest in this hunt. they also have to contend with Peters arch nemesis and cousin, Sir Edward Clarington. This being done whilst Jamie is trying to fight off the attentions of Sir Edwards Daughter, Mary, who herself is hiding a secret. Peters Mother, Lady Caroline Sluggly, has a fierce reputation as a man eater. And she really takes a shine to H. She is not the type of woman to let a treasure hunt get in the way of a sexual conquest. But has she met her match this time? Who will discover the treasure? Who has most to gain or lose? All of this is being played out against a back drop of good old fashioned comedy. Jamie's penchant for dropping himself or is friends in it seems to steaming along in top form once again. The cast is assembled, the theatre is booked all that is missing is you, the audience. Come inside and experience the comical highs and lows of Jamie and company.