Night Cruiser: Short Stories about Creepy, Amusing or Spiritual Encounters with the Shadow, by Veronica Dale

What is “the shadow” these ten people encounter? For Isabel, it's the whisper from the basement that invites her to come on down. For second-grader Emma, it's the tortured spirit that has haunted her family for generations. For Deacon William, it's the damaged android that frightens visitors in the retreat house halls.

These insightful, award-winning stories move from fantasy to faith, from horror to humor to hope. They ask questions like:
·       What’s driving the car that prowls a lonely street at night?
·       Can Brent save himself from the deadly creature he’s sure his wife has become?
·       Donald teaches a night class, but what’s behind those thick glasses he turns upon his shyest student?

“We all have a shadow side,” the author says, “a part of ourselves that we’re not proud of and would rather not look at. The more we run away from it, the more we will project it into our horror movies, our fears, and even onto other people or groups. Those who meet the challenge, however, will find that dealing with their shadow can reveal an inner light.”

With a background in pastoral ministry, the author has found inspiration in psychologist Carl Jung’s studies of the Shadow and in J.R. R. Tolkien's belief that even the worst catastrophe can be redeemed.  

The Find - a romantic suspense novel by Gregg Bell

99 CENTS March 2nd - March 6th

She found a watch. A monster found a plaything.

Looking for love is the last thing on single mother Phoebe Jackson's mind. She's desperate to find a way to make enough money to help her sick child and will do anything to save her. Finding an expensive bejeweled watch is just the lucky break she needs, and her need to save her child overwhelms her ethics and she decides to take it.

Unbeknownst to her, the watch belongs to the mobster Michael "Fingertips" Contini. Within days Contini discovers she took the watch and confronts her, and soon Phoebe's lured into his world of wealth and power, and finds much much more than she was looking for...

Former cop Brent Greer, Phoebe's ex-husband's best friend, knows Contini's history all too well and knows that Phoebe is blind to how much danger she's really in. Her problems may be none of his business, but he can't stand by and watch her fall in deeper. Extricating her from the vicious gangster is harder every day she spends with him--yet if Brent can't convince Phoebe to get out, a deadly end can't be far off.

Finer Than Gold - A clean Western Historical Romance by Ellie Gracen

Colleen Mary is tired of her sisters talking about marriage. Men aren't the only important thing.

Since the civil war, where she watched her mother tend to wounded soldiers, Mary has always wanted to become a doctor.

Arriving in Lead in the Dakotas from Ohio with her sister, who has come as a mail order bride, Mary's only desire is to become a doctor. But, within minutes of arriving, terror strikes as the cart wheel of the wagon behind her breaks, causing the horses to drag the broken wagon toward the wooden sidewalk.

Only Ryan, a recent newcomer to town, has the courage to stop the horses. But his leg is injured badly and he is losing blood. Mary acts quickly and puts her medical knowledge to work and saves Ryan, who may never walk right again.

After saving Ryan, Mary is more determined than ever to go to college and become a doctor. But Ryan has determined he has found the love of his life.

Mary must wrestle with her life long desire to be a doctor, and her new found interest in a fine, brave man who loves her. When Mary is finally accepted to a school in New York, she is faced with her most difficult decision.

Finer Than Gold takes us back to Lead, Dakota Territory in 1879. A companion book to More Precious than Gold, a clean, western, mail order bride, romance.

CAMULUS - A Celtic Romance by Bambi Lynn

 Màili, a fallen Celtic goddess, has made a deal with the god of death to ferret out the descendants of a man he has been searching for for hundreds of years. She tries to fight her attraction for human men, but as the daughter of the god of sex, lust runs in her veins. When she finds the man Ankou is searching for, she finds him impossible to resist. Thanks, dad. Camulus is laird of a large Scottish clan, with the strength and power of ten men, and a secret he has kept hidden for years. He has no idea that the woman he is falling in love with has bargained his life to take vengeance on another. Will he discover her motives before it’s too late? Or will he lose himself and follow her into the depths of Hell? Readers who enjoy Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, The Dark Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon or the Highland Romances by Karen Marie Moning will love this series. Camulus is the first of a 4-book series that is sure to go on your keeper shelf.

