Earth Bound - Kindle ebook by Jason Berg

Jack Danvers is a private security operative with a reputation for mission success and loyalty to his employers. When he is hired by a group known only as The Order, he is flown halfway around the world to protect what he is told is the world's most valuable treasure. Upon his arrival Jack soon learns that the treasure he has been hired to protect is a teenage girl named Gabrielle. Born with wings, Gabrielle also possess other abilities that defy explanation. While Jack tries to protect the girl, raised to fit into the role of the angel that she appears to be from outside threats, he learns that sometimes the greatest threats come from your allies. The job of protecting Gabrielle will test his abilities and his faith like nothing he has ever faced before.

Rocket Babe - Dust Storm Kindle sci-fi - ebook by Stephen R. DeArman

A story of aliens, space, rockets, fighting men and a beautiful woman like the girl next door. All laced with dark intrigue, humor and love

Rocket Babe - Dust Storm is the first in a series of classic 1950's style science fiction tales that detail an alternate and darker side of the driving force for NASA and the Apollo Space Program. In an action-packed saga seeded with government conspiracy, aliens, astronauts and warships tied to actual historical events, the reader will discover the next step in man’s journey into space has already taken place covertly in order to prevent the world’s population from mass panic and self destruction.

The fight to end many years of alien abductions will require a different way of thinking and the rapid adaptation and development of new technologies. As a new breed of soldier emerges, The Deep Space Strike Force finds its greatest asset is a beautiful and brilliant young woman, Captain Verna Starr. Fearless, skilled and intellectually advanced beyond all others, she will not be focused on scientific discovery but on mankind’s very survival.

As the crew of the U.U.S. PANDORA drives toward victory and an end to the alien terror, they discover that the climax of one era is the beginning of the next and an even greater threat.

Early reviews of Rocket Babe say it is fun light reading and hard to put down.

Many of the events and characters of this novel are based on real people and actual historical events. For more information and insight into Rocket Babe Dust Storm, the characters and what is to come, visit the character reference page Rocket Babe Dust Storm at   or Rocket Babe Dust Storm on facebook.  

YOU and Him by Logan Shane

“YOU and Him” is the first in the “YOU” Erotic Short Story series for women, that's intended to stir sexual feelings within the reader by placing them as the main characters sexual counterpart.  The “YOU” stories get longer and hotter as the reader gets deeper into the series.  Each story is linked to its predecessors so this is where the reader should start.  The intention is to put out a new story every 2-3 weeks to give the readers something to look forward to. “YOU and The Intruder” is the second in the series, and “YOU and The Client” is due out on April 30, 2014.

Number Magic - Kindle eBook by Grandpa Mike KH

The freebie promotion of More Number Magic is over. It has fallen off the front page of GoodKindles, and it's back to its normal price of $0.99 or whatever Amazon calculates as the equivalent in GBP, Euros or other currencies. I'll  let it stew for a while, and introduce you to its elder brother, Number Magic – the first book in what I plan as a long series.
If your child really won't read (or have someone read to them) anything that isn't full of cutesy illustrations and dumbed-down text, these books are not for you. Bright, lively children like my 8 year old granddaughter still enjoy being childish at times, but they also switch off if the books they read don't challenge them. Dilly was about seven and a half when I wrote the Kindle eBook 'Secret Writing' for her. She was delighted, but insisted on finishing the second Harry Potter book before reading my book about codes and ciphers.

Most of us put our children through traditional schools of some kind because we lack the time, the skills or the motivation to educate them at home. We can and should still encourage them to be inquisitive and adventurous out of school in ways that even the best teachers cannot do with a class of 30 children who vary widely in confidence, skills and background.

Each time I introduce a trick, a puzzle or a mathematical skill, I also ask the reader to think about it – to understand why it works, and perhaps to modify it. There are people who feel that this destroys innocent enjoyment of apparently magical tricks. I disagree strongly. The world of mathematics has more magic in it than simple conjuring tricks, and children should explore each bit of both the physical and the mental worlds as soon as they are equipped to do so.
Guidance and encouragement is what we should give them, not 'wait until you're older'. It takes ten minutes to train a crawling baby to turn round and go down stairs backwards in perfect safety. If, instead, you install a gate at the head of the stairs, one of two things is very likely to happen: a bigger child will forget to close it, or that baby will climb the gate when it is only a little older, and fall from the top of it.

