Inside the Manning House - erotica by Katrina MIllings

A working class girl gets a first hand look at the lives of the rich and wicked.

All her life Justine has longed for a look inside the mysterious life of Mr. and Mrs. Manning. Living in such a small town, she couldn’t help but hear the rumors about what goes on at the wild parties they throw behind the gates of their mansion on the hill. Desperate to know if Johanna and Tim Manning are as open minded as some people claim, she accepts an invitation to spend a private weekend with the eccentric couple. It isn’t long before she realizes the stories are quite true, but could she ever fit into such an elite world where money is no object and boundaries don’t exist?

The Girl in the Shadows - A Family Drama by Kim O'Shea

Grow up with Grace in rural Ireland as she learns to cope with whatever life throws at her. Laugh or cry along with her at her madcap adventures as her family learns that with Grace around there is never a dull moment.

Grace lives in a crowded cottage with her seven siblings, parents and grandmother. As the youngest of the family, Grace is allowed to get away with things the others never even dreamed of doing. We soon find out that all is not well with Grace but her family refuse to treat her as anything but normal. She is heartbroken to learn that she is different but her family rally round and protect her and stand by her at all times.

Grace's adventures are often hilarious and leave the rest of the family bewildered and confused. Her visits to the priest result in her grandmother's shame at being labelled a heavy drinker even though the poor woman barely touches a drop of alcohol and her attempts at wearing her sister's high heels leave her mother furious and the wardrobe door permanently askew. The mysteries of courting and secret love affairs are beyond her comprehension but she's willing to find out as much as she can with the help of her best friend.

"I am thoroughly enjoying the book..! That little girl Grace is very witty..!"

"just finished reading your wonderful book . A lovely light hearted read . Can't wait for part 2"

Touching the Wire - a thriller by Rebecca Bryn

I was blown away when I received my first two Amazon reviews for my thriller, Touching the Wire. It was a story I felt compelled to write because, if the horror and pain of the holocaust can be seen in the eyes of one man, then I have the privilege of having known that man, and this story is dedicated to his memory.

Touching the Wire is the story of all the men, women and children incarcerated in Nazi death camps: a story of courage and cowardice, love, loss and betrayal - tale of love against impossible odds. The review, 'outstanding story-telling', suggests I may have gone some way in doing their courage justice.
Part One: A young doctor and nurse battle to save lives in a Nazi death camp: as their relationship blossoms they join the camp resistance, risking torture and execution daily. Liberation plunges them from one hell into another as they are separated. They make a desperate promise: the doctor steals damning documents, and struggles to fight his way back to the woman he loves.
Seventy years later, the doctor's granddaughter, intrigued by an enigmatic carving and determined to discover the reasons for her grandfather's nightmares, uncovers the horrors of his past and vows to keep his unkept promise.


Outstanding storyteller.
This is without doubt one of the best fictional tales of this type I've read. One of the main characters is brought to the reader in the modern day, complete with the nightmares of his past experiences in war-torn Germany. His demons are not confined to the night, so the narrative opens his mental
sores to expose a myriad of deep secrets... The first half of the story takes us back and forward from present day to the horror... The second part of the story is played out as a mystery/suspense which unfolds like the petals of a rose, one layer after another to a blossoming end...
Many scenes are of a graphic nature, so be prepared to be shocked. The imagery, like the dialogue is done extremely well. I congratulate Rebecca on not only her writing and storytelling prowess, but also her outstanding research.

Vardin Village - General Fiction by Maggie Spence

George Vardin and his friends are typical teenagers in a small, affluent town. They seek the same goals; to make the varsity team, date a pretty girl, hang with the guys, goof around ‘til college. But George can only pretend. He doesn’t have the money or the time to play football, no pretty girl will ever date him, and his friends have no idea he’s one step away from being homeless. George hides the anxiety and the hopeless reality as he waits for his world to crash along with the leaky roof over his dilapidated house. The mind-blowing irony is that his hometown was founded by his great, great, great, great grandfather, the first George Vardin, who built the miserable cottage that’s about to implode that sits in the shadow of the magnificent mansion that the people of Vardin Village consider the crown jewel of the community. The Vardin family used to be rolling in money but George’s grandfather gave the family fortune to the village and George got nothing thanks to his alky parents.

