Psychiatric Hospital - kindle ebook by David Reuben, M.D

To the average person a Psychiatric Hospital is either a blank space in their mind or a TV-inspired Chamber of Horrors. They think of it as an ‘Insane Asylum’ full of violent raving lunatics held in check by burly grim-faced attendants.

A Psychiatric Hospital is none of those things. It is actually a vibrant ever-changing community where three-quarters of the population lives in a world of strange fantasies and delusions - in some ways not unlike the world outside.

And one quarter of the population is made up of dedicated men and women who struggle to bring those three-quarters, the patients, back to at least a semblance of reality.

The result is an ever-changing ever-contrasting pattern of conflict and cooperation, violence and tranquility, hate and love with a massive undercurrent of sex!

Come through the rusting door of the Psychiatric Hospital with me and I’ll show you.

The first thing you will see is all the young well-endowed nurses in tight white body-clinging uniforms. It’s almost as if they are flaunting their freedom to the outside world to protect them from the emotional stress and intensity of the Psychiatric Hospital.

Then there are the young doctors, interns and residents, barely older than the nurses overworked and underpaid — but with a wisdom far beyond their years.

By the time they have finished their tour in the Psychiatric Hospital, they have managed  - and learned from - murderers, drug addicts, famous actors, doctors who are patients, sadists, masochists, millionaires, and homeless men and women.

As you read through the pages of Psychiatric Hospital you will learn with them - and by the time you finish, you will know more than you ever imagined about insanity, people who are insane, how the doctors and nurses struggle to bring them back to reality.

You will learn more about the human mind than you ever dreamed possible. And you will learn something else besides.

By the time you finish Psychiatric Hospital you will be amazed and delighted about how much you have understood about mental illness, human behavior, and psychiatric methods. You will also be surprised about how much you learned about someone who is not a patient. That ‘someone’ is yourself!

Read Psychiatric Hospital and then tell me if I am right…

Pawned Queen - kindle ebook by SK Thomas

The horror of moving the a new city, being stalked by a police officer, your best friend is possibly murdered, your not sure who to trust.

Who can Melissa trust? And where does she turn next? Has her best friend been murdered? Who is watching from beyond the shadows?

A suspense thriller novella by SK Thomas is sure to keep you on your toes questioning what will happen next.

"Jack?" Melissa yelled out in question after she heard a knock on the door. No answer came. The floor creaked when she knew someone else was in the house. "Jack?" Her voice shook as terror crept in asking her to play. Every stranger has a purpose and the game is just beginning so take a step in any direction, if you dare.

Max is the Number One suspect in the disappearance of Melissa's best friend, Alice. A detective named Jack constructs a plan to get Melissa into Max’s personal space using her as bait, but soon after the web of promises disintegrate into a pile of deceit and lies she's left dangling without a safety net. The game continues leaving Melissa to question who to trust as she desperately searches to find answers because in reality, it’s not a game at all.

Idyllic Avenue by Chad Ganske

Stanford Samuels is an ordinary man with an extraordinary disease, segregated with his fellow mutants from the healthy population by eighty-foot walls. Sarah is the genetically perfect woman assigned to eradicate his mutation and deliver their family to safety. Only those who contribute a healthy offspring to the population will be granted entrance into the dome.

“The way to salvation is through the self-sustained bio-dome, free of the ills that have nipped at the heels of mankind throughout history. The artificial environment under the dome will offer all that we consider good – fresh water, fertile land, minerals for mining – without the disease and rot that has plagued us until now. The new society will exist not in sickness but in health …”

In the distant future, planets in the explored galaxies have been plundered and left uninhabitable. The search for alternatives is now exhausted, leaving the only option for colonization on a planet whose twin suns are moving rapidly towards extinction. To ensure the long-term survival of mankind, a massive bio-dome is being constructed to house the population after permanent midnight – but not everybody is welcome. All known genetic diseases have been banned to protect the delicate ecosystem inside the artificial environment. All Stanford needs to do to book his family’s ticket to the dome is bear a healthy offspring with Sarah. But fertility is never guaranteed, not even for a perfect couplet, and with civil strife trumped only by the impending threat of perpetual darkness, Stanford must defy his own moral compass as he searches for truth along Idyllic Avenue.

