The Watchtower Chronicles: Rise of the Guardians – Kindle ebook by Francesca Moore

Rise of the Guardians is the first book in The Watchtower Chronicles trilogy. It’s a fast-paced young adult, fantasy adventure and most bookworms can storm through it in a day or so. Although it is marketed for young adults it is the type of ‘aeroplane read’ that can easily have people of all ages hooked in no time.

This book is about four ordinary people who discover that they have extra-ordinary abilities. Each with power over one of the four elements, the Guardians must use their abilities to protect the world from an ancient evil which has re-emerged.

Rise of the Guardians was written while I was at university in Birmingham and so that is where the book begins. Also, several of the characters were based on people that I have met in recent years as their personalities were just too interesting not to be written about. After all, it’s better to write what you know as it makes the read that bit more realistic.

This story is full of Wiccan magic, mythical creatures and mystery. And for those of you who cannot get enough, book 2 ‘Dawn of the Dragon’ will also be available shortly. At the moment it is busy making its transition from brain to page.

Emotional Changes: Young Adults and Divorce by Stephanie E. Stevens-Hicks

This book describes the impact of divorce from the young adult perspective. There is increasing consensus that the perspectives of children need to be taken into account in decisions made by divorcing parents and the courts and that young adults who have lived through their parents' divorces can be an important source of information about children's perspectives. The children are the first to be put in the middle of the parent's arguments and are put in situations where they feel they have to choose sides. In older children they tend to shut down and look to find other ways to vent their frustrations. This book provides young adults with an outlet and augments any professional advice they seek from counseling services. In a sense it provides a lighter tone to what they already have to deal with mentally during this difficult transitional stage in their life.

Suddenly Destiny - Kindle e-Book by S. Miller - Romance Contemporary Fiction

Sophie’s life was not easy.When she lived in Brazil, she was given in servitude to an old and corrupted politician while she was still a very poor teenager. She was physically and psychologically tortured, and deprived of the most basic rights. She came to believe that she was never going to be loved, that she would never reach salvation, and that justice didn’t exist. After all that suffering, was something still capable of hurting her?

In the hot sands of Copacabana, she met Neal White. A seductive American willing to turn Sophie’s life and make an amazing new beginning, with all that she always wished, a fairy tale in another country. Until the day when it all fell apart and she met the man behind the mask, the cruel side, that destroyed all the happiness that she had regained. Neal was the big boss of a scheme in Miami involving drugs, death and a lot of money. He tried to take from Sophie what she most loved. However, Sophie was strong and she restarted once again to protect her biggest secret. But not everything is always what it seems…

Adam Collins was in her destiny. A British heir who turned with his own hands into a billionaire entrepreneur. An eccentric man and owner of his universe, that fell in love with the sweetness and the mystery involving Sophie while she was working as a stripper in the show house Shades in Red in Manhattan. They would never imagine that their lives would be marked in such a way and that destiny would change them forever. They surrendered themselves to an intense and prohibited passion. Adam would do anything for her. But how far should we go in the name of love?

Neal was obsessed with Sophie and would never allow the woman that once was his, to belong to another man. And the three lives crossed.They will found out that some mistakes can change your life forever.

A sexy, romantic, fun, intriguing and intense story, with erotic and sensuous scenes, and an involving plot filled with action and suspense at every chapter. Characters which could very easily be real. Seduction and elegance at every word which makes us think that love is a great punishment for desire. A smart romance that shows life how it is, perfect in its imperfection.The readers most certainly will ask for more, because when destiny crosses unlikely pats, it is impossible to resist. There are no limits or borders when passion is present in every kiss, every look, every touch and every word.

The story is a cliché? Maybe. But what would life be without the clichés that fulfill our souls and our hearts with emotions. Life is a cliché! Read with no judgments, no limits and no shame. The journey of a woman searching for happiness and a new beginning. Because this is life, so much can happen... Suddenly.

The first book of the Suddenly Trilogy.

