My Sweet Entity - Paranormal Erotica by Soliel De Bella

Fresh out of college, fiercely independent Alexis Jordan purchases an old house in Vermont, the last apron string now cut from her supportive parents. However, the excitement of her new life has conjured up the nightmarish fear of losing control of her newfound freedom to a dominant man. He first appears in a dream then in her imagination, she believes, but he’s actually an entity lurking in her new bedroom. His presence isn’t haunting, it’s wanting, and his sexual appetite eventually consumes her day and night. Now a sex slave to his every whim, she risks everything she holds dear to be with him: her friends, her parents, her house...and in the end, even her life.

Happy Habits - how to be happier in 4 minutes a day by Vicki Morris

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Holiday stress got your down? Try Happy Habits for a quick energy boost.

Learn to be Happier in Just 4 Minutes a Day.
Are you unhappy with your work?  Disappointed with your life?
Have you been looking for a something new like a new job, city or house to make you happier and still feel the same a few months after you get it?

If so, then maybe it’s time to try a new approach. Author and Career Happiness Coach, Vicki Morris, is here to show us that we have the power to be happy now –within ourselves in the present moment.  All we have to do is change our mindset and a few daily habits.

The key to success is to build energy-raising habits into our day so that we can become happier – no matter what our situation is.  Happy Habits provides a fast, easy and effective way to deliver the needed energy and happiness boosts in just 4 minutes a day.  The Happy Habit Method™ works because it combines proven happiness practices with a scientific habit creation method, which has been tested in the real world.

Inside this book you will discover:

Why Happy Habits are the fastest and easiest way to be happier
40 ways to energize your career and life
The proven science behind Happy Habits
How to create your own Happy Habits
An eight-week guide to building permanent Happy Habits
And Much More

Don't put off your chance at being happier now. Get this book today.

The Summer of Secrets - a coming of age by Evelyn Smith

Free on November 26, 2015!

Being a teenager is hard enough without adding money, sex, secrets, and lies to the mix. For ten teenage girls, everything is about to change. This summer will test the boundaries of family, friendship, and even love. For Isabella Garcia, Esther Whitfield, Jane Hayward, Grace Lawrence, and Amanda Bradford, spending the summer apart for the first time since they became friends will give the girl’s secrets time to become discovered.

No one is safe from their own lies and Beverly Hills high school’s most popular girls, a clique that call themselves “The Peaches”. Blinded by revenge and jealous, Charlotte Kensington, her younger sister Patricia Kensington, Lindsay Lexington, Catherine Wellington, and Natalie Richardson discover secrets about each other, the other girls, and themselves. In this heart-wrenching story of betrayal, death, self-discovery, forgiveness, and so much more. These ten girls are living proof that money doesn’t guarantee happiness or a problem free life.

 In fact, all being rich means is that you have to watch who you trust that much more. The choices these girls make will cause them all to be broken down this summer. The story starts in Beverly Hills, California with Charlotte Kensington who is the leader of the most popular clique at Beverly Hills high school, ‘The Peaches’, and Esther Whitfield, her former best friend. Feeling betrayed by her old friend, Charlotte sets out to ruin Esther and her friends’ lives. Trusting no one including her younger sister Patricia, Charlotte hires a private investigator to uncover all of the girl’s secrets.

While she sets out to prove that, she is a force to be reckoned with, Esther tries to keep her new identity and attempts to protect her friends from Charlotte and her posse. Unfortunately, Esther does more harm than good when her efforts to protect one of her four friends backfires. Now alone and with a serious fear of change, Esther struggles to rebuild her life as it once was and adjust to the unavoidable changes of growing up. While Charlotte risks losing more than just a friend with her anger, resentment, and downright distrust of everyone around her.  The two of them along with their friends, struggle to get over the past and redeem themselves for the fast approaching future.

Pangalax - A YA novel by SM Koz

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale! 
Pangalax is on sale for $0.99 from 11/26 - 12/3.

Aveyana’s world will never be the same.

After an unexpected attack claims her mom, seventeen-year-old Veya is forced to abandon the only home she's ever known and the only boy she’s ever loved to make a new life on Pangalax, a US space station.