Love You to Death - psychological thriller by Vivian Wolkoff

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Rachel is shy and has a blend-into-the-walls approach to life. Ben is a natural born leading man who isn't afraid to take center stage. He's also Rachel's new neighbor. What starts out as opposites attracting blossoms into a whirlwind romance. Then, Rachel's gossip-loving neighbor says she knows something about Ben. Something dark and twisted. She urges Rachel to break up with him. Then, she disappears.  Rachel knows something happened to her neighbor. And she fears Ben is involved.

Fans of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl and Liane Moriarty's The husband's Secret will love Love You to Death

Dogstar: It's Moonlight Robbery - Kindle ebook by Jez Campbell

An American Werewolf in London meets Trainspotting

Say hello to dogstar Pete, sink estate druggie turned werewolf thief. He’s got a nice line in robbing dealers, stashing cash and planning for his get-out-of-London.

The dog’s life, right?

And all’s sweet until he finds himself banged up in the Pound, behind bars, sentenced to death and realising he’s not the only dog in town. Now things ain’t looking so good. Maybe this time, Pete’s bitten off more than he can chew.

About the author:

Jez Campbell was born in London and brought up in the hills and woodlands of the rural Midlands in England. He studied languages and literature, specialising in medieval sagas and the German Romantics, before travelling & working throughout Africa and the Middle East, and then settling back in the UK.

By day he inhabits glass and steel tower blocks in the big smoke, helping people in big brands think more creatively and develop more exciting products and services, and by night he escapes to the country and transforms into an author of horror fiction. When not working and writing he runs wild and free with his mate and their pack of cubs in the Surrey Hills.

War of the Black Tower: Part One, kindle ebook by Jack Conner

"War of the Black Tower: Part One" by Jack Conner, now for only $0.99!

When a dark power rises, only a doomed prince can stand against it. For centuries the free kingdoms of the Crescent have lived in fear of the Dark One launching his final war, the war to sweep away all bastions of the light. That time is now. And the one person that can stand against the growing shadow, Baleron, is the Chosen One of the Enemy himself. What will it take for Baleron to throw off his dark destiny and cast the Enemy down? Join Baleron on a pulse-pounding thrill ride through a world at war as he attempts to find out. Everything hangs in the balance.

This Stuff Really Works by A. D. Ruffin

So, what distinguishes people who are living their dreams from those who are not? Thoughts...nothing but thoughts.

This book provides real experiences of people who have used law of attraction techniques such as vision boards, visualizations, lists, "acting as if it is so", and scripting, and successfully manifested their desires. It is the 1st book in my series: Real Law Of Attraction Manifestation Stories. You can also check out the other books in the series: It Was On My Vision Board, Speak It Into Existence, and Write Your Vision, Make It Plain.

There are plenty of books out there that teach you how to preform Law Of Attraction techniques, this is not that type of book. There are plenty of books that attempt to explain why these methods work, this is not that type of book either. This book simply provides real experiences with actual links that take you directly to people telling their own story. I include my story as well. It includes AWESOMENESS like traveling the all over the world and being on a different continent every six months. I explain how this all came about after I watched an old recording of The Oprah Winfrey show that centered around a movie called The Secret and made my 1st vision board. This movie was created by Australian Rhonda Byrne who says that if you follow the philosophy of The Law of Attraction, you can create the life you want. According to the Law of Attraction, everything that happens to you - good or bad - you attract to yourself by way of your thoughts and feelings.

There is no way you can read this book and not try this at home. It will change your life, I promise!

Dragon Dodgers - A Fantasy Short Story by V. R. Cardoso

Welcome to Arkhemia. This is the year 2103 Before Unification.

Dragons rule the land and mankind hides underground in order to survive. Only a brave few dare to cross the great outdoors - Surface Runners.

Captain Targon of the Dragon Dodgers has Ran the Surface for far too many years, but he has finally found the mother of all jobs. In the hope of becoming rich beyond his wildest dreams, he has dragged his men all the way across the continent, to a land they've never been. But the men are tired of their Captain's secrecy and exhausted by the long and dangerous journey. There are whispers within the Company and some believe that a change of leadership is required.

Has Targon finally found the job that will allow him to leave his Surface Running days behind? Or is he taking the Dragon Dodgers to their doom?

Dragon Dodgers is the first in a series of short stories leading up to the Wounds in Sky Fantasy series. Release of the first novel length book in the series is scheduled for Q1 2015.