Winners and Losers - Humor and Romantic Comedy Novel by Steven Arnett

Treat yourself to a very funny new book today, with plenty of romance thrown in! As a reviewer on Amazon said recently:

This book turned out to be one of the more enjoyable reads I've had in years. It's the first fiction book I can remember that kept me up reading too late at night, and made me sorry it was over at the end. Skillfully written, lots of laugh-out-loud moments, unpredictable plot twists, and well-drawn characters. I've started a lot of fiction books in recent years and ended up quitting them, because I just wasn't enjoying them. This author hasn't forgotten that above all, a book should be fun to read.

Set in a small southern Michigan city in the early 1990s, Winners and Losers is a rollicking dark comedy starring Tom Slotrak, a young man who wins the jackpot in the Michigan Lottery and the crazy and (sometimes) adventures he has afterwards. He learns the hard way that money can’t buy happiness but that it sure can lead to some very funny and bizarre experiences!

At the beginning of the story, Tom is 26 but feels older because he’s bored with his life and feels rootless. He’s engaged to Erica Wonders: She’s smart and good looking and doesn’t treat him too badly, but Tom is bored with the relationship and doesn’t really love her anymore. He’s thinking about how he might be able to break off the engagement without all hell breaking loose. Though Tom is engaged to Erica, when he’s at work he has a hard time keeping his mind and his eyes off clerk and administrative assistant Lena Coffee. Sexy, flirty, and funny, Lena is Tom’s fantasy woman. Rumor has it that she has a boyfriend in a motorcycle gang, but she is just flirty enough and just nice enough to Tom for him to believe it’s not quite impossible that he and Lena could hook up. They end up having a secret affair.

However, Tom gets laid off from his job as an accountant at Allied Nuclear Corporation after a plant closing. He soon runs out of money and tries to find a new job but without much luck—eventually having to settle for shoveling manure for minimum wage at Meadowlark Farms. Erica is fed up with him, and it seems as if he’ll soon hit rock bottom. He’s down to his last $17, and even though he knows he shouldn’t, he buys a ticket for the Michigan Lottery at Joe’s Gas Mart. He barely makes the effort to check his ticket again the winning number when it’s announced on TV, but when he does, the seemingly impossible happens: His ticket matches the winning number!

Erica is absolutely thrilled, but Tom isn’t as happy as might be expected after such a turn of good fortune. With Tom tagging along, Erica goes on a giant spending spree. When he’s not shopping with Erica, everybody on planet Earth, it seems, tries to hit him up for money. The fortune has made Tom’s alienation from Erica worse, and he ends up breaking off the engagement. The end of his engagement makes him much sadder than he ever would have imagined, but he at least hopes it will be the beginning of a new life for him. Before he even has a chance to think about what he’ll do in the future, though, Lena calls him to tell him her boyfriend found out about their affair and is threatening to kill Tom, so he decides to leave town with hardly a moment’s notice. Now that he has so much money, he doesn’t necessarily think that’s such a bad thing, and he makes his way to Florida after an adventure at a hillbilly bar in Tennessee.

Tom ends up in Key West and thinks he’ll like it there, but he gets a shock when he goes to an ATM and is refused a withdrawal. Before long, he learns that Erica has sued him claiming the winning ticket really belonged to her and that a judge in Michigan has frozen his bank accounts! Broke again, Tom must again go out and look for a job. He hires in as a salesman at Florida Guano, where he meets secretary/receptionist Honey Sweetwater. All she seems to do at the office is work on her nails and looked bored. Tom soon finds, however, that she has pretty, mischievous eyes and a great sense of humor. Before long, the two of them are going out together and having a great time. Tom’s career at Florida Guano skids to a halt pretty quickly, but Tom and Honey have quite an adventure when they are invited to the Gothic mansion of Mr. Fabulous, the mysterious billionaire owner of Florida Guano.

Finally, the case of Wonders vs. Slotrak goes on trial, and Tom returns to Michigan. A legal battle to end all battles ensues, and Tom knows that the whole rest of his life. Will he end up rich and living a dream with Honey or will he end up right back where he was after he lost his job at Allied Nuclear?

The Unraveling of Shelby Forrest - psych drama by Donna Friess

This stunning  story is of love, secrets, loss, and redemption.

