Pirate Raiders of the Star Trek Wars - kindle ebook by Jim Fenn


​I was recently inspired to start writing parodies for publication when I solved the basic problem of parodies, they tend to be short and the basic unit of publishing is the book.  My solution?  To write a group of parodies about related films and TV shows and bundle them together.  This gave me immense artistic freedom.  For a well known or older film my entire parody may be only a few paragraphs.  The reader can extrapolate the rest.  But mostly I find it great fun to revisit favorite shows and poke a bit of gentle fun at them.  Enjoy! ​

Blood Exchange by Sandra Hood


ON SALE: 99¢ for a limited time! September 23-30

There are vampires in this story (because I’ve been in love with the mystery of vampires ever since catching some Dark Shadows reruns as a kid). But this is not a story about gore. And it breaks some of the "rules." The horrors of Blood Exchange reside less in the paranormal than in the types of choices we sometimes make in society and worse, the ones that are thrust upon us.

When I wrote Blood Exchange, I not only wanted to stick with some of the weird notions I had developed in my youth about how vampirism works, I wanted to explore how we humans react in the face of modern dangers cloaked in the “helpful” hands of government, when and whether true redemption is possible, and what we’re willing to tell ourselves we believe in when the stakes rise to the highest level.

* * * * * * * * * *

Emmalyn Trew followed her husband to Graceville, a town with little to lay its mark upon the map but the First Baptist Church, the smallest hospital in existence, and LifeShare – where Steven Trew manages the most sophisticated blood donor database in the nation.

At LifeShare, blood drives are everyday business, but this time something is different.

Someone is sick. Blood is everywhere.

When Emmalyn rushes her friend to the hospital, she has no idea she is witnessing the beginning of a changing world. Orders are given, and no one objects. After all, people finally have the miracle they’ve been waiting for. Why, then, is Emmalyn so skeptical? Because stories at the hospital don’t match? Because the database at LifeShare may have been compromised? Because no one is asking questions about what they've agreed to give up in exchange for their miracle? Or because the one thing Emmalyn may be asked to trade, she will never sacrifice.

Nicknamed Explorer by her father, Emmalyn discovers the one unlikely place in Graceville where she feels safe. In the face of a world where hope will be dictated and happiness doled out in government-mandated treatments, Emmalyn turns her attention underground. Do the tunnels beneath LifeShare hold the answers that can’t be found along the corridors above?

​Or does the answer lie with the stranger? Pale and secretive, with mysterious silver eyes that seem to follow Emmalyn’s every move, he reveals little other than he is not part of the agreement.

Faith and suspicion collide in this suspense with a paranormal edge where the key players must decide whether they could draw the line between an irresistible promise and the price for attaining it.

The Little Ladybug - a children's ebook by Amelia May


“The Little Ladybug” is a delightful children's book written and illustrated by Amelia May. It tells the heartwarming story of one small bug with one small wish: he just wants a friend. He decides to go on a journey to meet new friends, but most of the other bugs he meets along the way reject his offer of friendship. Hurt and saddened, the ladybug heads home and almost gives up hope, but he finds in the end that true friendship comes naturally—and often from unexpected places!

Throughout his journey, the ladybug shows the importance of patience when looking for friendship and discovers that being kind and helping out someone in need is always a good thing to do.

Kids are sure to adore this little storybook's whimsical illustrations, which are unique and fun in their cut construction paper style. With one illustration accompanying each verse, the ladybug's story truly comes to life, and the rhythm and rhyme of the verses makes this book a fun one to read out loud to young children.

Endearing and inspiring, Amelia May's “The Little Ladybug” is guaranteed to entertain both adults and children as they read together. Recommended for children ages 3 to 7.

Corridor of Darkness by Patrick W. O'Bryon

CORRIDOR OF DARKNESS has been awarded the AIA Gold Seal of Excellence and endorsed by Compulsion Reads.

