We the Gamers - a literary memoir by Dalton Lewis

We the Gamers - a literary memoir free book promotion by Dalton Lewis

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Four people - four broken, wonderful people - play games together to deal with impossible problems.

Dalton Lewis, legendary novelist, has had paranoid schizophrenia for twenty years now and can’t remember life when he was sane. He is disturbed and deranged, talking to voices inside of his head. Suddenly something changes - he starts to pay attention to the real world again and takes the initiative to fix his life. Finnegan Harper is in his second marriage and is trying to raise two troubled teenagers. He has trouble focusing and keeping everything together - and the liquor and the mental health issues aren’t helping. Terry O’Hare is a proud Navy vet who fought bad guys for twenty years and now has a long list of real-life problems in Illinois in civilian life - weight, security, mental health, children, work, and strategy gaming. Phillip Stein wants nothing more than to be a legendary director of films, but a stupid accident threatens to derail everything. Is there something else, though, something more insidious, that is hurting his chances to succeed in life? Check out this realistic look at mental illness by real-life schizophrenic Dalton Lewis.