Havana Brown: A Joe Erickson Mystery by Lynn-Steven Johanson

Havana Brown: A Joe Erickson Mystery by Lynn-Steven Johanson - book promotion sites

Chicago detective Joe Erickson has the best closure rate in his detective division. His razor-sharp intuition and fine-tuned investigative skills are well known to his superiors, and they serve him well as a member of the homicide section.  But he is about to be challenged as never before when discovers a vile serial killer is at work in the city. Six women have been murdered, and Joe’s disgust with the horror of the mutilations causes him to take the killings personally and drive his obsession with capturing the offender. Matching wits with a killer who is every bit as intelligent and clever as he is, Joe has his work cut out for him. With only a few cat hairs as evidence, Joe develops leads which brings a person of interest onto his radar. Joe’s intuition has him convinced the man is the offender, but there is no incriminating evidence. A cat-and-mouse game begins with Joe observing the man as he appears to seek out potential victims. Joe finds himself in a day and night pursuit, but bodies still turn up. And when the killer strikes back at Joe by killing his friend, he doubles his efforts to bring him to justice. Driving himself twenty-four hours a day ultimately takes its toll, and in the aftermath of the investigation, Joe is left broken.

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