"The novel is rife with historical intrigue and captures the flavor of mid-century Europe. Throughout, the author has a keen eye for detail, which will be a delight for Europhiles and World War II buffs alike...An intriguing early WWII spy yarn set in a well-researched, authentic Germany." --Kirkus Reviews

"When the writing is powerful and immediate and characters are as real and believable as these ones are, our compassion is aroused and our heart opens. This is the beauty of this book... Their fear becomes our fear, their horror, ours. The skillfully executed prose brings you right into the vibrant beating heart of Berlin in the thirties. I could smell it, see it and taste it." Tahlia Newland for AIA

"First-rate, expertly crafted thriller. O'Bryon's detailed descriptions allowed me to see the streets of old Berlin, taste decadence everywhere, feel imminent dangers around every corner, hear the march of the storm troopers, and virtually smell fear on the citizens as they ran...a fast paced, suspenseful tale with plenty of twists and turns to keep the reader on edge." –Awesome Indies Reviewers

"Corridor of Darkness is a compelling and well-researched read...a grand adventure, set in Germany's darkest hours. Strap in, grab a few tissues and enjoy!" - Compulsion Reads

Elixir by Ted Galdi


Elixir is the hit new-release thriller about a teenage genius who goes on a suspenseful journey to cure his girlfriend of Ebola.  Follow super-prodigy Sean Malone as he runs from the NSA and a multi-billion-dollar pharmaceutical company in this gripping race against time.  Elixir is an adrenaline-fueled adventure with a compelling love story at its heart.

"Read this book, and get your mind blown."
~ Aditi Saha, Goodreads #1 Top Reviewer

"Read - no, devoured - Elixir...and loved it."
~ Rodger Nichols, News Director, Haystack Broadcasting

"An exhilarating read that was unputdownable and totally riveting from
beginning to its glorious end."
~ Housewife Blues and Chihuahua Stories blog

"Combines...love and action in a well written package."
~ Steve Anderson, Executive Editor, The Anderson Agency Report

"Character dynamics that are astounding.  A captivating read."
~ Melissa McComas, CEO, Tsunami Worldwide Media

"I adored this book."
~ The Reading Wonderland blog

Your Side of Midnight - kindle ebook by K. Baldwin and Lyra Ricci


Sometimes dealing with the living can be more hassle than they're worth, and most of the time, they have baggage. Billy learned that the hard way when new people moved into the house he had haunted for two hundred years. Nothing he tried could shake them from their new home, so now, his peaceful afterlife was filled with drama, danger and a family that was in dire need of his style of discipline. With the calm and gentle nature of his best friend, it was only a matter of time before he settled down and began to accept that perhaps change couldn’t be as bad as he assumed it was. At least Gregg, who’d been dead almost as long as he had, didn’t mind the new family.

Nix had always been able to see the dead, and in his opinion, most of the time, they were assholes. Billy was no exception in his opinion. Refusing to be bullied by the disgruntled and often high strung spirit, he helped his family settle into the large Victorian farmhouse in the countryside of Bon Hollow. With his sister in law, her two daughters and his own autistic son, life settled in as normal as it could for the Desmarais family.

As time passed, Billy realized that it was a good call to guard the family zealously when two entities, both hell bent on revenge, decided to target the family.

The General's Ambition, A Master Sergeant Harper Mystery, by M. L. Doyle


If you've read the first two books in the Master Sergeant Harper series, (The Peacekeeper's Photograph and The Sapper's Plot) you already know Harper tends to get herself mired in unexpected and dangers situations. It’s not like she goes looking for trouble, but when there are lingering questions, she figures, someone has to answer them. Sometimes, that someone is staring back at her in the mirror.

In the first book, Harper meets Sergeant Major Harold Fogg, a British Special Air Service soldier who captures her attention and helps dig her out of her messes. Their relationship, because of distance and duty, has largely been put on hold. In The General’s Ambition, they are finally able to spend some time together, although it doesn’t end up quite the way they’d both hoped.

The General’s Ambition is available for preorder now in ebook format with a publication date of Nov. 1, 2014. Like the other two books, this page-turning mystery takes you into the world of life as a soldier, where duty and responsibilities trump just about anything else.

M. L. Doyle has served in the U.S. Army at home and abroad for more than two decades as both a soldier and civilian. She brings all of that experience to the page in this unique mystery series. A Minneapolis native, Mary currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

Here is the book’s description:
All Master Sergeant Lauren Harper has to do is make it through one final training exercise before thirty days of sun and sand with Sergeant Major Harry Fogg of the British Special Air Service. Thirty days to finally get to know each other … at last.
When a horrific crime interrupts her plans, Harper knows the delay is only temporary. There were plenty of witnesses and the case is open and shut. Besides, Harper won’t let anything spoil her time away with Harry.