Getting Him Off Quickly by C. R. Lemons

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This fast-paced and engrossing narrative of murder investigation and steamy adult romance will stimulate the mind and get the body yearning for more.

Paralegal Daisy Sinclair works for a well-known successful criminal defense attorney in downtown Fort Worth.  She works hard and plays even harder, but has a code to never mix business with pleasure.  This code is tested when her boss hires Warren Cole as a criminal investigator to partner with her in a case defending a prominent figure against a double murder charge.

Investigator Cole is a gorgeous six foot five former homicide detective and Navy SEAL with piercing emerald green eyes, unkempt jet black hair, caramel tan complexion and rock hard body.  When Daisy catches herself imagining him handcuffed to her bed while investigating the crime scene, she soon realizes mixing business with pleasure maybe unavoidable.

Daisy is a strong-willed free spirit who plays by her own rules and Warren is a cocky alpha male who is accustomed to going by procedure.  This combination makes for an interesting and entertaining investigative team.  As they set out to prove their client’s innocence, they find themselves on a suspenseful winding journey of the many suspects and motives to discover things may not be what they seem, or are they?

Between finding out who committed the murders and the provocative sexcapades this novel is sure to satisfy.

The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky - kindle ebook by David Litwack

"...a fully imagined, gripping read..." - Kirkus Reviews
“... an enthralling look at an alternative world... thought-provoking, beautifully written and highly entertaining.” - Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite
Following his his first two award winning novels, the dystopian fantasy, There Comes a Prophet (“Superb” —Kirkus Reviews), as well as the striking contemporary novel, Along the Watchtower (“a poignant story of love, loss, and faith”—Clarion Foreword Reviews), author David Litwack returns with an intelligent, and thought-provoking tale of a bisected, alternate world.  In The Daughter of the Sea and the Sky, Litwack imagines a time and place where, in the wake of centuries of religiously motivated war, reason and spirit have been separated by decree—the faithful consigned to the Blessed Lands while, across a vast ocean, those who believe in a rational universe make the Republic their home.  But ancient boundaries are dangerously transgressed when a small boat carrying a single passenger, a nine-year-old girl from the Blessed Lands, crashes upon the Republic’s shore—an unexplainable occurrence that reunites two childhood companions, the daughter of a scientist and the son of a failure.  The strange arrival of the girl, who calls herself the daughter of the sea and the sky, instills these two damaged souls with a powerful new purpose, even though their decision to protect the mysterious child from the authorities could have dangerous unforeseen consequences for their future, their freedom, and their world.

Oranges for Christmas - a historical novel by Margarita Morris

At the height of the Cold War, Berlin is a divided city. The Americans, British and French occupy the Western half of the city, the Soviets occupy the Eastern half. Berliners go about their daily lives as best they can, but then one Sunday morning in August 1961 they wake to find their city divided not just by political ideas but by barbed wire - miles and miles of it snaking through the city. The Berlin Wall is about to be built. East and West are to be separated forever.

The author, Margarita Morris, visited East and West Berlin as a student in 1987, two years before the Wall came down. It was that experience of visiting a divided city that inspired her to write this novel. Oranges for Christmas tells the story of one family’s attempt to escape from Communist East Berlin and to be reunited in the West. It is a story of hope, struggle and betrayal. Described as “a heart-wrenching window into a terrible piece of history” and “a must-read for anybody interested in modern history, and for anyone who enjoys a gritty drama.”

The War is over. But Sabine the fight for freedom has only just begun.

Blood & Soul - an epic fantasy by Allen G. Bagby

In this epic, coming of age, action-packed fantasy the bastard prince Ledarrin is caught in the shadows of a dynasty as his brother goes on a murderous rampage to secure his birthright, overthrowing the realm. Ledarrin’s world is shattered. As he goes from the palace to the dungeon, hope for the survival of the realm seems lost. He escapes, only to be hunted by a legendary assassin. Meanwhile, demonic hordes, trapped for ages by a curse in the Underworld, await their release upon the sacrifice of the king--with plans for revenge on humanity. And so begins a heart-pounding adventure into a deadly future: a journey of loss, seduction, and betrayal. Ledarrin is joined by aging warriors and unlikely allies as they race to find the Creed of Kings, the ancient scrolls that can thwart the demons, but when Ledarrin’s true identity is revealed, he must choose between a destiny of blood--or soul.
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