The Garden Scouts: Buzzing With Love by Rachael Hartzell

The Garden Scouts: Buzzing With Love book promotion by Rachael Hartzell

Join Kiki and Rhino on a heartwarming adventure of friendship and love in this allegory crafted for Christian families.

When Kiki, a buzzing fly craving friendship, and Rhino, a grouchy beetle, are paired up during their first Garden Scouts meeting to earn their Love Strawberry pins, they quickly realize that love can be expressed in a multitude of ways. Through the ups and downs of their journey, they learn about the power of grit, the beauty of empathy, and the unconditional nature of love.

The first of nine books in The Garden Scouts series, this charming book is a must-have for Christian parents looking to teach their children the true meaning of love, and how to live out this fruit of the Spirit.