Why would a highly decorated officer do what he did? What if the training accident isn’t an accident? Harper can't shake the idea that there’s more going on than anyone will admit.

The Strange Girl - kindle ebook by Keith Dixon


In The Strange Girl, private investigator Sam Dyke thinks he's taking on a very straightforward case: find someone who's gone missing after being released from prison. In fact the case is solved very quickly ... but unfortunately, it doesn't end there. Because the man who was missing was not only an ex-con, but also an ex-cop, and the reason he spent time in prison was because he was hiding something he dared not reveal. Sam takes it upon himself to find out what that was, and despite himself becomes embroiled in both high-stakes gambling and a daring heist.

Sam Dyke is an investigator who relies on both instinct and experience to tell him where to go and what to look for. He doesn't rely on incredible deductive powers, nor on sheer physical strength, to solve his cases. He has wit, persistence and a native cunning - together with a small team of helpers - that combine to make him a very contemporary investigator and a hero everyone can root for.

The Entity (Book 1) - A Paranormal Erotica short story kindle e-book by: Soliel De Bella


An erotic tale of a sexual obsession to an invisible entity.

Alexis buys her new Vermont condo, freshly out of college and about to embark on her new life in her cute new home with a career straight out of college. Life is fresh and exciting for  Alexis but after some time she is becoming more of a recluse after work, the outgoing, fun loving Alex as her friend's call her is becoming more and more aloof and withdrawn, bewildering all that know her. How can she possibly explain to them she has fallen for an entity in her home, how she cannot see this creature of sorts yet somehow it tantalizes every cell within her the tension of fear and sexual arousal it brings is too much too deny she is caught in its grip.

Pay ONLY What's Fair for Car Repair - kindle ebook by Victoria Stonegate

Kindle Countdown:  Sept. 18-24, 2014


This book is about what to do when your car’s Check Engine light comes on and how to get a fair price for car repair after the Check Engine light has been evaluated.  That means you must first have the problem diagnosed and then get an estimate for repair.  (However, I use this technique for repairs not related to the Check Engine light, which I describe later in this book.)

In the past, I never had much luck getting a Check Engine light diagnosed by any place other than a dealership that sells the same make of my car.  For example, if I had a Ford, a Chevrolet dealership wouldn’t be able to get very far trying to decipher the problem.  I believe it’s because cars have become so computerized that it gives carmakers the opportunity to use software that no other car maker can access.  (However, you may not have to take your car to a dealership to get the Check Engine light diagnosed.  More about that in my book.)

Here’s why I’m so suspicious of car makers.  A Boston TV station ran an investigative report in 2013 about car dealerships.  Did you know that the service representatives – the people who work at the car repair counter – get a commission on every repair they schedule?

I never knew that.  I assumed they were salaried, because I thought only salespeople get commissions.  Why?  Commissions are a huge incentive to make sales.

That means service representatives aren’t really service representatives.  They’re actually salespeople.  In fact, if you’ve ever seen this job advertised on a place like Craigslist, it’s typically listed in the Sales category!  So let’s call them what they really are:  service salespeople.
Service salespeople might not make enough money to pay their bills unless they convince you to commit to the repair they recommend.  A cheap repair means a tiny commission.  A major repair means a much bigger commission.
See the problem?

Here’s a brief example.  When I was in my twenties, a friend highly recommended a dealership when my car needed a tune-up.  She claimed her parents had done business with this dealership for decades and always had a great experience.  When I walked into the dealership, I immediately noticed several huge banners hanging from the ceiling that announced a special on tune-ups.  And yet when I talked to a service salesman, he quoted a price double the advertised price.
Are you kidding me?  I thought.

I pointed at a nearby banner and quoted the price on the banner back to the service salesman.  He didn’t flinch.  His smile never wavered.  He said, “Oh, that’s right.  I forgot.”
Yeah, right.

