Mystical Circles by SC Skillman

Deep in the heart of the English countryside, in an idyllic farmhouse, Craig, an idealistic young man with a wealthy father, has gathered together a community of complex characters to inhabit his eerie and atmospheric retreat. They’re all dedicated to Craig and his teachings – which involve rejecting the past and living only in the present. But Craig’s retreat for spiritual and mental healing and enlightenment has a darker, hidden side.

Into this ménage comes Juliet, a London journalist, anxious for her younger sister Zoe who’s fallen in love with Craig. Is Juliet over-protective? Or is she right to pursue Zoe from London to the Cotswolds, worried about her taking up with Craig and his band of eccentric guests?

And is Craig’s retreat a dangerous cult or a place of healing?

Juliet struggles to accept Craig’s teachings without quite understanding them or the overt willingness to join in. And along the way she meets a host of quirky and oddball residents who offer her the chance to become one of them and gain ultimate fulfilment and enlightenment... or perhaps something  very much worse.

As Juliet investigates, she’s drawn into their sinister world ... and the results are sometimes spectacular, sometimes dangerous.

One Night in Tehran - a Christian Fiction Thriller by Luana Ehrlich

“Wow. This book never stopped! It grabbed my attention at the beginning and did not let go. It still hasn't let go of me.” –Book Review by Aerykah on Expressions of Me blog.

“One Night in Tehran is a well-written, suspenseful page turner of a book.” –Goodreads Book Review.

“Recommend this book to all CIA novel lovers.” –Amazon reviewer.

One Night in Tehran is the first in a series of Christian thrillers featuring veteran CIA intelligence officer, Titus Ray, who comes to faith in Christ through the efforts of a group of Iranian Christians.

When a mission in Tehran goes horribly bad, not only do these persecuted believers keep Titus hidden away from the secret police, they also manage to smuggle him over the mountainous terrain of Iran and ultimately to safety in Turkey.

Then, while being debriefed in a safe house back in the States, Titus discovers the underlying cause of his mission’s failure and the person responsible for the downfall of his network in Iran. After delivering a scathing indictment against the Deputy Director of Operations, Titus is put on a year’s medical leave. At the same time, he learns he’s being stalked by an assassin who's seeking revenge for his actions in Tehran—someone sent by the Iranian secret police.

Now, while trying to settle into a “normal” life in the small university town of Norman, Oklahoma, he must decide if the Iranian couple he meets at a church has any connection to the assassin who’s after him, and if Nikki, Saxon, a beautiful, local detective, can be trusted with his secrets. And, all the while, he’s trying to figure out what it means to live a life of faith—a life that doesn't seem to be compatible with his line of work.

Magnetizing: A different world - a fantasy/romance novel by Juliet Rose

A story about forbidden love in an hopeless place.

Seyai is a gorgeous girl. Too gorgeous to be human. She is an alien keeping her true origin a secret. But she has lost hope in finding true love after years of disappointment. The last thing she expected was to walk in her biology class and be mesmerize by her teacher.

Zevran has a marriage that has fail and two children who are not there anymore. Something he did not need was to fall in a romance with a student of his. A stir of events and emotions surround this two that pull them together like a magnetic.

Together the two fall in a forbidden love that has more consequences then one. A story about a supernatural, powerful love inspired by the song E.T. by Katy Perry.

The Eighth Day - kindle ebook by Donovan Gray

The Eighth Day is the first book in a trilogy centred on a tale of murder, vengeance and mankind’s ultimate demise, the end of the world.

Alex and Ruth Young stumble into a vendetta between two sworn enemies when their neighbour, Benjamin Douglas, falls against their door, shot and dying. This one event changes their lives forever as Ben miraculously recovers from his gunshot wounds. He confesses to them that his real name is Gabriel Armstrong and he was born nearly two centuries ago. He tells them how he witnessed the murder of his family at the hands of a charlatan Preacher named Jacob Burns and how he has sworn to avenge them. Ten years after this event he thought he had found his chance, but when the moment came he discovered something else about himself and Jacob that will change his, and our, fates forever.