Fighting Fifty, Hot Flushes and Nose Hair - Kindle ebook by Elaine Naylor

About The Book
Anita Richardson thought the 7 menopausal dwarfs; cartooned in a Google Images poster were an exaggeration, until she experienced her own pre-menopause meltdown. As Anita fights fifty the emotional rollercoaster leads her to bouts of random weeping, profuse sweating, fits of anger and even a road rage ordeal. The offer of a secondment to work on The Big Contract presents Anita with the perfect opportunity to distance herself from the Project Manager she once called a friend.  Anita’s move to the South West office isn’t as cordial as she hoped. The support from a work colleague and a hunky project manager barely compensates for how much Anita misses her best friend or how her husbands’ refusal to join her, fractures their marriage further. But the worse is yet to come. A workplace confrontation and a contract issue that forces an old friend back into her life makes Anita wish she’d stayed in Liverpool.
I hope you enjoy Anita’s story, the friends who support her and the men who play a part in her mid-life journey.

Midsummer Midnight by Parris Afton Bonds

Midsummer Midnight was once a powerful country that had been absorbed by Greece, and when I wrote the book I fictionalized it as still existing.  Since my writing, it has once again become a nation.  Midsummer Midnight is the first in the Midsummer Madness Trilogy, followed by the secondary character Sheik Khalid Radji’s own story in Man For Hire, Book II in the Midsummer Madness Trilogy, and lastly by Wanted Woman.

Unfailing Love - reflections on the biblical Psalms by Carol Shelton Moye

If you are like me and love the Psalms but have difficulty relating to some of them, this book is for you. This is the second volume in what is soon to become a three volume series in which I write poetic reflections on each psalm.  I have been touched by my readers telling me that my reflections encouraged them to take our their Bibles and to begin to reflect for themselves on what the psalmist was saying. It is my prayer that my words will touch you too in some fashion.

Here is what one Amazon reviewer said:

"Poetry, I? Read poetry? I haven't read a poem since Tiger, Tiger, burning bright. That was in school, many decades ago. Acknowledging that I am unworthy to critique a work that is based on a book from the Bible, (Five books actually). I fully expected to start this book and fall into my Sunday afternoon slumber, but heavens forbid, the more I read, the more I see it is written for the modern day reader, by a champion, a champion for the poor, for the oppressed...

The thinking reader, who wants a break from the moribund, who wants to read and be provoked into thought. Heathens beware, corrupt leaders beware, read this at your peril, it will make you rethink your positions. Someone is watching and that someone governs eternal life...

This author conveys her pain on every page, her pain for all the oppressed, the lied to, the deceived. What a wonderful thought provoking book."

The 17 - kindle ebook by Mike Kilroy

The Hunger Games meets The Breakfast Club meets Star Trek.
Zack Earnest is a young man who finds himself in a peculiar place surrounded by peculiar people.
They are asked by their mysterious captors to do barbaric things for reasons unknown to them -- until Zack speaks with one of his jailers and a whole universe is revealed to him.
Soon, it becomes clear to Zack and the others tossed into this menagerie that the ones who brought them here have a very specific need that only "The 17" can provide.
Zack and "The 17" must race against time to discover a way to thwart their plans.
It's a story of survival, forgiveness, love and betrayal. It's a story of youth finding its way in a world where the directions are impossible and unclear. It's a story of redemption and patience and how, even in the center of the universe, love and understanding are a constant.

BIG TROUBLE - An Evelyn Lee Emerson Novel - kindle ebook by Denise Jewell

Meet a brand new type of family that will leave you laughing and wanting more.

Meet Evelyn Lee Emerson, wife, mother, businesswoman and high society who comes from one of the most affluent and influential families in the state.  When Evelyn plans she and her sister’s week long ski trip of fun in the snow what could be more perfect!  What could possibly go wrong? After a few days of fun, skiing and shopping one sister loses all self-control when they encounter a cheating husband. With some sisters wanting to protect the family name and some just wanting to go home they decide to pull together. Thinking to undo the damage done they decide to take matters into their own hands; hands that quickly become out of control when all hell breaks loose.
To what lengths will Evelyn and her sisters go to protect one another?  Find out when they become immersed in a trip of chaos, sabotage, vandalism and a crooked sheriff’s department.   What started off as a fun filled trip will leave Evelyn questioning does she know herself or her sisters as well as she thought she did. Can Evelyn lead them out of their dire situation or will they succumb to BIG TROUBLE?


