Save Lives or Save the Rhetoric? public policy/economics by David Goldenberg

Save Lives or Save the Rhetoric ? public policy/economics book promotion sites David Goldenberg

This book is for independent thinkers who follow the logic, data and evidence wherever it leads. The alternative is to accept at face value what other people tell you and want you to believe through the rhetoric--- which is operative 24/7 in the media's echo chambers. 

This book will teach you how to tell the difference between these two approaches and it will give you lots of current, real-world examples and  innovative discussion questions so you can practice and be actively involved.  

The second part of the book delves into concepts and methods that any intelligent citizen may apply in order to make informed decisions about policy proposals. 

Not another partisan screed, the objective throughout is pedagogy: to help the reader better understand current events, better identify the rhetoric in partisan debates, and better evaluate public policy.

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