Edge of End - a horror and fantasy novel by Suren Hakobyan


What if you wake up in an unknown town your memories wiped from your head? What would you do? Where would you go?

With his memories gone, lost in a barren landscape, Jonathan finds his perceived salvation may be the worst nightmare he has ever faced, because once you enter, you can never leave this empty town. Rescuing a young woman in the same predicament, they find a bond between them that makes each want to live, want to be better, but the demons that guard the town make escape impossible.

One way in, no way out. Jonathan and Elizabeth hope to find the secret passage out, but can they survive the monsters that stand in their way? How does good conquer evil when the evil has come from within? What is the ultimate sacrifice that will remove you from your eternal hell?

The Babylonian - A Bible-based historical novel by Allen Ray Newton


Biblical characters come alive as Kasher, a young Mesopotamian man, finds himself on a journey to Babylon, experiencing firsthand the constant struggle between the gods and The God as he serves the great king Nebuchadnezzar II.

            The year is 596 B.C.
            Kingdoms and empires rise and fall, carrying men along with the inexorable insistence of a vast desert storm. Kasher, a young Mesopotamian man, determines to become a part of the empire of the great Nebuchadnezzar II, only to find himself on the battlefield not only of men, but of the gods.
            What do the great symbols of Babylon - lions, dragons, gods and demi-gods - really mean: or are they merely for show?
            His journey is one of mysticism, treachery and love. The world in which he moves is filled with symbolism, rivalry and beauty.
            His true quest, however, reaches much deeper - into his own soul.

"I'm a fan of fiction based on history, and this is one of the best examples of that genre I've ever read. "

"Everything took shape for me as I read the book. "

"From the first page, this is a great easy to read novel. I will buy it as a gift for older teens as well as adults that love history. I appreciate the history throughout the book and the author does a great job of painting a visual on each page!"

            Historical facts are seamlessly intertwined with storytelling to create a compelling tale. Several who have read the book have commented that there were many things they did not see coming. I hope you enjoy the book; watch out for the twists and turns!
             Without being ‘preachy’, the message of the Bible and the truth about the spiritual struggle for the souls of men is presented throughout the book. Kasher is given as an example of how that struggle plays out in the heart of the individual as Truth is given to him by both explanation and demonstration.

The Scientist's Dilemma - an exploratory tale by J.C.L. Faltot


Professor Grant Reed is a well-educated, highly driven man; one who's soul goal in life is to make “the discovery of discoveries.” His passion for science and his pursuit of ultimate truth motivate him to solve this ongoing dilemma. A dilemma he plans to solve before his time is up. Middle-aged and seemingly tormented by his own self-fulfilling prophecy, Grant’s journey has turned him into a hardened man. One who seems forced to find peace in the loneliest of places, like the lens of his university’s high-powered telescope, searching for an answer somewhere in the stars. But, one night, his familiar routine is rocked by the visitation of an otherworldly being who informs Grant that he must cease his search immediately or pay the consequences.

Grant is a character that came out of my own desires. He’s someone I’ve been or imitated several times in my life: searching for truth, wanting resolution, and desiring peace of mind. It’s an understanding people work towards daily - even if they aren’t consciously aware of it. However, as I’ve often discovered, the pursuit can seem admirable, but it can also steal a person’s joy if he's consumed by it. I see Grant’s dilemma as a familiar one, even after his world is forever changed by the presence of something otherworldly and altogether unnatural. But, it’s in those moments - when routine is abandoned and familiarity is lacking - when we discover the greater truth that is waiting.

This short story was intended to be a closed work and on the whole, it’s more contained than most. My hope is to provide a fun and engaging tale that makes the reader question just what it is he is asking of himself and what he wants for his life. We all make mistakes in this life, but ignoring our heart is not something we should be in the business of doing regularly.

If You Believe - a paranormal (holiday) contemporary romance by Mya O'Malley


Inspiration for Story- Inspired by the idea that true love knows no boundaries.

