And The Puppy Howls: A 21st Century Adult Fairy Tale (The Puppy Series) by E. P. Lee


A Ménage…

There’s a new puppy in Eric’s house: Freud. And this should be a good thing. It’s definitely a start… It’s definitely better. But as Eric’s visits to the Doctors keep reminding him, “better” doesn’t mean well.

After the last few years, the last few months, Eric has nothing left: nothing but the house in Miami, his memories, and now the puppy.

And Freud is only here, scampering and howling and messing, because Ziggy had to be put down. And Freud isn’t quite Ziggy.

And the house is only here because… and it needs to, it has to, sell… and it won’t quite sell.

And nobody and nothing’s Mitch.

Eric, surrounded by memories, flattened and churned up by Banks, Doctors, Real Estate Agents and Fantasies, grieving over the loss of his health, his lover, and the life he once had in the house he now can’t quite get rid of, keeps climbing towards the future, one uneven, unsteady step at a time. Still, it’s hard to know where he’s climbing to.

And though there’s a lot of healing to do, how to start?

Well… at least there’s the puppy. Freud isn’t Ziggy, but that’s okay. He makes Eric smile.

And the Puppy Howls is the story of being hit by everything modern American life can throw, and who and what comes next.

The Devil's Triple Indemnity - A Tale of Lust, Greed, & Murder by Marco Lease

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 2/3/2016 - 2/29/2016!

When Steve met Susan, it was lust at first sight.  During their steamy affair, Steve and Susan figure they could have it all if her husband Fred should die in an "accident".

Will Steve's deadly sins lead him to ruin?
The Devil's in the details.

This thrilling crime story is 5,300 words.
Contains adult material.

Her Sweetest Downfall - a WW2 romance by Kellie Wallace

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At the height of the London Blitz, Viola Craft, a sexually repressed young woman is trapped in a loveless marriage to her God fearing husband Vernon. She spends her days working in her mother's dress shop while Vernon pulls the dead from the rubble with his rescue crew.

Their marriage is turbulent and Viola feels pressured to bear a child. After failed attempts, Vernon believes she's barren and alienates himself from their marriage.

One night during an air raid, she meets alluring German born Kristoff Richter. They make an in-stant connection. He's young, good looking and emphatic. They embark on an illicit affair that leads to tragic consequences.

God, Where Are You When I Need You? An Atheist's Search for Faith and Healing - cancer and healing by Dana Watts

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Dana Watts was a life-long atheist who believed that science and reason had all the answers, and self-reliance was the way to health and happiness. But when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her beliefs were shaken to their core, leaving her disoriented, afraid, and hopeless. So begins a deeply personal search for spiritual meaning and faith.  For guidance, she turned to an unexpected source: clergy and people of faith who dedicated their life to God.  Through her conversations with them, she takes us on a journey that starts with atheism and fear and ends with hope and faith, a journey that is both enlightening and inspiring.

The Lord Son's Travels - adventures in a whole new world by Emma Mickley

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Adrien Lord Son just wanted to live simply, isolated from the bothersome intrigues of his father's Royal Court.  Instead he has ventured out on an epic and perilous quest to retrieve the long-lost relic that legends say might save his kingdom.

Elenna Davidson just wanted to pick up a fresh cup of coffee before her 8 a.m. class.  Instead she's accosted by a man in white, and wakes up flat on her back in a strange field, gazing up into a sky filled with unfamiliar stars.

By combining his battle skills and her unique knowledge with the new comrades and unexpected discoveries they make along the journey, maybe they can stop the Lord of the Southlands and his brutal invasion force spreading throughout the lands.

Lighten Your Load: 35 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Free Yourself From Stress, Toxins, and Clutter by Karin Kiser

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Lighten Your Load reveals the simple, actionable strategies anyone can use to attack the root causes of their stress and finally start living life lighter.

Inside this book you’ll discover the 35 little-known ways to a happier, more fulfilled life!

Minecraft - 50 Unofficial Minecraft Books in 1 by Billy Miner

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The ultimate combo: 50 Minecraft stories written by Billy Miner

Where do I start? I cannot even begin to summarize all these Minecraft stories. You, the lucky reader, get to experience a big number of Minecraft diaries, adventures, mysteries, and action-packed battles by putting yourself in the shoes of the main characters in these 50 humorous, intense, mythical, romantic, adventurous, heroic, and epic Minecraft stories.

Read about Minecraft creepers, endermen, knights, skeleton armies, witches, princesses, enderdragons, silver swords, enderpearls, spiders, ninjas, ghasts, iron golems, and much more!