Author Donna Friess is best known for her  international best selling autobiography,  Cry the Darkness: One Woman’s Triumph Over the Tragedy of Incest. She has hit a home run yet again!  With a gripping plot, she takes the reader  through her character, Shelby’s,  agonizing  struggle with secret keeping and its fallout.

“A testimony of love; it's no surprise to learn that Donna's debut novel has been selected as 'Spirited Woman's Pick of the Year'. Having previously read her much acclaimed autobiography, Cry the Darkness, I expected another  gut-grabbing story. But this poignant book unravels even more conflicting emotions: an adoptee's right to know and a mother's right to privacy. To turn psychological fiction into an intriguing plot through a meander of unexpected events requires in depth knowledge of the subject. Dr Donna Friess, life coach and grief counselor, is no amateur at  disentangling crippling emotions.”
 Rosemary Rudland, author: That Summer in Normandy

“Shelby is a dramatic character who has it all but her life’s gifts are overshadowed by her  terrible secret and how she is compelled  deal with it head on. I honestly could not put the book down! It is rich with love, history, art, psychology and neurological information.  It is a must read! Mary Berberich, Reader.

A Favorite Son - Biblical Fiction by Uvi Poznansky

Kindle Countdown Deal 02/28/2015 to 03/06/2015

So instead, my mother decided to acquire stuff: Ornamental purses of different shapes and sizes; an assortment of extravagant fur hats, imported from her faraway birthplace; and numerous pairs of snakeskin shoes with high heels, which were ill suited to the desert sand—all of which caused a stir among the local people.
I can recall how, as a child, I got a rare permission from her to come into the inner part of her tent, behind the screen, and take a peak into her chest. It was overflowing with nose rings, bracelets, and flamboyant clothes. With hesitant fingers I touched one of her shirts, which at the time, was way too big for me. 
“Here, Yankle, try it on,” she offered. 
I did. I can still remember it: The trace of her jasmine perfume, the striped blue-on-white pattern of the weave, and the swooshing sound of the fabric as it flowed over my head and cascaded around my feet. I remember her laughter, her sudden embrace; and a heartbeat later—opening to me out of the shadow, right there behind her back—the watchful eyes of my twin brother Esav, who must have been standing there for a while, without making a sound. 
How my mother sensed his presence—by what quirk of intuition she knew he had been studying us—I will never be able to guess. Perhaps she saw him in my eyes. She looked at me then with an intense look, and in a flash I learned that the unsaid can be more forceful than words. What passed between us at that moment I cannot begin to describe to you. I could hear her heart beat, and at the same instant, the same hammer was pounding in my chest. 
With great calm, she gathered the garment from my hand. Then she folded it back into the chest with slow, measured movements, lowered the lid and with a clack, locked it. 
“Go out, Esav, go play,” she said, without even bothering to turn her head, without even looking at him; and then she added softly, “You too, Yankle.” 
In two shakes of a lamb’s tail we were outside. His hair was flowing, thick and wild, in the wind as he chased me, caught me, punched me down. 
All the while, I knew: I would never forget her love, her letting me wear that unusually beautiful, striped shirt. And neither would he.

What inspired me to write A Favorite Son?

I have long been fascinated with the story of Jacob and Esav. To me, it captures several layers of emotions which we all go through in our families: a rivalry between brothers, the way a mother’s love, unevenly divided, can spur them to action, to crime, even; and how in time, even in the absence of regret, a punishment eventually ripens.

The story had been brewing in me for several years before I put pen to paper. Being an artist, I had expressed it through sculpture long before I wrote the words. In my art, and in my writing, you can see Yankle and his mother Becky, plotting to cheat the father. Out of a sense of shame, they are unable to look each other in the eye...

Paleo For Weight Loss by Donna Leahy

On Sale today - 99 cents!