I’ve always been suspicious of car dealerships.  But the most important thing I learned from the experience that caused me to write this book is that I haven’t been suspicious enough.
That’s changed.  I want to share my experience with you so you can see how bad things had to get before I wised up.  And then I’ll tell you how to prevent service salespeople from doing the same thing to you

The Serapis Fraktur by Mark Clay Grove

Amazon Kindle -  http://www.amazon.com/The-Serapis-Fraktur-ebook/dp/B00BRXRMUU

Paperback - https://www.createspace.com/4145961

Other formats - https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/291340

Antiques dealer, Charles Dawes, finds a fraktur dated 1748 and signed Christopher Dock, of Skippack,Pennsylvania. Fraktur are common schoolmaster creations commemorating rites of passage like baptism, marriage, graduation, and death, but this particular fraktur is very unique. On it are drawn images of the Eiffel Tower, the Washington Monument, flying machines, and the fa├žade of the Serapis Temple in ancient Alexandria. How can that be? This question sets the picker from Madison, Virginia, on a quest for answers which is made easier when he and his wife, Emma, win a massive lotto in 2005. Dawes wisely invests the proceeds in cutting edge companies, but before he can enjoy his luck, he dies accidentally.

The Serapis Fraktur is the sequel to Dawes' death in 2010. It is the first science fiction adventure in The Conglomerate Series in which Dawes awakens from cryogenic stasis in 2460 to discover that he has unlimited wealth due to his wise investments before he died. He also learnsthat he enjoys perpetual longevity because of medical advances and has galactic-wide power because he owns countless corporate assets in shipping,manufacturing, mining, defense, etc. The only problem that he has is what to do with all of his free time because the conglomerate is run efficiently by his staff. But alas! His old habit of collecting is reborn when one of his early investments spawns a working time machine that allows for the safe extraction of both lost artifacts like battlefield swords and interesting historical personalities like Hypatia, Pershing, and Edison. Dawes remedies his boredom by graduallyestablishing the administrative organization known as The Timeline Initiative which will ultimately dwarf any of his existing enterprises. Its mission: to extract the dead from the past for the purpose of colonizing unsettled planets across the universe. Not all goes as planned. Terrorists disrupt the utopia he has come to love and not all persons can be extracted from the past, and for a very interesting reason: They live on.

Helping him along the way is a cast of interesting characters who rise in rank as his extraction business expands. One of Dawes' crew is Christopher Dock. As it turns out, Dock is an immortal Alsatian who was stranded on Earth when he crash-landed in 2702 BC. He is the only known living Ancient One. The rest of his kind mysteriously disappeared from across the universe. Why?
Written in the first person, this is a PG-rated adventure story is peppered with libertarian social comments pertaining to accountability, honor, integrity, and fidelity. There is also a fair amount of entrepreneurial development, systematic empire building, brief combat, no sex, and women are treated with respect. What this work lacks in titillation it makes up for in historical color like Connie Willis, entrepreneurial development like Nathan Lowell, and futuristic wonderment like Edgar Rice Burroughs. Most readers will find this book acceptable for ages from teen to centurion and all should be delighted to learn that the Dawes polyverse is not apocalyptic. In fact Earth is reborn: millions of bison once again roam the prairie, old growth forests of American chestnut blanket the east coast, the passenger pigeon has been revived and flourish, and life is good for all.

Like Dawes, the author was an antiques dealer turned appraiser who regularly appears on the popular PBS television program, Chesapeake Collectibles. For assurance Mr. Grove keeps a day job as an accredited appraiser of art and antiques in the D.C. Metro area. The prequel, The Madison Picker, is underway with a release target date of Summer 2013. It will be the first adventure for Dawes in The Picker Series. Unlike Dawes' science fiction future adventure in The Serapis Fraktur, the prequel is a mystery based loosely on actual homicides in present day rural Madison County, Virginia. A sequel to The Serapis Fraktur has a target release date of December 2.

Lucifer's Fire by Richard Turner


A thrilling adventure that sweeps across Africa in a hunt for the truth.

1715 – Captain James Lucifer and the survivors of a doomed ship washed ashore in West Africa wait for the coming dawn and their fate. Handing off a fabled and priceless diamond to a lowly young boy, Lucifer sets in motion a chain of events that will reverberate in the Twenty-First century with deadly effect.

In the present, Ryan Mitchell and his team of former special operations soldiers are sent to find and rescue a group of schoolteachers who have gone missing in war-torn Liberia. Quickly moving into the jungles of Liberia, Ryan Mitchell soon discovers things aren't going to be as simple as planned, when rival factions from outside of Liberia quickly complicate matters when they compete to find the fabled treasure buried by James Lucifer before he met his end and will do whatever it takes to get their hands on the prize.

I believe this novel will appeal to those readers who enjoy fast-paced adventure stories in the tradition of novels by Clive Cussler, Andy McDermott and James Rollins.
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