Young children gain knowledge and skills so rapidly that they quickly outgrow a lot of their books. I have deliberately structured the Number Magic books so that the young reader can skip the difficult bits, trusting that their innate curiosity will make them return to tackle them later. This also means that the book has enough real meat in it to appeal to quite a few adults. For instance, can you easily add two long numbers in your head? Or do you understand number-based card tricks well enough to modify them?
I am sure the world is full of boys and girls like Dilly, whose parents are always looking for ways to challenge and amuse them, so I offer the Number Magic series to those who are still too young to tackle Martin Gardner, Simon Singh or Marcus du Sautoy. I have deliberately kept them short and priced them as low as Amazon will let me, and I encourage you to lend them to other people.

The Tenth Cycle: A Thriller kindle ebook by JC Ryan

By Meghan a Top 500 Amazon reviewer has the following to say about The Tenth Cycle.
For some reason, JC Ryan’s thriller, ‘The Tenth Cycle’ reads like the offspring of a Tom Clancy and a Clive Cussler partnership—although JC Ryan can easily stand on his own as an exciting literary force to reckon with. ‘The Tenth Cycle’ is deeply suspenseful, and right at the get-go, grabs you by the cuffs and compels you to keep turning the pages—and that doesn’t even begin to describe what a deliriously entertaining book this is.

At its heart is a conspiracy: a secret about mankind that—if and when revealed—will radically change not only the way men live and think, but also about how they’d regard their future. The secret is zealously guarded by shadowy characters and organizations that put the lives of the two protagonists, Dan Rossler and Sarah Clarke, in grave peril. When academic ridicule intensifies into outright hostility and possibly fata threats, that’s when Dan and Sarah know they’re on to something ground-breaking. But then there’s the rub—the forces guarding the secret will stop at nothing to guard it and keep it from discovery.

As I mentioned, this is a cleverly plotted and well-paced suspense thriller. I love how the author throws in all the usual suspects—the CIA, the MOssad, the government, a dangerous secret society—and then some. But what makes it endearing and worthwhile to read is the dynamic between Dan and Sarah—their relationship softens and deeply humanizes what would otherwise be just an all-out thrill-fest—not that I would mind spending the night inhabiting the world of ‘The Tenth Cycle.’

Noteworthy, too, is how in the opening chapters, the author chooses the slow burn instead of the flashy narrative—the build-up effectively gives the reader that rare edge-of-your-seat thrill that you feel deeply in your gut. But what’s even better is that the suspense is informed by the vital bits on information JC Ryan throws our way—until we’re flipping through the pages just to finally know how it all ends—and yet this is only the first book in a promised series. If JC Ryan releases a sequel, I will definitely buy it in a heartbeat.

Overall, ‘The Tenth Cycle’ is one of the best thrillers I’ve read in a while—I enjoyed it even more than how I enjoyed Dan Brown’s ‘Angels and Demons’ years ago. Fans of the genre who have been looking for that next big thing can stop looking now—get a copy of this book today and see. This also makes an incredibly gift to loved ones. A solid five-star rating for this book.

Life Organizing. Get Results. - kindle ebook by Nigel Openshaw


There is no perfect day, just enjoy and live for today!

This book presents many lessons to help you with day-to-day activities and improving your goals in life. There are many examples from his experiences in business and home life presented here. They all work to show just how easy it is to change and adapt to new thinking and letting procrastination be a thing of the past.

Let me help you to make changes in your life that meant your future became happier and more successful
Do you have problems at home or work that never seemed to go away? You can fix many problems simply by addressing them, and this book will show many ideas to help you get things done.

In this motivational and self-improving book, Nigel Openshaw guides you through so you can jump from part to part without actually needing to see all. The first chapter in this book starts with a challenge to get you seeing clearly. This method breaks down earlier ones and replaces them with a model to make a more level playing field. Later, there are five chapters to go through, covering many smaller aspects. This is then wrapped up with a final challenge to help bind your new thoughts and ways into your new routine.

If you look at the following topics below, think how you are within them:

** Success and dreams - What inspirational qualities do you have?
** Organization and Life Learning - What happens when there are grounding actions in your life?
** Choices and Opinions - How can you deal with mind over matter?
** Dealing With Anger and Emotion - What personal fears control you too much?
** Earnings and Rewards - Do you set yourself daily challenges?

So how do you feel about the above topics?
When you believe in what you can offer and believe in your actions then clarity and balance will fill you. You just need a new system to help you and empower you into a better way of thinking.