*Based on character Melody’s point of view from new release- “If You Believe”

                         All I Want for Christmas:

            Once upon a time, not so long ago, my heart was filled with Christmas cheer and joy around each holiday season. As a child, my eyes sparkled with happiness as I felt the magic of the season. Years later, as an adult, Jack and I would share the season, Jack made me feel the delight and magic that I experienced as a child.  Now, with Jack gone, I find myself surrounded by family and friends, but without Jack my heart is empty and the light has gone out of my eyes.
All I want for Christmas? For years, all I’ve wanted was my husband, Jack back in my arms. Forget about fancy gifts, the parties and decorations, the only thing on my mind around the holiday season is Jack’s smiling face, his sparkling blue eyes and warm smile. Will my Christmas wishes come true? I know in my heart that it’s not possible, it can never come to be. But this year, the air seems to be filled with magic and intrigue as I am lucky to have met not only a new friend, but also a man who is slowly warming my heart.
            Will I let love in? Will I keep Jack in my heart but make room for another? My feelings run deep and I’m torn. Will I get my Christmas wish? Will I finally experience love and everything the most special gift in the world has to offer?  Somewhere deep in my heart, I know there’s still hope…I’m wishing for a Christmas miracle.

The Nectar Fields - A tragic story of slavery by Johnathon Major


Butterflies have been brought from all over the world to the nectar plantations of the Southwest Plaines. There, under the relentless watch of the bees, they are worked until they die or, worse, get sent to the hive.

The Nectar Fields is an allegorical novella exploring the traumatic and surprising effects of slavery on individual lives, told through the narrative of the butterflies on Mr Bairon's farm in the year that changed everything. During a parched summer harvest, an unexpected visit from the depraved socialite Mister Bradford plunges the farm into new depths of darkness.

In the midst of twisted seductions, savage tempers and the choking heat, the butterflies find themselves subjected to formidable challenges and impossible choices, through which they will all discover for themselves how deadly having hope can be.

Back by Sunrise - a fantasy book by Justin Sloan


"Back by Sunrise" was written by a Marine who grew up loving "The Land Before Time," two large influences into this story of a girl who loses her father but copes with it with the help of a magical necklace that turns her into a bird at night. The screenplay of the book won several awards and was recently optioned to become a movie.

KDP countdown deal for $0.99 to start December 23, 2014 and run for one week.

Broken Smiles - a romance by Tara Mayoros


About writing Broken Smiles:

When my publisher told me they loved my title Broken Smiles and wanted to keep it, I was thrilled. Here’s why.

As many authors will tell you, my story started as a dream. Well . . . that and a semi truck.

Many years ago driving across the dusty desert of Arizona, a large semi truck cut me off,  missing my front bumper by inches. Upon the back gates, a photo of a young girl smiled down at me. I found myself speeding up to stay in the wake of this truck. The Chinese child had a cleft palate and was an advertisement for Operation Smile or Smile Train. Memories flooded into my mind of when I lived in China and held a child just like this one.

“Help me,” the girl seemed to say down to me through the photo.

“How?” I replied. At the time I was beyond broke, driving a car that rattled and sputtered.

“Then tell my story.”

I cried. And then the dreams began. . .

My dream flourished into a song within a dream. It started with two sentences.

“Comfort like a mother’s love when it feels like it’s the end,

Broken Smiles on little faces that only he can mend.”

Okay, great, so I had a mother, a musician, a handsome humanitarian doctor, and a handful of children with Broken Smiles.

Now that my novel is finished, I can focus on answering the plea of this young child’s cry for help. Soon, I will be starting a foundation and I am excited to highlight these children and tell you readers about some of the experiences I have had.

TRAIL OF CROSSES - historical fiction by Jo Grafford


Christmas sale on the award-winning Lost Colony Series! Check out the rave reviews:

5 STARS for Breaking Ties from InD'Tale Magazine
5 STARS for Breaking Ties - "A fantastically crafted tale of romance, intrigue, and adventure!" --Heather Boey
4 STARS for Breaking Ties - "I was so excited to get this one on my Kindle. This book is more than a romance...the tension is constant." --Sandy Quill
5 STARS for Trail of Crosses - "Jo Grafford is a MASTER world builder...It is a story about a changing world and new civilizations being built. Hopes, dreams, plans of new lives and better futures." --Dogsmom
5 STARS for Trail of Crosses - "One of the best historical fiction reads I've had the pleasure of reading this year!" Booktalk With Eileen
5 STARS for Trail of Crosses - "I certainly hope we won't be waiting long for the third book in the series!" --Wendi

ROYAL AMERICA - a western fantasy by Steve Moore


This Western Fantasy novel is about what if the British never lost America?  The first British Western perhaps?