Paleo - the diet that claims weight will just "fall off" - could it really be true?  As a life long dieter, acclaimed chef and author Donna Leahy was skeptical too.  Could there actually be a diet plan that easy?  In Paleo for Weight Loss:  The 14-Day Healthy Eating Plan, Chef Leahy sets out to clearly explain what the Paleo lifestyle is, what foods you can and cannot eat, and whether you can actually lose weight on Paleo.  By following a 14-day healthy eating plan that includes menus and recipes for everyday, Leahy gives a road map for losing food cravings, feeling healthier and dropping some weight along the way.  You will learn if you enjoy the Paleo lifestyle and if it's a plan that can work for you in the long term.  Chef Leahy writes original, mouthwatering and easy to prepare recipes, unlike many recipes available free on blogs that get repeated in cookbooks. Detailed shopping lists make planning for the 14 day menus easy.  Is Paleo right for you?  Try the 14-Day healthy eating plan and find out today

Wheel of Fortune: The Latest 'Ripped From the Headlines' Detective Louis Martelli, NYPD, Mystery/Thriller from Theodore Jerome Cohen

Inspired by a real FBI sting

Note that the Martelli series can be read in any order

Here’s what reviewers said about this latest thriller:

"Raises the bar for aspiring writers of police fiction. This is a captivating tale of good versus evil played out on a grand scale. Almost too involved to be wholly fictional." ~ Lee Ashford for Readers' Favorite

Colorful characters, witty dialogue … a visual reading experience. Guaranteed to captivate and satisfy readers. The fast pace creates an exciting and entertaining read. One can clearly appreciate the fact Cohen is a virtuoso in writing techniques, and the Det. Louis Martelli Series is destined to become a favorite of all who pick up or click through Wheel of Fortune." ~ Gary Sorkin for Pacific Book Review

"A fast-paced, intelligent mystery with intricate plot development and action. This book stands out from the crowd." ~ Krista Schnee for Hollywood Book Review

"A thrilling ride . . . hard to put down. Wheel of Fortune will keep rolling in the reader's mind long after the book is put down." ~ Michel Violante for Reader Views

Here’s just a taste of what you can expect (from Chapter Ten):

Ron Bishop was the former FBI Special Agent in Charge for New York City before he was reassigned to Anchorage, Alaska, in January 2011 for gross mishandling of a murder investigation that saw the Bureau butt heads with the New York Police Department in late 2010 . . . and lose.
For Martelli’s part, the battle between him and Bishop was personal. Years earlier, Bishop had accidentally fired a slug into Martelli’s prosthetic leg while the two men were taking down a gang that was hauling cigarettes up from North Carolina. The accidental shooting was something Martelli would not let the agent forget. ‘It could have been my good leg you hit, and then, where would I have been?’ Martelli had shouted at the agent when they first met to discuss the murder investigation.
Then, adding insult to injury, the Bureau attempted to wrestle the case—which involved a murdered international banker—away from the NYPD. The reason was, Martelli’s murder investigation threatened to derail an FBI investigation into the funding of Islamic terrorists by two US-based organizations, one located on Wall Street, the other, in Brooklyn. It was Dugan’s hacking into Bishop’s files on the FBI’s secure server in Quantico that provided Martelli with the data he needed not only to solve the murder, but also, to arrest the men who had been funding terrorism in the Middle East. Bishop took the fall for the Bureau’s failure to close the terrorism case, and it was months before he figured out, though he never was able to prove, how Martelli had outsmarted him.
Now it appeared the two men were about to face off again—except that Bishop did not have a clue that Martelli was about to enter the FBI’s domain. And Martelli could not have been more puzzled as to why Bishop, of all people, had just walked out of the apartment building in which the detectives believed their victim had lived.
After watching Bishop and his partner leave the area, Martelli spoke. “This is unbelievable, Sean. It’s been well over three years since they booted Bishop to the Land of the Midnight Sun. Yet who should show up in Brooklyn, in front of this very apartment, on this very morning, but that ass!  Talk about destroying my day!
“Dugan was right. This case doesn’t pass the smell test. Something’s very wrong.”
Martelli called Antonetti using his car’s hands-free cell phone capability.
“Gooood morning, Louis. Isn’t this just the best day we’ve had all week? And it’s Friday, to boot!”
“Well, I hate to break it to you, Michael, but Bishop is back in our lives.”
“What are you talking about?” asked Antonetti, the deputy coroner.
“Sean and I just saw him coming out of the building we believe our Jane Doe had an apartment in. Something doesn’t compute here. Why is the FBI interested in this woman? What’s she to them?  Have you had any inquiries from the Bureau regarding someone fitting the description of our vic?”

