Project: Perception - a SciFi Thriller by Joshua C Cook

Mankind isn't changing. While technology increases at an ever frantic pace, society is stuck fighting the same battles and the same arguments over and over again. Even with the advent of true AI, mankind can't seem to stop infighting. But out there someone, something stirs, and plans the transformation of the future of the human race. Sacrifices will be made, Control will be given up, and lives will be changed. But no one knows if the future that is planned is one we would choose for ourselves. Strings are everywhere, the main question is, who is pulling them?

Aching: Memoirs of an Unrequited Sex Addict - a fictional memoir by Luke Hart

Aching details the filthy experiences and bitter thoughts of a man who is consumed by sex, but who can’t manage to find a partner. He tries to be what he thinks a woman might want. Repeatedly, he fails. Antagonized by lust, he retreats to the sex industry: pornography, phone sex, video chat, strippers, massage parlors, and escorts. He explores the depths of his considerable perversion as he tries to satiate himself.

A narrative exists, but it is woven into the accounts of his dirty life and his diatribes against the human condition. Most of it is chronological, but some of it isn’t. He divides his anecdotes with essays about what life is like for a lonely, dejected man on the brink of functionality.

Some men are born with wiring that doesn’t let them connect with others. These men are weird to everyone else. They get weirder as the world turns them away. A few of them boil so much in their isolation that they become monsters. They devour filth to heal themselves, but the filth seems to make them worse. They are casualties and the natural result of rejection. No one owes them anything, but no one should be surprised they exist.

Aching provides a glimpse into the mind of the kind of man most people don’t want to know exists.

The Patient's Guide to Pain Management - by Harvey Jenkins MD PhD

Free on Amazon  3/28/15 through 4/1/15

This book demystifies the process of finding treatment for your pain. My experience in 15 years of evaluating people with pain has led to this much needed resource. The book covers the things you need to know like how to find the right doctor, what not to do once you find one,  and some issues you would probably be afraid to ask.  This book goes 'there'.

Murder in Cottage #6 - cozy mystery by Dianne Harman

Liz Lucas, a 52 year old widow, is beginning to think she’s been given a second chance at life by owning a successful spa located in a beautiful forest area on the coast north of San Francisco.

What could possibly go wrong? Well, for starters, discovering that a guest staying in cottage #6 at the spa has been murdered.

In order to save the spa’s reputation, Liz, along with her two dogs, Brandy Boy and Winston, sets out to find the killer. The cast of characters includes a handyman, spa employees, the bumbling police chief, the owner of Gertie’s Diner, the dead woman’s husband (the mayor), his girlfriend, and a Tiffany glass collector. One of them probably committed the crime, but it’s up to Liz to quickly find the culprit.

Dianne is the author of two best-selling series - the Cedar Bay Cozy Mystery Series and the Coyote Series. This is the first book in her new “Liz Lucas Cozy Mystery Series.” Her books have won numerous honors, and she has been recognized by Amazon as one of its best-selling authors.

Sweet Oblivion (Sweet Series #1) - a YA Urban Fantasy/Romance by Bailey Ardisone

The story of a modern girl who gets intertwined with a secret, dying kingdom and the mysterious, dangerous boy destined to save it. Her name is Nariella Woodlinn -- a simple girl who wants nothing more than to ditch her small town and the abusive foster parent she's otherwise stuck with. But she never expected to run into Mycah Nightly -- a not-so-simple guy who wants nothing more than to escape the deadly men chasing after him. When Nari is thrown into the mix, now all she wants to do is stay alive.

And even more, be let in on Mycah's great secret.

Then there's Naminé -- the weaving storyline of a girl born of an ancient world who is desperate to find the saviors of her dying kingdom. She knows they're out there -- if only she could speak to them through their dreams. She does everything she can to protect her people, her family, and her secret supernatural ability. Even if it means committing treason.

Suspense, mystery, and the bloom of first loves abound in this urban fantasy -- it'll be a fresh take on elves you won't ever forget.

A Bold Awakening - a novel by Amir Amiri

History has repeated itself. The ancient Christians of the Middle East are being attacked by their neighbors. They are killed, deported, and forced into conversion while their women and children are raped and sold in slave markets in Iraq and Syria. Yet another genocide is in the horizon—the fifth genocide in less than a century.