Would the Native Americans have been better off? Would they have  been recruited into military regiments like say,  the Queen's Own Apache Rifles?

The Book opens as Geronimo is harvesting salt at the Gila Mountains Salt Lake when a troop of British Army,  Household Cavalry Lifeguards make contact with Geronimo for the first time.

This Book features, Sitting Bull, Chocise, Lozen, Victorio, Frederick J Horniman, Abraham Lincoln, Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.  It is based on the premise, that King George the Third dies as premature baby. The British keep the jewel in the crown that is the Americas and don't go to India, the capital is Hannover DC (Dominion Capital). To the North are the Norse Americans and the Kingdom of Quebec,  to the South the Aztec Spanish and in between the Imperial Chinese are out to secure mineral wealth.  Along the West coast is British California and Lord Rhodes is out to expand the railways and exploit gold and so now he wants to invade the black hills of Dakota. The one rule Steve Moore has stuck to is don't mess with Texas who are a independent republic allied to the British and Royal American Empire.

Every aspect of this book is fast paced and challenging and perhaps controversial. Importantly, it is a story based on historical trends and events are plucked from history and twisted into a very different version of possibilities;  South west of what might have been..........................

Steve Moore

Steve Moore is a South London, English author who has a deep interest in the lands of America and in particular the Native American peoples. He has written two short stories about his Border Collie dog called Mab the Urban Collie  and a non fiction dissertation called Maritime Security: the Port of Singapore, also available on Amazon Kindle

The Acolytes of Crane - science fiction by J. D. Tew

Kindle Countdown Deal - November 26th & 27th, 2014


Theodore Crane is haled to step out of his ordinary life as a prankster to become a person who leads armies to glory. After he recruits a rag-tag group of teens from his community, he and his friends set out to discover the mysteries of the Galaxy in a style all their own.

The Acolytes of Crane is a quasi-memoir of my childhood with a SciFi spin. I am personally invested in this series, in that, I have poured out my memories of abuse to reveal the ugliness of it, only to then show the beauty of overcoming these challenges. My goal, is to encourage children to speak out if they live in an abusive situation. And if I can motivate boys to read at the same time, I'll take it as a bonus.

Being a military veteran, I decided to permanently make November the month in which I will always donate my royalties to The Wounded Warrior Project—a wonderful organization that supports disabled vets.

Last Step - A multicultural mystery by Gwyneth Williams


Meet the intrepid Sara, a professional woman who somehow comes to be involved in murder in Paris only to have it follow her back to Montreal. Are we involved in a follow-up to an earlier horror story or do these events belong only to contemporary society? Why does her eclectic mix of acquaintances and interests intrigue the police of these two nations so much? What is it about their mother that, when called upon, her daughters are so willing to bend the rules? Can friends be trusted? Beyond just the mystery/police procedural, Sara raises many issues about our recent and not so recent history. Fun, gripping, tight, an intercontinental intrigue that will have you laughing, sighing, and surprised by the end of it. Devotees of the Oxford English Dictionary will appreciate the marvelous descriptors.
“… my husband … sergeant, sits in the armchair with his eyes closed and his head lolling. I never assume he’s been stabbed. I assume he’s having a snooze before supper.” “Was wasting money worse or better than murder, Sara wondered, but decided to keep her question to herself”.  “She went on to read that, while several other avenues were being explored, the Paris police were concentrating their efforts on the victim's trip to Montreal.”
Available on Kindle worldwide

Just Over the Horizon - kindle ebook by Susan Rush


      Is it possible for a traveling hospice nurse to find romance in a small southern town? After all, she is only passing through and needs to focus on her job. A job that requires compassion and dedication. She can't afford to have any distractions. But when two vastly differing men compete for her attention, distraction is exactly what she gets. Nate, the adopted son of one of Sarah's patients, is a true Southerner with a sarcastic wit and genuine warmth. On the other hand, Dr. Joseph Thornton is a caring oncologist who is known as the best catch in the state.
     It's a good thing Sarah's eccentric grandmother left her a mysterious box. Nana's gift provides the guidance and comfort Sarah desperately needs as she faces heart-wrenching trials. Even though her childhood faith is splintered, she holds on to Nana's godly legacy. But when an odd stranger appears with devastating news, can Sarah's cherished box continue to provide answers or will she realize her life has been based on nothing but lies?
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