The Doomsong Sword - classic Norse fantasy by J.G. Harlond

The Doomsong Sword - classic Norse fantasy book promotion by J.G. Harlond

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Lazy Davor spins wild stories until the day he runs away – into real danger.

With only a wild wolf for company, and the occasional appearance of a mysterious Master Odo (who might be the Aesir god Odin), Davor finds himself on a nightmare journey that leads to the fabled Doomsong Sword, then to the most dangerous dragon in the cold North – and then to his true identity.

This page-turning account of dark deeds and bold adventures based on the Norse Volsung Saga includes shape-shifters and Dwarf-forged gold, a courageous horse, and the evil deeds of the semi-mortal Loki – and tells how the once-invincible sword was broken and re-made to defeat an evil dragon.