Water of Life – An addictive horror by Carole Bulewski

Water of Life – An addictive horror book promotion by Carole Bulewski

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Water of Life. It’s just a harmless drink, right?

Wrong, to some it is an all-consuming, life-threatening liquid evil.

Bestselling writer Carole Bulewski’s second novel, ‘Water of Life’, explores the darkness within and without, inspired by HP Lovecraft and gothic novels. It features heavily pagan folklore and urban despair. It’s a must-read for serious horror connoisseurs.

Water of Life tells the addictive story of musician Maxwell Sampson.

Sampson has demons to fight.

Alcoholism, drug abuse, depression and anxiety have all conspired to force him into retreating into a world of his own making.

Fighting a ghost from his past that is pushing him to his very limits of sanity.

While on tour in Scotland with his new band, he realises things are a whole lot worse than he had imagined. Trying to escape the horrors, he finds himself on a remote island off the West coast of Scotland, near Glasgow, in the Chai Community. A community whose aim is to help lost souls like him find and rebuild themselves. They seem to be helping but Sampson starts suspecting there might be more to them than just another crack-pot New Age community.

With dark secrets abound he must fight for his very existence. Could his thirst for the Water of Life be the very thing that destroys him?

Will he ever get back to reality?

Find out the answer to these questions and many more form Carole Bulewski’s Water of Life Published in e-book and paperback by Dream’s Edge Publishing.

This is a beautifully written, horror novel that will not only scare you but make you think long and hard and keep you thinking long after you’ve finished reading the book.

So go ahead, enjoy Water of Life. Take one more drink, it’s good for you. 

But it might just kill you!