Simple Thoughts - kindle ebook by Xavier Grice

This is a book about the observations of a father and average working man. Some of these passages are meant to inspire and maybe have people think of some topics differently. A part of this book is very personal and was wrote as a way to heal myself from the drama I was dealing with myself. Hopefully some of these pages will help someone else as it did me by writing it. I am a father of three teenagers and a man coming off a broken relationship/marriage. I hope writing this book will help other men channel their anger in a more constructive way as I did instead of fighting with their ex, write, draw, compose music whatever your interest my be use it to cope with the pain of a failed relationship in a positive way.

Unforgettable Kiss - kindle ebook by Angela Ford

Meghan Eden swore she would never love again. The tragic death of her son, at the hands of her husband, destroyed her emotionally. She believed her successful Spa would fulfill her life until a business seminar takes her to a golf resort in Arizona. Meghan’s love of golf gets her paired up with a man she doesn’t know. The rest of the world does. Eric Nolan is the most sought after actor in Hollywood and the most eligible bachelor in the hearts of many women. Eric draws out hidden desires Meghan never imagined and leaves an unforgettable kiss etched in her memory. One kiss leaves her questioning her decision to never love again. An emotional struggle to love again cannot stop the passion that unravels. But perhaps Meghan’s ex can. Released on early parole without her knowledge and he’s had the time to develop an obsession. Eric races to save her. He reaches the door, only to hear the gun shot.

 She placed her hand on his chest, the tempo of his pulse increased. She could feel herself tremble, getting weaker by the moment. Reality faded and paradise set in. He pulled her hips in closer to his. The passion she felt could defy analysis. Meghan told herself to respond not react. He pushed her shoulders against the wall, aggressive yet gentle with an incredible rhythm. His hips never left hers in the sudden movement. An in sensational appetite stirred within her.

Married To A Vegan, Kindle nonfiction eBook by Caren Albers

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Married To A Vegan is a healthy living, healthy relationship, and change management book, all rolled into one. It’s about how making big changes can dramatically affect our relationships and our lives, and is not short on drama or humor.

A husband’s sudden, full-blown conversion to a vegan lifestyle changes a couple’s relationship and takes them on a journey that threatens to turn their marriage upside down. When half of a couple turns vegan, it requires negotiation, compromise, and commitment on steroids. Frankly, if he wanted to totally shake things up, she would have preferred a Sister Wife.

Dr. Neal Barnard, New York Times Bestseller author of 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart - Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your Health (the book that prompted the demon, I mean vegan conversion), wrote a great endorsement for the book.

Married to a Vegan entertains and at the same time offers new, healthy ideas for readers to consider embracing. Did I mention it has yummy recipes so delicious that you won’t believe they’re vegan, and a surprise ending? No, I don’t think I did.

Even if you’re not married to a vegan (most lucky souls aren’t), you can identify with this book.

At some point in everyone’s life, they adopt new beliefs like exploring a new religion, or lifestyle changes like becoming an ultra-marathoner, taking up running, or simply making changes in their normal diet and exercise routine. These changes create tectonic shifts in their perspectives and their lives.

Married To A Vegan is about one such earthquake and the surprising aftermath.

A Kiss So Deadly - kindle eBook by Mary Reason Theriot

Pierre and Geneviève Marquette were forced from their home in Nova Scotia. They finally found a place to call home in Louisiana. Life had been hard, but they had each other and their children. Unfortunately, Geneviève only lived in her new home for a short while before her unfortunate passing. Yellow fever hit the area with a vengeance taking many lives, including hers.

Now Geneviève wanders the grounds, watching her decedents. Marquette Plantation remains the image of everything graceful and lovely in the Deep South.

As she sits in the garden, basking in the serene moonlight, a low ground fog swirls as a light breeze rolls off of the bayou. The silver mist curls its way around the courtyard, carrying with it the moans of the poor lost souls that are trapped in the mist.

The beauty of the night no longer gives her solace.  This place she loves is now tormented with death and evil. If only she could see where the evil lurks, she could warn Bridgette.  Instead, all she can do is sense its presence. She can hear its raspy breath and smell the fetid odor that comes from its flesh and blood. She must warn Bridgette of the evil that lurks these grounds before it is too late.

Under The Burning Sky - Kindle ebook by Olivia Bersell

Ethan Coles thought the world of travel and adventure lay straight ahead. A teaching position in the remote. Australian outback was a dream come true. He had always assumed his future lay in the Marines, but that was not to be. As he boards his plane, he's feeling excited about what his new country has in store for him. But he soon learns that not everyone welcomes his arrival to Stoney Creek.

Set in the remote Australian outback the year is 1969 and former Marine Ethan Coles from Herscher-Illinois, is about to take up his new job teaching the children that reside on Stoney Creek. He is instantly drawn to the beautiful half-cast girl Amarin, and feels an attraction he's never felt before. Growing up on Stoney Creek, Amarin learned to fend for herself and she could hold her own against anyone. She was a tom-boy through and through and had never thought she'd want a man, not until the arrival of the alluring and handsome American.