All of these stories are separately available as audiobooks. Some stories will make you laugh, while others will make you turn the pages as fast as you can. When you’re done reading, you can look in the back, where you’ll find a bonus: 25 Minecraft sketches by the author, designer, and illustrator of these books, Billy Miner. Enjoy!

The Wish Thief - a mystical fantasy adventure for teens and adults by C.D. Verhoff

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"Adventure, emotion, love, hate and more are all part of this excellently written book. There is a wonderful message here for anyone looking for more than just another story . . . All I can say WOW!  This is truly a book for readers of all ages; it grips you from page one and stays with you long after the last words."" --Melissa Hills, Readers' Favorite.

Glory Alley, teen rock collector and caving enthusiast, hopes to strike it rich in Queen's Mesa. The money wouldn't be just for her though. She plans to use it to stop her dysfunctional family from self-imploding. Against the odds, her dream comes true. She finds a gem beyond compare, but otherworldly beings arrive to take it away. Determined to hold onto the prize, Glory battles their alien magic with nothing more than human ingenuity. As the stakes go up, she begins to question if her ungrateful loved ones are worth it. Will she go the distance?

Last Stop: Paris - a thriller by John Pearce

A full-throttle adventure through modern Europe and the Mediterranean in a book that’s part thriller, part mystery, and all rollicking ride. - Kirkus Reviews

When readers last saw Eddie Grant in Treasure of Saint-Lazare (2012), he was hot on the trail of Nazi war loot in the company of his on-again, off-again lover, Jen. As readers return to Eddie’s shadowy world of undercover deals and thugs in the employ of crime bosses, they find a quieter, more mature Eddie, now married to Aurélie, a scholar of some note, and living in pleasant domestic bliss. Onto this romantic scene come several of Eddie’s friends, who alert him to suspicious activity within his social circle, involving a man with criminal intentions and an interest in gold. Shortly afterward, a mysterious murder implicates another character from Eddie’s past. As he looks into the matter, Aurélie soon finds herself in danger; at the same time, Jen reappears in Eddie’s life, and he’s simultaneously drawn to her and eager to avoid falling into bed with her again. Soon, he and his comrades must track down another ring of criminals and protect themselves from fatal retribution. Although sequels often suffer by having less energy than first installments, Pearce’s second foray into Eddie’s world has no such trouble. The pacing races from chapter to chapter as characters become more fully fleshed-out—particularly those in Eddie’s ring of friends. Jen provides a nice foil as an engaging modern woman who can take care of herself. Pearce again accomplishes every thriller writer’s aim: creating characters that the readers can root for and a believable, fast-paced storyline. The climax and denouement bring the storylines together neatly, but fans will see that there may yet be room for another book in the series.

An exhilarating journey that will satisfy the most avid thriller reader.

Red Mane (The Red Mane Chronicles Book 1) - historical romance by Deborah Caldwell-Wright

Free 2/8/2016 - 2/12/2016!

Twenty years before the American Civil War, a young woman begins a journey as the new teacher in town. Soon, she's in the middle of a dark mystery - should she reveal the Beale Cipher? What would the consequences be if she does - and who can she trust?

The Killing Face - a crime thriller from Kenneth B Humphrey

In 1999, Detective “Arch” White - young, black and proud - walks into the Chicago Police Department as the victor in a discrimination lawsuit to earn his badge. His motivations for engaging in such courtroom tactics are hidden underneath the surface, personal and intense. The champion for his cause was Noah Bell, the man who would bring harmony to a racially segregated city, a saint working to make the world a better place for black, white and everyone in between.

But when Bell is found murdered, the victim of a vicious gang beating, Arch is handed his first case. He owes Bell justice and avengement, to prove that a great man was not killed by the very people he served. The rookie detective plunges forward, and in the process uncovers a hidden plot to which Bell served as a mere pawn.

His hunt for the truth will bring him into the orbit of others intent on changing the world for the new millennium. And these people like to kill in specific and spectacular ways.

The Sweet Series Box Set: Books 1-4 - Young Adult by Bailey Ardisone

$0.99 (regularly $9.99) 2/8/2016 - 2/14/2016!

Nari is a simple girl with a difficult start in life, but her world grows unbearably harder once she meets Mycah -- a boy being chased by two kinds of evil; a boy who Nari is convinced is either the devil or an angel. But she was wrong. He's something completely different. Split between forbidden love and saving a race of people, it'll be a fresh take on elves you won't ever forget.

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