Born immortal, Gabriel is dragged into the remnants of an age old war that culminates tonight when a weapon is used that raises the dead with one purpose. To kill!

This tale is told through past and present day story lines, each timeline focusing on different incidents which ultimately connect and intersect in the run up to its dramatic conclusion.  

This is The Eighth Day.

Also available on paperback from Amazon.

Nature Abhors a Vacuum - kindle ebook by Stephen L Nowland

This is the first in a series of six books, which is rapidly approaching completion. It's a fantasy action series with comedy, drama, mystery and a little romance too. Something for everyone!

There is a vacuum of power in the realm of Aielund. While the king's forces are away, powerful figures are positioning themselves to seize the kingdom from its rightful ruler. An unsuspecting group of locals must work together to track down the conspirators, but the trail leads to a far greater threat than they ever imagined.

On top of all this, the protagonist Aiden Wainwright is plagued by dreams that are not his own, and while he has dismissed them for years, it begins to become obvious they are somehow connected to the events going on around him.

7 Days 6 Worst - Case Scenarios Romantic Suspense/Mystery by Leslie Huggans

While the Leslie Huggans has never been a murder suspect, many of the events in this book actually happened to her...minus the dashing CIA agent. One must live in hope.

Mix dry wit with a juicy corpse and let it simmer over a red hot romance to serve up a wicked comedy.

Curious, quirky, crisis consultant Victoria Douglas needs a vacation, and to learn to keep her sassy mouth shut. Instead, she’s gunning a stolen SUV up a mountain with beer cans and bug spray as her only weapons in a fight for survival. She and her investigative reporter friend, Julie Tran, have landed in a Caribbean vacation crap-sandwich bursting with murder, narcotics, and one gorgeous piece of man-flesh.

College flame, Alex Marshall, professed his love and disappeared without a trace. Twelve years later he materializes at Victoria’s resort on St. Kitts and he’s got more charm and sex appeal than ever. Tingling lady bits and long-buried feelings aside, Victoria discovers she and Julie are at the center of a criminal conspiracy that stretches across two continents. They’ve got one chance to prove their innocence before competing nefarious factions feed them to the fish…or worse. Victoria has to decide just how far she is willing to go to save her life and mend her heart.

Match: A Supernatural Thriller - a horror thriller by William Massa


Online dating. A great way to connect in a wired, increasingly busy world, but do you really know who hides behind the smiling pictures? The flirtatious text messages? What if the person on the other end of the dating profile isn’t quite what they appear to be…


Mark found her photo on a popular dating app. Her name was Akasha, and she was beautiful. Seductive. Irresistible. She wrote that she was looking for friendship. Love. A real connection.

But Akasha is concealing a horrible secret. Now Mark must solve a terrifying mystery if he is to save those he loves the most and survive a dangerous obsession.

Return To Brude by G.A.Taylor

Return To Brude is a children's fantasy adventure by G.A.Taylor.
A story of magic and mythical creatures, of a girl who takes everything in her stride, and of a journey that will reveal who she really is.
Annie McBride does not know her real name, that she has any relatives but her two eccentric aunts, or that someone plots to kill her, so on the morning that their cottage disappears, with Cantrip the cat still inside, the aunts set the twelve-year-old on a journey that will take her beyond their sleepy village into a world where her destiny is foretold.

Age range: 9-12

Accidental Exiles - kindle ebook by Scott Wingate

Accidental Exiles is a novel about love and escape and war and reinvention.

Jesse McCallister, a young American and Iraq War vet, finds his way to Europe where he seeks a new direction and to heal his psychic wounds. He meets the beautiful Sonya Alterelli, an Italian waitress in a cafe on the Swiss border with Italy, with whom he falls deeply in love.

On the shores of Lago Maggiore, Sonya and Jesse fall in with a coterie of American expats, who lead the handsome, rootless young couple into a carefree but perplexingly discomfiting festival of good times in the local villas and cafes. The expats are led by a mysterious, generous young tycoon named Michael Barnes.

