False Bottom (Seamus McCree Book 6) - a Thriller by James M Jackson

False Bottom (Seamus McCree Book 6) - a Thriller book promotion by James M Jackson

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Seamus McCree is executor of his murdered uncle’s estate. Handling the estate of the retired Boston police captain is easy until Seamus uncovers his uncle’s second, secret legacy. It has roots dating from Seamus’s father’s death forty years earlier. The more Seamus digs to understand the truth, the more he realizes he didn’t know his uncle at all.

Adding to his troubles, the man who murdered his uncle is now gunning for Seamus and his family. Seamus, his mother, his son, and his ex-wife all have different ideas how the family should respond. Some think they should run and hide until the police catch the murderer. Others want to stay and lay a trap. And one wants to hire their own killer.

In this 6th Seamus McCree thriller, Seamus fights to save his family and protect innocent bystanders from those who will kill to keep their secrets buried with his uncle.