Uncle Morris shows up with a crazy idea. The crown jewel just sits there empty all day. Why let a good mansion go to waste? Would anyone really know if George were to live in his ancestral home, just until he finishes high school? With a little help from some of the old-timers in Vardin Village, the plan works beautifully until a corrupt councilman and his bully son embark on a campaign to rid the village of its namesake son and keep the riches to themselves.

America Invades: How We've Invaded or been Militarily Involved with almost Every Country on Earth - by C. Kelly and S. Laycock

America Invades: the Controversial story of How We've Invaded or Been Militarily Involved with Almost Every Country on Earth

Historians Kelly and Laycock take the reader on  a global tour of America's military involvement from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli and everywhere in between.  The action starts in 1741 with Americans invading what is today Colombia and goes right up to now with our current engagement in Syria and Iraq.  Surprises include...

The only three countries in the world we've missed completely

How American "Polar bears" invaded Russia

How John Paul Jones invaded England in 1778

A Chinese-American who became the first American ace of WW2

How Norwegian scientists nearly started WW3

America Invades is "History but entertaining".

Moriarty - Bundle of the award-winning Kronberg thriller series by Annelie Wendeberg

Sherlock Holmes, a kick-butt heroine, and the beginning of biological warfare

Europe, late 19th century. Antibiotics have yet to be invented, and germs take a death toll that lets the number of murders appear negligible. But when a cholera victim is found floating in one of London's drinking water supplies, Dr Anton Kronberg -- England's best bacteriologist -- is called upon to investigate. He crosses paths with Sherlock Holmes. The detective immediately discovers Kronberg's secret -- a woman masquerading as a man in order to practice medicine -- a criminal deed that could land her in prison for years to come. The two highly analytical minds provoke and annoy each other at once. Eventually, they must team up to unravel a spiderweb of murder, espionage, and bioterrorism that spreads across continents.

This book contains more than sixty historical photographs, drawing, and paintings, and compiles the first three books in the Kronberg Thriller Series: The Devil's Grin, The Fall, & The Journey

Anna's Bear - 5 Days of Moral Conflict and Pursuit, Nazi Germany, 1939 - a Historical Novel by O.W. Shumaker

Nazi Germany was different in so many ways from any other society of its time in the western hemisphere. Aside from the plot of Anna’s Bear, all of the historical events, objects, programs, people groups, and ceremonies depicted in Anna’s Bear really happened – even the most bizarre. The Lebensborn system in Nazi Germany functioned, in part, exactly as described in Anna’s Bear. The Hitler Youth, usually depicted as very violent, consisted more of para-military training, and once even participated in a convention with the American Boy Scouts. And, unfortunately, the T4 program was in place as described – right down to the flower on the windowsill…

An auld bed in Havana - suspense by John Molloy

Cormack, a young Irishman leaves Dublin for a holiday in Havana. He is trying to get over a broken romance and wants time to himself to reflect on life. He doesn't reckon on a chance meeting with the beautiful young Cuban woman, Kathie, and becoming ensnared by her beauty and vulnerability.
He becomes enmeshed in a world of secrecy and deceit as he learns that Kathie is holding a deadly family secret which could cost her life. She is being pursued by a corrupt secret service policeman who knows the value of this secret. Kathie has to get out of Cuba to freedom but can Cormack find the will and a way to get her to Ireland. Will she reveal her true identity and commitments before it's too late for both of them.

Free to Be - a memoir by Kaleesha Williams

Free to Be: How I Went From Unhappily Married Conservative Bible Believer to Happily Divorced Atheistic Humanist in One Year and Several Complicated Steps

KDP Select free dates: 12/15/14 - 12/16/14

It’s a wonderful and precious thing to wake up one day and realize you are free to be whomever you want to be, whatever you want to be, free to fashion your life as you see fit. This is the story of how my life unfolded during the first year of my freedom from religion; a travel log, of sorts; a play by play of the life of an inquisitive, rural-living, life-enjoying, but unhappily married, homeschool mom taking back the reins and spurring her life in a new direction, seven children in tow.