Accidental Exiles is a serialized novel, with the first 130 pages scheduled for publication on Kindle in November 2014, and the book published in paperback in 2015.

The Halloween Attraction - Hidden Angels - kindle ebook by Cristina Imre

In less than one month from release (28.09.2014-14.10.2014) the first part of Jennifer reached over 300 readers, gaining popularity and very good reviews. Many eyebrows were raised as reaction to this story, unanswered mystery and data left imagination racing. But, it's just the beginning!

This is a story of dark mystery, suspense, murder, occult, sparkled with romance.

Starting with intriguing but mild scenes, the plot develops - in just a couple of chapters - into a highly sophisticated mystery tale about power, influence and knowledge, with deep explorations inside religion, myth, the occult and bloodthirsty cults. All for one cause…

Everything about the Fallen Angels gives you shivers down your spine. They are a secret group with more power that you can imagine.

The book meets your “clever and catchy” expectations. It has a great plot with well-developed characters, a lot of excitement and suspense about what’s around the corner. You can empathize with one or more characters from the books, since the palette is wide. The skeletons from the closet encompass our own personal fears. Cristina connects the dots carefully, revealing her story in a uniquely tailored setting. At the end, she leaves some mysteries for the readers to solve, letting their imagination grow, without compromising the integrity intended for each individual book.

“I’ve constantly imagined a box office movie, while shaping and drawing my characters and the storyline. I felt for Jennifer by seeing the world through her eyes. I wondered about what will happen next from the “watcher’s” (reader’s) point of view. That is how I created this series. I intend to create a complex experience for my readers, including the needs of highly intellectual ones, by covering all the question marks which set the difference between a superficial plot to a well developed one, ” states the author about her first fiction novel from the “Jennifer” series.

Enjoy the thrill! 

Earliest release date for the second book: November 23

You can check out new titles subscribing on the author's website:

YouTube Trailer:

This Years Love - a magical realism YA ebook by Kristen Forever

Genre: Young Adult, Magical Realism

What if you had no control over who loved you or for how long - including your parents? How would you grow up, missing such an integral piece of being a human?

Avoir Besoin has always known there was something wrong with her.  She's spent her life suffering through blood tests and psychological exams and experiments - all in the name of a cure.  But the way things are going, she's not sure she'll survive long enough for them to find a cure.  This year Avoir will finally begin to discover that living only for a cure, isn't a life at all.  This year, Avoir will have to learn what love really is.

A magical realism story about the different forms love takes in the life of a young girl, trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs.

Like a Shag on a Rock - by Vaughan Humphries

Oxford. The city of 'dreaming spires' and the sinister setting for countless crimes in the 'Inspector Morse' franchise.
Oxford is much more than this, a city of two halves, a city filled by real people with real stories.


Following the break up of Tom’s relationship with Janice, he hastily answers a room advertisement for what appears to be the perfect, Oxford city centre escape…

When the door is opened by his mysterious acquaintance, John, it seems as though fate has stepped in, and Tom quickly settles back into a life of blissful carnivorous freedom.

But although Tom is no longer under Janice’s control, he unwittingly remains the victim of manipulation – this time from John – who wields far more influence over Tom’s personal life than he is aware of…


Everyone dreads being thrown out of the house by their boyfriend or girlfriend, especially when living thousands of miles from ‘home’. However, for the protagonist, being given the boot is the start of a house-sharing adventure that is wilder than he could have ever imagined.

His story is told in, ‘Like a Shag on a Rock’, the antics shared prove that life certainly wasn’t boring.

The book is a tribute to everyone who has dealt with the joys and tribulations of the infamous house-share.

It’s a story written for everyone who has had to house-share while travelling along their journey through life, as well as a reflection of my own experience sharing accommodation with my friends from the Southern Hemisphere.

Those who have been there will be able to really relate with Tom and his attitude. Sharing a home with another isn’t easy, and it takes a fair bit of care-free spirit to make the arrangement work.
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