The Capsule - a cyberpunk dystopia by Olga Loukianova

The Capsule - a cyberpunk dystopia free book promotion Olga Loukianova

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THE CAPSULE takes place in year 45 of the Age of Perfection. In any period of history, humanity would call this world a paradise. Citizens of the United State of Earth live in fully-automated capsule apartments. There is no need to work since the government, led by the Wise Ruler, provides for all necessities and desires. An AI called Systema looks after their psychological comfort. The world outside the capsule is a dangerous place, but you needn’t feel alone. The virtual reality of Net City offers a full social life where you can meet friends, family and fall in love just like the real world…

Liza is just as happy in her capsule as anybody else. After her boyfriend is murdered, she struggles to find the right questions in a world where all answers are provided. How does a young man die in the Age of Perfection? Are the avatars of Net City friends, enemies, or illusions?  Who is really in control of the world beyond the capsule?

THE CAPSULE is the first novel by Russian author Olga Loukianova, now available in English. This novel deals with issues of freedom and power, political control and the limits of AI that are becoming more relevant in her home country and around the world.