West Texas Dead: A Kailey and Shinto Mystery by Frances Hight

West Texas Dead: A Kailey and Shinto Mystery by Frances Hight - book promotion companies

Kailey and Shinto are first class detectives and lifelong friends. Thrown into the midst of a brutal murder case, they need to nail the killer while fending off the Mexican cartel. Can they get to the bottom of it and survive?

Partners Kailey Carmichael and Shinto Elliot police the streets of Midland, Texas, but with very different approaches. Nevertheless, they share an identical passion for justice in whatever form it takes.

Kailey is fresh out of the FBI forensics class and has an analytical mind. Focused on the job, she uses it as a relief from the demons of her daughter's horrific death.

Shinto shatters every gay stereotype as an ex-Army MP with an edge. Physical and with a no-nonsense attitude, she stands her ground no matter what.

When a retired professor is savagely murdered, the duo catches the case and a just-released ex-con looks good for the crime. For Shinto, it's a slam dunk, but Kailey isn't convinced. It just looks too clean and easy. Digging deeper, the pair learn hard lessons about faith, friendship, and trusting your instincts as they fend off the Mexican cartel, a meddling DEA, and police department politics on the way to meting out justice.

Move over Cagney and Lacy, Rizzoli and Iles, and make way for Kailey and Shinto. West Texas Dead is book one in this hardboiled mystery series.