Heartbroken, angry, and homesick, she resents her dad’s decision to move and his demand to hide her unique abilities. As she suspected, appearing normal proves to be nearly impossible, especially around Kye, a way-too-handsome officer who is determined to break through her walls.

But can he be trusted? Can anyone be trusted?

As Veya uncovers the deep, dark secrets of Pangalax, her very existence becomes threatened. Only one person can save her.

Is she willing to forget the past and trust him with her life?

Tempest Trinity: Charms - Young Adult Fiction by Leslie Calderoni

Charms is the first book in the Tempest Trinity trilogy, an exciting new Young Adult series set in the picturesque beach town of Santa Cruz, California. Emerald Tempest, and identical twin sisters Mia and Terra, are three teenage girls who have harnessed the power of physics. They use their charms to slow down and speed up time, interact with people no longer living, and alter the string vibration the world is made of.

Emerald is blindsided by an unexpected attraction to Ryan, an intriguing boy from New Orleans, and just as she's getting to know him, family secrets and a menacing stranger complicate the sisters' lives.  Tensions begin to boil over as the girls try to solve multiple mysteries and discover the extent of their growing powers. Charms is a smart and funny thrill ride that leaves readers wanting more with each chapter. The series itself offers strong female characters, aspects of physics that are presented with an exciting and fun twist, and adventure that keeps readers of all ages engaged. Romantic relationships are presented as complimentary and not defining, and the characters are inspirational in their commitment to individuality, friendship, and sisterhood.

The author, Leslie Calderoni, is a strong proponent of girl power, the fun and magic of science, and writes with an engaging and humorous style. She's worked at high tech companies like Google and the video game company, Electronic Arts. She's a living kidney donor with three rescue dogs, Chili, Drama, and Cash, and lives less than a ten minute drive from the beaches of Santa Cruz where the story takes place.

The second book in the trilogy, Conjures, will be available in 2016. The third installment, Blessings, in early 2017.

Future Winds - A Science Fiction Novel By Kevin Laymon

Set in a science fiction setting with elements of twisted horror, Future Winds is a strange yet wondrous tale of species self-preservation and the all-out moral cost of survival. Forced to leave earth, humanity discovers a planet capable of supporting life and hatches an audacious plan that will warp them across the universe to settle and begin anew. There is a darkness that resides below the planet's surface, but with no option to turn back, humanity must find a way forward.

Notes from the author:

Technology plays a big role in the novel as it is the crutch humanity uses to press on in existence. An alien bug like species also comes into play when the settlers of the new world conflict with the planets natives. The story is loaded with symbolism and hidden meanings. The world building serves to paint a vivid picture of a Future not all that far from the reality in which we all live today. No matter what walk of life you come from, Future Winds tells a tale that serves to entertain you while also opening your mind. The point of view story telling for Future Winds really helps in being diverse on the ideas of sacrifice, greed, and morality. If you would like to know more about Kevin Laymon and his works, head over to AuthorKevinLaymon.Com

Future Winds is available for free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

CHRISTMAS GIFT: Holiday Cheer Hops Here - Christmas Inspirational: Children's & Parents by Stephen Cherokee Drury

Be you an adult or child, can any mortal believe or even conceive Santa does not breathe – just kid dreams or schemes gone wild? Nay, they will forever say, cause good elves know what is at play. One may say he stays only in a kid’s mind, yet truth ye shall find. Sip a tip or more of what is in store behind Christmas Gift’s door:

“Once beneath a Christmas moon, the imps huddled to hear this deer tale to unveil dear Santa’s secret.
So cuddle up to heed huddle scuttlebutt on Clause!
He is not spotted - cause his deer ducks spot flaws, magically scanning homes before Santa will appear. Elves claimed Santa named his deer Holiday Cheer.”

Within Christmas Gift you will find other verses from the author’s thirty year collection to enjoy, in addition to Holiday Cheer Tales. This author is specially drawn to the type of verses that stimulate ideas – thoughts that cause people to reflect on all aspects of life, primarily their own. He likes to emphasize the decisive aspects of  our experience.  In essence, the beginnings and ends to all of our stories are similar. It is that flicker in the middle that differs - yet matters.  It is this writer’s mission to capture life in a brief phrase that kindles minds, sets hearts aglow and dwells in souls.
Readers find Christmas Gift cheery and entertaining. It highlights portions of our lives that touch our deepest feelings at Christmas. This author is a humorist who will set crisp upturns on your smile.