The Black Hand Gang - kindle ebook by no.1 bestselling David Edwards

#helpingkidstoread with an excellent story. BUT My moral crusade as a no.1 bestselling author in the UK is unique.I decided to give my latest bestselling book away FREE as an ebook in 5 different formats. But also with a free electronic game of swap cards.Why?
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Besides all this, the book is also free from all the main retailers throughout the world because people are scared to download and I therefore always point to Amazon via this link

So this is not for me, it is for ‘kids’ like my beloved and annoying son, who can do 3 things at once but only if on a TV, PC and mobile….In fact it was all designed to keep his mother sane.

Please try it and if you like it, do please spread the word #helpingkidstoread on Twitter and Facebook. That unfortunately is how crusades work nowadays, electronically and virally.

#3 Amazon on the UK kids chart  last time I looked.

The Black Hand Gang, get the free electronic game at and have a chat over a cup of tea.

With Angel's Wings - a true medical drama by Stephanie A. Collins

Cheyne stokes respiration is a pattern of breathing that can be demonstrated at the end of life. Luckily, it is a term few people are familiar with. Laura becomes all too familiar with this symptom of severe heart failure when she first witnesses it…from her newborn daughter, Hannah.

Heart failure is Laura’s introduction to life as a mother of a special needs child. While it initiates her into a “lifestyle” she never dreamed she would face, it is far from her most daunting challenge. Take this journey with Laura as she struggles to understand, keep up with, and survive the unforgiving hand of fate. Sit by her side as she holds Hannah down for hours of IV attempts. Yell in rage and frustration with Laura, as she struggles with her failing marriage. Cry with her as she attempts to reassure her older daughter, Emily, after her diagnosis of autism. Sit in numb disbelief with her as she holds Hannah’s tiny hand through marathon seizures. Witness Laura frantically try to maintain a weak grip on her own sanity.

And when all hope appears lost, behold an unexpected love that lights Laura’s way through her darkest days and offers her the strength to not just endure, but to shine all on her own.

With Angel's Wings is my story. All names were changed, but the story is 100% true. For non-parent readers or readers who are parents of typical children, I welcome you to walk a few steps with me, to take a peek into a world far removed from your own. For fellow special needs parents, With Angel's Wings is an offering of hope. We all have days of struggle and strife; times when it is easy to fall prey to the darkness. But if I could navigate my way through some of my roughest times, despite my ignorance and many, many mistakes, you, too, can conquer your challenges and soar.

The ABC Room - kindle ebook by A.V. Roe

It was an innocuous two line advertisement looking for sperm donors. Nothing out of the ordinary in a big city like San Francisco. Liam Sage is a normal, healthy, horny, pre-med college student, always short of funds. Listen to him tell his serendipitous tale about finding the perfect job and meeting the women of his dreams ... wet dreams that is. And I didn't say woman. This is a polyamorous, menage short story. Follow his adventure as he finds out that instead of donating sperm into a sterilized cup, the requirement for donation is in the flesh. And instead of making donations sporadically, he will be hired for a job to fulfill the fantasies of clients in a BDSM dungeon. Some of the fantasies are typical sexual fantasies of the cuckold variety, but some of the clients actually want to be bred.

This short story was the result of criticism of my first novel, that I didn't lend enough emphasis to the voice of the characters as they were developed. The novel plot had been kicking around in my head for some time, so I wrote this short story in the first person in order for the reader to enter the world of the character and feel what he felt. The basic plot for the story stemmed from a conversation I wrote in my novel, Our Rules Of Engagement, where characters divulged their most taboo erotic fantasies. I hope you enjoy this erotic fantasy story.

My standard warning: this short story is in the erotica genre and is intended for adult audiences and all of the characters are adults.

Gold Rush Girl - Kindle eBook by Suzanne Lilly

This book first appeared on Goodkindles in February 2014.
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“When Lucinda Martin York arrives in California at the beginning of the gold rush, she is alone and destitute, but holding fast to her dream of becoming one of the first women doctors. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goal. George Arnold has a dream of his own, one he left his family and friends behind to pursue, one that will make him a key investor in California’s golden future. He’s willing to sacrifice everything for his goal. Although their dreams are divergent, Lucinda and George team together for survival in the mining town of Diggers Flat. They grow close as they deal with thieves, fire, and tragedy, but in the end, it is their very dreams that may tear them apart.”

Reviewed by Book Review Preview:
The year 1849 was an alluring time in American history especially to the Argonauts- the term used to describe those who moved to California during the Gold Rush. Lilly transports the reader back in time with such ease, the ambience, textures and hunger for gold come to life during a time when life was hard and the working/living conditions were even harder and at times deplorable.

With well thought out and placed characters, both of the main characters have their fair share of hardship and misfortune like many of those around them. Many over came the odds of the times. Many did not. My favorite quote from the story, “ Adversity makes a person grow and teaches them how to live”.

