Eighth Resonance - a sci-fi thriller by Randy Kabitz

Eighth Resonance - a sci-fi thriller by Randy Kabitz - self-published book marketing service
Eighth Resonance is a sci-fi thriller that follows Leo Starwater and Sai Li Luna as they try to survive the apocalypse. Inspired by the covid-19 pandemic and the author’s personal experiences, the book captures the essence of the social / political turmoil of 2020 and 2021. It uses sci-fi themes as a metaphor to explore what was (is) going on at the time.

The heart of Eighth Resonance is a counterculture disenfranchised with the American dream that seeks to live its own strange lifestyle. This book explores the parts of people’s lives that are hidden from view. The things people don’t talk about. Bad romance, regret, revenge, emotional trauma, and the will to correct the mistakes of the past.

Randy Kabitz is inspired by writers such as Douglas Adams, Stephen King, and Chuck Palahniuk. He marries their styles into something truly unique. His debut novel is an epic journey that captures the absurdity of modern life with witty humor, dark secrets, and anarchy.