*I can hardly remember reading another book I enjoyed more. First of all, Evelyn was an absolute hoot, and her antics had me giggling throughout the story. Although Big Trouble is a humorous women's fiction novel, it had some elements of mystery to it that I had a lot of fun with.

One of the major pluses of this book is Evelyn's family, especially her mother and sisters, who are high-powered women always organizing charity events and important meetings. But even though they've got their serious side, the way they rub Evelyn makes it feel like a real family. They have personal, casual sides too. The situation with Jackie's husband and his assistant at work is the kind of thing that gets me steaming, so I was glad the gals decided that they weren't going to let that pass without a fight. I don't want to give away too much more, but you'll never believe what happens. Kudos to Denise Jewell for a fabulous read.

*I have to say I laughed out loud many times while reading this book. These ladies are crazy! In a fun, OMG, I wish I knew them and could hang out with them.

Ride To Restoration - Kindle e-book by D.J.Wilson

This book picks up where Ride to Redemption left off but if you've not read that one this story can give you glimpses of what happened prior.
After reading the first book I became mesmerized. I finally figured out why. Just the way the story is told, some narrative, some subconscious thoughts really give you a feel for the characters.

This author reminds me SO much of Nelson DeMille and how his stories are told and evolve. Love the little remarks about 'points' just as DeMille in his books.

The book starts out in Canada and Vic and D are regrouping after Candi has left. Alternating chapters where Candi is in FL with her family and what's going on in her life while we are along for another ride with Vic and D.

Love all the nature, travel, romance, scenery as it's displayed in front of us, as if we can see it for ourselves. Love scenes and fun bantering throughout. All the new things on this extension of the journey, some new words for me to look up-love learning new words.

All the instances of paying it forward continue in this book.

I like series books but I need to read new things and this one delivers that and more. A different side to the main characters and you learn new things about them, their past, and their future.
Some series books I've read try to play catch up with the first book but they repeat enough of the back story so that it takes up 3/4 of the new book. This book is not like that. It's all new material with just glimpses of the past so you are not left out in the dark.

Esquelle and the Telsa Protocol - Kindle ebook by Joe Dacy II

The first in a developing series, this novel is a high-octane, hard-science techno-thriller: an intricate dance of cause-and-effect where the axioms of the past drive the decisions of the future in a world where knowledge is both power and peril.

Set about 25 years from "now" it postulates a time when the United States must deal with the deleterious effects of the decisions it is making today, resulting in crushing debt, a pervasive surveillance apparatus and the loss of its position in the world. Backed into an economic corner of its own making, a shadowy group of leaders form the Pandora Working Group. Its job is to suppress any emerging technology that is deemed to be a threat to the "national security" of the country.

The main character is a strong-willed woman, Esquelle, who, through her own efforts, begins to discover the lengths to which this group will go to destroy her talented family. Although protected by some powerful allies, her actions drive the story. She is constantly underestimated by both her friends and her enemies as she fights to retain her freedom - and her life.

Underlying the technological action are some critical themes not generally found in "standard" science-fiction.

One of those themes is Chaos Theory, the idea that the initial conditions of an event can portend unpredictable, far-flung and often catastrophic results. The characters' actions and decisions create a tightly-woven matrix of cause and effect.

Another is the idea that the past always presages the future. The chapter lead-ins often bear this out.  (As an example:  I was surprised to learn that the common axiom "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" dates back to 1697!) Those lead-ins often form a sort of "picture frame" for the chapters they introduce.

One goal of the work was realism.  Every location, almost every business, every motto and every technological description is real (at least in 2014). And every piece of "advanced" technology is also real, or at least has its roots in actual technology today. The work includes a large number of maps and other graphics which didn't include in the sample above.

Along the way, we also find a bit of romance, some irony, some humor and a good deal of insight into how technology affects the human experience.

