Proper Exercise Primes Preppers for Disasters by Dan Vale

Proper Exercise Primes Preppers for Disasters by Dan Vale

COVID-19, hurricanes, wildfires, and extended power blackouts are just a few of the many disasters that are becoming more and more common. Maintaining a strong immune system, controlling stress, and sleeping well all will help you and your family members to meet these potential challenges. Proper exercise is the way for your family members to maintain a strong immune system, control your stress, and sleep well.

Has your gym closed? Not to worry. This book will show you how to work out at home safely, cheaply, and effectively. When you work out at home, you will be a good role model for your family members. When they also work out, your family interactions will become calmer. That is always important, and it is especially important during a disaster.

Proper exercise is a win/win activity. During normal times, proper exercise lessens the chances of diseases such as heart attacks, diabetes, and strokes. During disasters, when medical help might not be immediately available, good health is even more important.

I have a bachelor degree in physical education. I won the Mr. Delaware Bodybuilding Contest in 1968 and earned his karate Black Belt in 1973. I have had a lifelong interest in physical fitness. Furthermore, from 2009 to 2017, I wrote 785 articles for the Examiner Online Newspaper. Most of these articles were written in my capacity as the Baltimore Prepper Writer for the Examiner.
Although I have exercised more than most people, scientific studies show that as few as 20 minutes of exercise a day have significant, positive health results. This book will help you to find the right exercise routine for you. Start exercising now and enjoy your “runners’ high,” even if you do exercises other than running.

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