The Prosaic Code by Edda Tassi

The Prosaic Code book promotion by Edda Tassi

The power of Nature is the only certainty that the human can have in his short life. The animals and the plants live without any distance from this paradise. The human tries to enter the mystery of Nature with science and art, but he must respect the eternal green book . Some terrorist goes around the planet, setting fire to the most beautiful places for destroy them. Others for money go around, pretending to save all the world.

"A poison love" and "Haroset" are the verses of the slow, silent closeness of the author to Nature , always astonished accomplice of every escape from human.

The Italian poetess and writer woman Edda Tassi has two degrees: Arts in Perugia and Clinical Psychology in Rome. The third degree, Philosophy in Perugia, was never delivered (with all taken exams and a very high average) in honor of the French author Michel Foucault. Knowledge against Power : in this case the Edda's rebellion against the superficial manipulation of an innovating author, died prematurely.

The international success gave Edda to the world : it's the miracle of the Net, when it's invisible and it can change everything, everyone, like love. Away from the clamor and the falsity of social networks, there's a Net of a real work, silent and useful of the human happiness.