Dang: Episode 1 - kindle ebook by Rob D Smith

Accused of murder and on the run, Willem and Murven vanish into the trailer park underground and fight to clear their names. All the while, every redneck in the county and beyond -family, friend or foe- wants a piece of Willem and Murven's 15 minutes of infamy.

Trailer parks. Rednecks with ambition. Media coverage. Murder. Moonshine and a pinch of Skoal.  Dang: Episode 1 has it all! You don’t have to be a redneck to enjoy this slice of life set in the southern backwoods. Hop in and enjoy the ride! If you’re familiar with redneck culture, then keep your eyes peeled. You may recognize some of the characters as friends or family. If you’re not familiar with redneck culture, which is highly unlikely, consider Dang required reading for Redneck 101. But most importantly, have fun! Dang!

Dang: Episode 1 is the first installment of an ongoing serial novel. It’s a quick and easy read for those looking for lots of laughs and one big mystery to solve as you go. Read each episode of Dang and join the discussion. Share your theories and speculate on the crime. See if you can be the first to solve the case!

A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching - kindle ebook by John Fioravanti

The decision to release a new edition of this book came hand-in-hand with the resolution to create our own publishing company, Fiora Books. After many good years with our friends at Iceberg Publishing, Anne and I decided it was time to strike out on our own. We have been life partners for just over forty years, and now we are also business partners.

This new career of writing and publishing is both exciting and daunting. The adventure into a new world like publishing is invigorating. The other side of that coin is the very steep learning curve, which can be intimidating. As I feel the anxiety today I am reminded of the battle I waged when I began my teaching career – beset with fear of failure and the ever-present self-doubt. Fortunately, with the help of family, friends, and caring colleagues I was able to overcome those twin demons. That experience is helping me with my present inner struggle.

I have been retired from teaching for almost six years and am enjoying much lower stress levels. That’s both good and bad: good for my peace of mind, bad for my waistline. In these years of retirement I had to make the adjustment from my identity as an educator to that of a person without a profession. I had work to do around the house, and I picked up a part-time job driving a dealership shuttle; but I struggled to find meaning. It seemed as though I was no longer making a difference.
For me the adjustment to retirement was slow and difficult. It wasn’t long before I discovered a new inner demon – depression. As I battled with this melancholy, I lost sight of my retirement plan. When this book won a bronze medal IPPY award in 2008, the same month I retired from teaching, I was looking forward to a new career as a novelist. No one was more shocked than I by this recognition for literary excellence. It was pretty heady stuff for a ‘backwoodsman from Dundas’. Yet even with that excitement, the struggle to adjust derailed my plan.

That was unfortunate. After all, this book won a bronze medal IPPY award. There it is: proof I have the ability to write well. Very gradually I brought myself back on track to the point where I once more took up the pen, or rather, the word processor, and discovered the joy in creating fiction. The creative juices began to percolate and stories began to appear. I haven’t had this much fun since my days in the classroom when I shared stories with my students about Canadian history and politics! Soon Anne and I will share many good stories through our own publishing company.

In this book I said on a few occasions that I learned a lot from my students over those thirty-five years in the classroom. For those lessons I am grateful. Now I find myself being schooled by the characters I create. They don’t always behave the way I expect them to. There are occasions when I give them a crisis to deal with, they show me personality traits I didn’t know were there. Other times the plot takes off in an unexpected direction. Then I chuckle, close my word processor and wonder who’s really writing this story?

My passion for teaching has evolved into a passion for creating and sharing as I reinvent myself in this sixth decade of my life. Will I find success in writing and publishing? I hope so, but I’m not worried about it. I am so grateful to be able to share this new adventure with my bride. My shortcomings are her strengths and this business of publishing is invigorating for her too. We are a good team and we’re enjoying it thoroughly. So life continues to teach me new things and the most important lesson for me is that I am the best person I can be when I have work that inspires passion within me.
The depression has lifted, I have new goals, and I walk hand in hand with the woman I love down a brand new path. My personal journey continues…
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