Evening Wolves - Kindle Ebook by Luke Taylor

Homicide Detective Michael Erland passes through the gates of the opulent Fircrest Mansion to solve the murder of a woman with no fingerprints, and finds himself in the middle of a brutal struggle between Homeland Security and a domestic terrorist known as Jupiter, a hacker and criminal mastermind who steals information to sell it to the highest bidder and will stop at nothing to make the biggest transaction of his career and end the lives of those who would try to stop him.
The Agent pursuing Jupiter, the enigmatic and stunningly beautiful Sierra Marland, conscripts Erland’s help as the only one she can trust, and as Marland and Jupiter lock wits and wills in a fiery chess game of death and consequence, Erland is forced to walk the tightrope between justice, vengeance, and love.

Evening Wolves was written in real time with a cinematic style for those who just want to sit down and enjoy a roller coaster ride with the right mix of cops, spies, terrorists, thieves, murderers, red herrings and love that makes a good thriller so...thrilling!

Death of Eden: Outlaw, Kindle e-book by Chelsey Colleen Hankins and Emily Martens

Love. Lust. Family. Corruption. This ain't your mama's antebellum.

On the eve of the Civil War, with U.S. marshals at their backs, Jesse
Locke and a band of outlaws led by the dauntless, unpredictable Jack
Ross find themselves with no other choice but to seek sanctuary in
Jesse’s former backwoods home. After being run out of town for murder seven years earlier, Jesse arrives to find his mother dead, his sister in the whore house and nothing at all as he left it. Having entrusted
the survival of his family to his oldest friend, Hank Walker, Jesse
sets out to put right the betrayal that has befallen in his absence.
But with the gallows a misstep away and ravenous enemies closing in,
Jesse finds himself thrown into a tempest of insatiable passions,
corrupt justice and treacherous temptations that threaten to send him
and everyone he loves into the grave.

Death of Eden: Outlaw is the first volume in the exciting five-book
series, Death of Eden, a joint project from authors Chelsey Colleen
Hankins and Emily Martens. A writing duo now based out of New Orleans,
we both graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and have
worked together as stunt performers for a Hollywood sword fighting
team, co-written a comedy webseries, and started our own business as
Public Relations Copywriters. This story, like many great ideas, was
born on a bar stool. We were sitting in a pub one night, sipping
Stellas when one of us asked, “Why has no one ever made a version of
Robin Hood set in America? Like during the Civil War?” A beer and a
very animated conversation later, our outlaw gang and the town of Eden
had been born. After that night, we became women possessed. We read
stacks of books; researched for countless hours; stalked our historian
friend; and visited museums, battlefields and antebellum homes. We
wrote like fiends, often spending 16 hour days working away at our
story. Through that whole process our little germ of an idea grew into
a five-book epic filled with adventure, intrigue, romance, humor and
grit. Not merely sweeping historical fiction, Death of Eden is an
intimate exploration of a time of decadence and distress, beauty and
brutality seen through the eyes of those both fortunate and
unfortunate enough to live it.

Second is Best - Kindle ebook by Aileen Friedman

Free on Amazon 16 and 17th April 2014

From the coastal towns of Warner Beach in Natal to Gordons Bay in the Western Cape during the seventies Kaye Reid travels hoping to eventually find forgiveness and a new life.
She leaves behind a roller coaster life of happiness and disappointment from her High school boyfriend, her parents and her marriage.
Through new acquaintances Kaye finds God and realises that she has to rely heavily on Him to bring her through the difficult roads she must travel.

By Angie Eybers
This book was a real treat for me to read I know it sounds a bit farfetched to say that a fiction book can transform you from within but honestly this book did just that - It really touched me so hard … you know the feeling when a preacher preaches and it feels like he is preaching directly at you when you leave you think “Wow that sermon was meant for me” …. YUP that’s exactly how I thought with book … it pricked my heart so deeply and for that Aileen I thank you … I thank God for you.

The story without giving too much away is centred on Kaye – whose life takes unexpected twists and turns ups and downs like a roller coaster ride ….. Testing and questioning her faith in every direction ……
Aileen has a way of putting you right in those pages – right there with the characters making you feel their pain, their happiness, as Kaye is wiping that ash off herself you feel it on yourself too - you laugh with her, you cry with her and you feel yourself learning the same lessons she is learning - what a beautiful story this was.
Written in simple English it’s such an easy enjoyable read …. Totally unputdownable.

By Melissa Le Roux

"Unforgiveness is a killer! You cannot truly serve God if there is an unforgiveness in your heart.
What does it help you if you live with bitterness and resentment toward someone?
you are the only one who suffers.
You cannot have a heart filled with happiness and at the same time have that same heart filled with unforgiveness.
When you truly forgive, your heart will find a joy indescribable.
God will carry your burdens and He will admonih and pass judgement on your adversaries.
God forgave you, so who are you not to forgive others?" - Aileen Friedman, Second is Best.