How would your life change if you studied the Bible to its natural conclusion? What thoughts would stir the first time you viewed the universe through a telescope and felt your insignificance? How would you answer age-old questions about morality? What if you found you were running out of reasons to remain in a deeply unsatisfying marriage? What if you woke up for the first time in years with hope on the horizon and a plate full of difficult decisions?

Well, this is my story. Join me as I observe, explore and question the world with a mind free of religion for the first time, drawing on strength I hadn’t known was within me all along.

Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening - a thriller by John Wayne Falbey

Kindle Countdown Promotion: 12-15-2014 through 12-18-2014

The President of the United States has been targeted for assassination—by his own party’s power structure. A national election is pending and the killing must look as if the opposition party is responsible. Desperate to prevent the crime and avoid an overwhelming defeat at the polls, the opposition turns to the only force that can stop it this late in the game—a mysterious hunter-killer team known only as the Sleeping Dogs. This blackest of black ops units was formed to carry out America’s wettest, most politically incorrect missions. Eventually, a U.S. President, fearing discovery of the unit’s existence could spark an international crisis, ordered its members terminated with extreme prejudice. They escaped by faking their deaths in a plane crash, and went underground. Now, 20 years later, they are asked to leave the safety of their anonymity and risk their lives for their country one more time.
A seemingly unconnected car crash rapidly escalates into a series of plot twists and rising body count involving Russian agents, crooked politicians, Ukrainian gangsters, a billionaire international arbitrageur, a secret society of individuals in the military and intelligence communities, the CIA, a doggedly determined FBI agent, and the six deadliest men on earth—the surviving Sleeping Dogs. The body count begins to soar from the first chapter, as Brendan Whelan and the other Dogs relentlessly pursue the would-be assassins and their handlers. As they do, they begin to uncover, layer by layer, a plot to bring America to her knees and impose a one-world government on the planet. The enemy is powerful, with access to unlimited funds and the ability to manipulate the rogue nations of the world. The one thing they don’t have is the Sleeping Dogs.
Sleeping Dogs: The Awakening is a techno-political spy thriller based on today’s headlines. It combines relentless action, crisp dialogue, fully drawn characters, and thought provoking plot twists. Squarely on the same page with David Baldacci, Brad Thor, Lee Child and other best-selling thriller writers.

Start from Scratch: How to start selling your baked goods, jams, sauces, cereals, mixes, and other homemade foods now! - By Maria Tornga

Kindle Countdown Deals starts 12/15/2014!

Are you a home cook who is ready to start selling your delicious foods for profit?

This book is for those who often dream about what it would be like to see their canned goods, baked goods, sweets, treats, or gourmet mixes in small and large markets. Its for the home baker, the weekend canner, the summer grill master, the school fundraisers, and everyone else drawn to the culinary arts.

From part-time cooking to full-time; selling online or directly to your customers; borrowing the kitchen of a full-scale restaurant to cooking from home, there are a variety of ways to do it.  And this book will give you the ideas to get started.

For example, did you know that nearly all states have passed Cottage Laws which allow anyone to produce food out of their home kitchen and sell it direct to consumer?   That means you may be able to sell at your farmers market or festivals without the cost of renting commercial kitchen space.  Or did you know that building a commercial kitchen in your own home can be much simpler than you think?

There are many ways to start and grow your food based business and this book is perfect for anyone who’s looking for information getting started!

Mama I'm Not Gone - A Memoir about Losing a Child to Cancer and Healing Messages from the Other Side by Dana L. Wood

"Death has nothing to do with going away.  The sun sets, the moon sets but they are not gone" - Rumi

Each and every one of us on this earth, have without a doubt, shared one common experience - the death of a loved one.  When this happens, we wish for one thing - to know that our loved one is safe and okay.  Their energy envelopes us through our conscious thoughts.  From these thoughts, signs and synchronicities appear.  Become aware of these signs and you will be at peace.

This is a story about losing a teenage daughter to cancer and the healing messages that friends and family continue to receive giving undeniable proof that she's with them in spirit.

Whether you believe in the spirit world, heaven, or another realm of existence, if you open your heart to the possibility of contact with your loved one, it may just change your life forever, in the most positive way.
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