A Click Than Changed My Life - romance (true story) by Victoria Vorel

Two people in the Autumn of their lives, from totally different cultures met on Internet, as the last chance to find love and appreciation........ and it worked!

Why would you like to read this book?  Maybe, you are alone and having the same feeling of loneliness or withdrawal I had some years ago and this true story could help you to take a risk and make the change you need in your life, to be happy again or even for the first time.

My marriage failed from the very beginning, but I was stubborn enough to continue trying to make it work; unfortunately I was the only one who did, so after my two kids graduated from college, I decided that the time had come to separate, there was finally no more chances or excuses.

I was in my 50’s, so I believed that for me romance and true love would only ever be found in books. What I did not know, was that I was about to live my own magic story, which I have documented in this novel and I would love to share it with you.

“A Click That Changed My Life” is a book that shows everything is possible at any age.  Love does not know barriers. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing each page… honestly, it is exactly the way it happened.

Wish in One Hand - a paranormal suspense by B.E. Sanderson

‘Be careful what you wish for.’

In hindsight, Jo Mayweather should’ve taken those words seriously back in 1926.  Of course, spoiled brat, flapper-girl that she was, Jo probably would’ve made the not-so-clever wish that turned her into a genie anyway.

Being endowed with phenomenal power may have its perks but, for the most part, life’s been a pain in her tiny hiney.  After running into a ‘slash first, ask questions never’ genie, her problems only worsen. Some demented thing is making wishes that can’t be granted and djinn are dying. Now, instead of freeing her brethren from their bonds, Jo has a killer to neutralize.

If she’d kept her mouth shut ninety years ago, she wouldn’t be in this mess.  But she’s got a job to do despite some reject from a bad B-movie trying to ruin everything she’s worked so hard for. Too bad this time doing her job might get her killed.

Or worse - enslaved again.

Resilience In Curls - Women's Fiction by Natalie Keshing

Resilience In Curls is about life, cultures, and beautiful characters interspersed throughout this wonderful story. I wrote this novel with great passion and meaningful verses to heighten the reader’s experience. There are 9 fictional charming and humorous stories included in the book. Six are British.

The Keshing Family,
Eve Nightingale's Romance,
Professor Wellington,
Samantha, Editor and Chief,
The Queen Venting,
Defied Them All

Three are contemporary
The Treachery Of Love
My Darling Rose's
Completely Undone

The main character is Lorie who faces challenges in epic proportions, exposed to alcoholism with abuse and ultimately later in years life threatening illnesses. The theme in the book is on education, inspiration, and continuing to live with absolute faith. Once the momentum starts there is great humor to enjoy.

The Gardener of Baghdad - A historical fiction by Ahmad Ardalan

On Kindle Countdown deal 23rd November!

Two people, one city, different times; connected by a memoir. Can love exist in a city destined for decades of misery?

Adnan leads a weary existence as a bookshop owner in modern-day, war-torn Baghdad, where bombings, corruption and assault are everyday occurrences and the struggle to survive has suffocated the joy out of life for most. But when he begins to clean out his bookshop of forty years to leave his city in search of somewhere safer, he comes across the story of Ali, the Gardener of Baghdad, Adnan rediscovers through a memoir handwritten by the gardener decades ago that beauty, love and hope can still exist, even in the darkest corners of the world.

Beautiful Affliction: A Memoir by Lene Fogelberg

November 23-28 0.99 cents instead of retail price 9.95!

Lene Fogelberg is dying―she is sure of it―but no doctor in Sweden, her home country, believes her. Love stories enfold her, with her husband, her two precious daughters, her enchanting surroundings, but the question she has carried in her heart since childhood―Will I die young?―is threatening all she holds dear, even her sanity. When her young family moves to the US, an answer, a diagnosis, is finally found: she is in the last stages of a fatal congenital heart disease. But is it too late?

“Exquisite imagery and poetic prose pulse through this powerful, emotionally gripping story. With Beautiful Affliction, Lene Fogelberg gives us a gorgeously written story to savor and share, while adding her shimmering, deeply intelligent voice to the literary pantheon.”
—TERRI GIULIANO LONG, author of USA Today bestseller In Leah’s Wake

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