War of Nytefall: Rivalry - a revenge-fueled vampire fantasy adventure book by Charles E. Yallowitz

War of Nytefall: Rivalry - a revenge - fueled vampire fantasy adventure book promotion Charles E. Yallowitz

With the Vampire Civil War reaching a stalemate, a new figure will emerge in an attempt to create her own kingdom. No longer a rumor, the Vampire Queen of Windemere has made her move against Nyte and Nytefall.

As disappearances and murders begin to spread throughout the shadows, Clyde and Xavier Tempest find themselves in the hands of the Vampire Queen. With escape being impossible, the bitter enemies must work together in order to survive their captor’s tournament long enough to be rescued. Yet even with the terrifying combination of Clyde’s god-like strength and Xavier’s destructive magic, they may be in over their heads. Now, these two infamous rulers face an opponent who will prove to be their equal in both power and cunning. Can they defeat the legendary Vampire Queen, especially since they are not her true target?