Twitter Power: How to Build Influence, Skyrocket Authority and Supercharge Your Business - Non-Fiction By OLEG ILIN

Here is a Quote from One of the Reviews for my Newly Published #Kindle Book:

"I found this book (Twitter Power) to be extremely helpful, direct, well written and extremely insightful so much so I would put this in my top ten business tool box items (purchasers will get the reference). This book will instruct the small business owner, as well as the casual user, on exactly what is required to become successful on Twitter with detailed, simple to understand instructions that pretty much hold your hand through the entire process. For large businesses & corporations it will give valuable insight on what to expect from your social media "team" whether "in-house" or "contracted" to make sure they are doing their job correctly & efficiently.

As the owner of two small businesses that require a strong social media presence for both promoting & growth this book instructed me step by step on how to not only make my presence known, but how to do it efficiently. Anyone who owns their own business knows how precious time management becomes on a day to day basis and if any "tool" can help with efficiency it quickly becomes invaluable and this book is one such tool."

Link to the Reviews:

This book is the first in a trilogy about Twitter marketing.  It covers the “what” – the main purpose of your Twitter activities, the major benefits of large targeted Twitter accounts and the strategies for using Twitter capabilities and newly implemented features to build social Influence on Twitter and beyond.

The other two books will be about “How” – how to develop winning content strategy to achieve the desired results, and how to avoid serious mistakes that would trump any attempt to build successful social media marketing campaign.

Without clear definition of “what” it’s impossible to develop a versatile “How”.
And since the main benefit of this book is a manual of step-by-step instructions on how to steadily increase your Twitter influence through unconventional methods, insights into inner workings of those viral and influence-building processes will help you to triple the results of your Twitter marketing campaigns.

The Young Lions - An adult adventure story by Tony Maxwell

An African Adventure Story

‘Hello Aunt Emma, I’m glad to be here too.’ She was tall and beautiful, with a fine figure only barely concealed by a diaphanous nightdress and a carelessly open dressing gown. Her long dark auburn hair cascaded over her shoulders and her pale, attractive face, wide set eyes and full sensuous lips took his breath away. Robert could not help staring at her in frank amazement. He found it difficult to equate this alluring woman with the tall, awkward girl he vaguely remembered while a young boy at Fairlee Manor in Scotland.

Action, adventure and erotic entanglements loom large in young Robert Hamilton’s future as he seeks to make his fortune in the rough and tumble world of the Johannesburg goldfields in the closing years of the nineteenth century.
Robert’s business interests and adventures in the wilds of South Africa, bring him into close contact with the Boer peoples of the Transvaal Republic. As the threat of a British invasion looms large over the country, his support for the Boer cause finds him on the opposing side to his fellow uitlanders – foreigners. He is dismayed to discover that both of his brothers have enlisted in Canadian regiments ready to fight on the side of Britain in the Anglo-Boer War.

The Lyre and The Lambs - fiction by Sydney Avey

The Lyre and The Lambs, available on in Kindle and paperback, coming soon in audio.

Sometimes you get what you pray for. Set in California in the tumultuous Sixties, Dee and Father Mike are back, and both their lives are about to be turned upside down.

Dee’s not lonely anymore. When Dee and her new husband move in with her daughter and her new husband, she discovers that a feast of family can bring a plate load of problems. Their open door policy attracts young people, including a troubled boy who becomes a beacon for angry neighbors.

Father Mike has lost his church, but not his calling. A mentor to youth, he has also become a comfort to a grieving widow and now he is questioning his future.

In this sequel to The Sheep Walker’s Daughter, the tables are turned and it is Dee who encourages Father Mike to be bold and take the gift that God is offering him. But the Anglican priest has a self-image and a family history to overcome.

What reviewers are saying:

…Another beautifully written story that is compassionately told. The story is so real it could have been on the headlines of the Los Gatos times in the 60's
…a wonderful story of family, repairing and rebuilding relationships
…romance and yes heartache
…suspense, mystery, neighbors ready to throw stones at the 'glass' house

A good book club choice.
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