Love in the Time of Horses by Charles Porter

Love in the Time of Horses by Charles Porter - self-published book marketing service

“A horse story for riders. A gun story for shooters. A love story for lovers.”

A year in the life of Orin Kraybill and his wife Isabel, professional dressage competitors and trainers who follow the horseshow circuit to Florida every winter. They are friends with Joel Katz, a highly ranked jumper rider and champion sharpshooter, whose girlfriend, Jane Kline, is a concert pianist and fellow shooter.

The story winds through the big shows and hours of training, along with the unusual atmosphere of gun ranges and cowboy fast draw contests, where two brothers from the farms around Belle Glade are Joel’s rivals and adversaries.

Love in the Time of Horses is an inside look at the tony, cabalistic world of international horse showing and coaching that returns to Florida every winter for the ruling class and famous to entertain, compete, and play in the sun parlors of Palm Beach County.