Rich in historical detail, the reader will come to understand the panning process and get a glimpse of what is was like to pan out in the goldfields. I felt it very interesting to look into the early daguerreotype and picture taking process along with learning about the developing of the plates with mercury vapors.

Having recently watched the mini series Klondike, I can easily see this story being made into a mini series as well. It reminded me of the made for tv movies by director Michael Landon Jr. A good, clean, and well written historical read for any older middle grades and up. Looking forward to book 2 and the continuing story of Lucinda, Luke, George and the rest of the cast of characters.

228 - kindle ebook by David E Weischadle

A young lieutenant arrives in Nha Trang assigned to the 228 Signal Company, expecting the usual tour fraught with complaints, combat and uncomfortable conditions. Instead, Lt. David Whitehead encounters a nightmare of murder, greed, deceit and mortal danger. His comrades murdered, a renegade CIA agent using him to move contraband throughout the country and a host of unseen and unknown enemies all create a whirlwind journey as Lt. Whitehead struggles to find the truth in a land shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

This new edition of 228 contains previously unpublished sections never before seen. For more information about the book and the author, go to

Interviews with the author can be found at:

About the author:

Dr. David E. Weischadle is professor emeritus at Montclair State University in New Jersey. A former army officer in Vietnam, he draws as much on his experience as on his imagination. He lives with his wife in New Jersey and Massachusetts. They have two sons who are attorneys and are principals in Granary Way Media LLC, a television and radio production company in Princeton, New Jersey.
David Weischadle is also President of DW Global Strategies, Inc.
DW Global Strategies is an educational and management consulting firm dedicated to serving its clients by providing personal and sensitive programs and services.

Saving Faith - kindle ebook by Wes Dodd

If you liked Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven, then you’ll love Saving Faith. Saving Faith is a romantic thriller packed with non-stop action and suspense with a great romantic theme that’s impossible to put down. This story will grab hold of you and won’t let go, while you wonder what’s around the next bend and what the future holds for Trevor and Faith—if they survive.
     Fate often has a way of bringing two lives together, lives traveling in opposite directions that were once intertwined. So it was in the lives of Trevor Logan and Faith Thomas, two young lives intertwined, destined to be one at an early age. Then came a sinister plan by a mutual friend, painted with pictures of deception, tearing the two apart and sending their lives reeling in opposite directions. After over twenty years apart, fate caused their paths to cross once again by way of an unusual chain of events. Faith’s life was in danger, leaving Trevor in an unusual predicament. Trevor was forced to make a decision. He could ignore his true feelings by taking the easy way out or follow his heart and save Faith—a decision that could also incriminate him in the end.

Goddess Series Bundle Special - Kindle ebook by M.W. Muse

Get the first FOUR books in the #1 Bestselling Teen Romance series for one incredibly low price starting April 21, 2014! PLUS, a never before released bonus story as a special thank-you for all the readers who expressed their love of this series!

These books have been downloaded over 140,000 times, and ALL are Night Owl Reviews TOP PICKS!

This limited time special includes the following:

Goddess Legacy: Legacy Kore believes she’s just an average seventeen year old with your basic insane crush on the hottest guy in school, Adin Shepard, until she learns her mother is a Greek Goddess and that Legacy is changing into one, too! When Adin asks Legacy out on a date, she is thrilled her fantasy is becoming a reality, regardless of the Greek Goddess nonsense, but when she meets a new guy in town, River, she discovers everything isn’t always as it seems, and the legacy she wants just might not be the legacy she is destined to have.

Goddess Secret: Legacy only thought she had this goddess thing under control. Well, as much as any other chick could have given the crazy circumstances. But when she learns the truth about her abilities, she is forced to keep a secret so powerful that she and the people closest to her could get hurt if it falls into the wrong hands.

Goddess Sacrifice: Legacy wouldn’t let a little thing like changing into a goddess distract her from the joys of her senior year in high school, hanging with her friends, or getting closer to Adin. She’s ready to take their relationship to the next level, regardless of any bonds they have with other people. But the prophecy is still there, lurking in the background. And while Legacy is wrapped up with living her life in the now, forces are at work solidifying her future.

Goddess Revenge: Hell hath no fury like a goddess scorned… at least that’s the way Legacy sees it. Her dreams collide into a message she did not want to acknowledge, but the implication ignites within her hotter than the knowledge of the betrayal itself. The only thing to do to cure getting mad? Getting even. Legacy dives into a betrayal of her own making as she teaches her lesson. But can she deliver her punishment without loosing her true self in the process, or will the bitter feeling of keeping her enemy close backfire and propel her down a road she never dreamed she’d travel? One thing’s for certain—revenge doesn’t come without a price.

Goddess Dream (Bonus Special): Legacy’s sacrifice hasn’t gone unnoticed by others of her kind. Morpheus visits her, allowing her to relive a specific day with another outcome. It isn’t real, but the reunion is just as sweet.
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