Every once in a while you get a message, that relates to you in every possible way. Thank you Angie Wide Eybers, for the book. Yes, i finished it in under 3 hours, because it was the perfect book. I cannot express how, but I think this book just changed my life! God Bless you Aunty Angie, and Aileen.

By Karen Galloway

From..Karen Doug Galloway who has just read Second is Best... LOVED it, another awesome and easy read. Felt challenged a few times whilst reading and also the last few pages! Well done, Aileen you are really are a gifted writer - now waiting for the NEXT one

Chimeras - kindle ebook by E.E. Giorgi

Amazon link:

Dates of countdown deal: May 7th - May 13

We all have them: inactivated genes that once made us hunters and predators.

What if one day, in one man, those genes suddenly awakened?

Meet LAPD Detective Track Presius -- an unconventional, snarky, twisted, yet lovable antihero.
The first in a new mystery series, CHIMERAS blends hard-boiled police procedural with fascinating science.

Book Description: Haunted by the girl he couldn't save in his youth, and the murder he committed to avenge her, Detective Track Presius has a unique gift: the vision and sense of smell of a predator. When a series of apparently unrelated murders reel him into the depths of genetic research, Track feels more than a call to duty. Children are dying -- children who, like himself, could have been healthy, and yet something, at some point, went terribly wrong. For Track, saving the innocent becomes a quest for redemption. The only way he can come to terms with his dark past is to understand his true nature.

"Classic hard-boiled noir crime thriller sculpted by lovely prose and set in the present, this is a surprisingly terrific read." -- Cole Alpaugh, author of The Bear in a Muddy Tutu and The Spy's Little Zonbi

"I was intrigued by the opening, and the questions I had kept me intrigued as the investigation unfolded. E. E. Giorgi writes some truly gorgeous prose, and I felt like I was experiencing everything right along with Track." -- Autumn Kalquist, author of The Legacy Code

"The debut novel from E.E. Giorgi, Chimeras is a delightful combination of hot prose and cool science. I was hooked on the first sentence of:
It was one of those hot summer afternoons, with air made of cobwebs and a glare as sharp as pencils.
Wonderful stuff, that, and the book continues to delight with prose that streams out like Chandler." -- Steve Halter, Amazon review

3000 Miles - Kindle ebook by John David Harris

Destiny does not take place in a day and neither did the crime that rocked the unsuspecting city of Los Angeles to its core.  The days, weeks and 3000 Miles that followed, changed everything and everyone forever.

In Los Angeles, nothing ever “just happens.”  The underbelly of this city works at a methodic pace, like a snowball slowly growing larger and larger until it becomes powerful enough to knock down a building.  This is evident when a prisoner transport bus, full of maximum-security inmates, gets ambushed in the predawn hours and all fifty-four of its occupants freed.  A tornado of chaos and intrigue is set into motion, as the city’s best Detectives begin sifting through the sea of decoys to find out who the real target of the ambush was.  But while Law Enforcement sits spinning its wheels, the eight men who ambushed the bus and the one they took off are getting further and further away.  The series of events that led to the transport bus takeover are unearthed like a treasure in an archeological dig.  A tight network of friends, petty crime, major crime, dumb luck, bad luck, no luck, Los Angeles, Vegas, Canada, casino robbery, even murder. This was not merely a group of criminals breaking a crime partner out of jail; it was a matter of life and death, pure desperation.

As the list of suspects dwindles, the Police positively identify the culprits of the takeover.  The chase has now truly begun.  Airports are closed and borders shut down.  The Media has taken over and plastered this story on every possible news program and tips are coming in nationwide.  With mere miles to go, it is every man for him self with one catch, the group has split into two cars.  The lead car knows its’ destination, the second car has a vague idea where to go and the onslaught of Law Enforcement has a one in three chance of getting there first.

Whether you’re good or you’re bad, this journey will take you… “3000 Miles.”

3000 MILES is a gripping Crime/Thriller that will have you thinking well after the pages have turned

Out of Work (Comedy) written by Chris Henry

This is a story about a guy who settled in a position at Allen Shields. After a few years of ass kissing, he got a big promotion that placed him right at the top, except now he's managing a warehouse full of people who hates his guts. As a result, Lionel changed overnight and became the meanest boss anyone could ever work for. Even Lionel's wife could see a change in him. Sheila wasn't happy with the person that he became, nevertheless, she continued to support him. Hate from his employees grew by the day and it didn't take long for Lionel to realize that working as a Plant Manager wasn't what he expected.
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