The Christian Assyrians—the predominant Christian population in both Iraq and Syria—have formed militias and have armed themselves to defend their families and what is left of their honor. Unsupported by the international community, outnumbered and lacking the necessary weapons to fight back, the Assyrians must now depend on their Christian faith, loyalty, and integrity to face a ruthless enemy.

Battle drums echo throughout the land as war is on the horizon. It is a historic battle of good versus evil that will determine the future of the Christian Assyrians in the Middle East.

Trust Indeed - Short novel by Margit Anna Doyle

Free download from 27.3.2015 to 30.3.2015 on Amazon

Victor Palmer, a man in his fifties and former senior executive, looses his job. He is a decent gentleman and very proud, but very ashamed of his situation, so he is continuing his daily routine as if nothing happened to make neighbors believe he is still in employment.
He gets up the same time every day, leaves the house the same time every day and walks exactly the same route every day. One day is like the other for a long time, but life does not plan to go on like that forever and one afternoon everything should change, when he witnesses an accident close to a nearby park.....

Golden State Blues - Political satire by Scott Skipper

Can two guys dismantle California’s political quagmire from the bar of an Italian restaurant in the predominately-liberal town of Claremont? Can they survive if they do? The plot they hatch takes everyone, including Madam President, by surprise, and outrages just about everyone in America’s most left-leaning state. However, the results speak for themselves, and while their capital is rising, our heroes find the time to indulge in the newly legalized sport of sniping taggers caught in the act of spraying graffiti. But there is always trouble in paradise and the governor’s past catches up with him in the form of an ultra-sexy young blond with a habit of causing trouble as well as getting into it. Trouble, that is, with the media, the entrenched Democratic legislature and the radical Islamists at the mosque down the street. It would have been only a minor indiscretion if the tabloids hadn’t been taking videos with a drone. Despite the scandal, with the California National Guard as his personal army, the chimerical governor runs roughshod over the deep-seated dilemmas that perennially plague the Golden State. With the wave of his hand he eliminates the welfare state, the homeless problem, illegal immigration, broken schools, high-speed pursuits, traffic gridlock and the budget crisis. Come see how he does it.

IS IT NOT ENOUGH? - a literary fiction novel by Duncan Anthony

The focus is on Eleanor as the core of the book and the story is told in the traditional third person, scarcely deviating from a point of view close to Eleanor’s, encouraging a measure of identification by the reader.

I decided when writing this book to develop the character of Eleanor more than that of the others to draw the reader in and connect with Eleanor and her perspective of life.
As an added extra I have included in the appendix of the book a selection of the poems of the central fictional character Eleanor.  Eleanor's connection with poetry becomes apparent right from the early chapters of the book.

Dragon Faith - Mystery/Suspense/Christian by Richard Heard

A family fights for survival after a new bill mandate enforces microchip insertion in all humans. The Sandy family prepares for the upcoming thanksgiving feast. Meanwhile, newly elected Governor Thomas Russell prepares to make his announcement. He has just passed 'The Protection Act' bill. The bill is touted to stop immediately identity theft. However, the bill is sinister. In order to carry out the new order, all Pennsylvanians will have to be processed. Fingerprint analysis and microchip implementation is the law. The Sandy family are one of the first batch of civilians to receive their summons to appear after thanksgiving. Young Elroy Sandy, leads his family back to their spiritual  roots before the confrontation with the authorities.

The death of a next door neighbor starts A flurry of head scratching events.
These  unusual happenings during this holiday season continues. The family is being watched. They must conform .The new agenda is at hand. Whoever resist the chip will be punished. Elroy,  calls on Reverend Brown for guidance. His parents and sister  are all at risk for branding. Will they take a stand?

It's Best to Shoot in the Head - a thriller by Shayne Youngblood

"If you hide in hell, nobody'll come calling."
Those are words to live by for Youngblood, an American who escapes fraud charges in Las Vegas by hiding in a war-torn Balkan town in 1996. The city he's chosen for his shelter, Belgrade, Serbia, is hell—or paradise. Depends who you ask. Crime-ridden, ruled by decaying dictatorship and corruption, the city is perdition for everyone but Roko, a crime kingpin at his prime.
Irony has it that the worst place on Earth has the world’s most beautiful women, and Youngblood marries the most seductive of the fallen angels—Roko’s sister.
His dreams of a safe haven under the protection of his mob boss brother-in-law evaporate after a night of weakness, and Youngblood is soon in over his head. Drawn into a gang war, he ends up shooting the younger brother of a notorious Department of State Security enforcer, the Beast.
Roko fears no man. But Beast is no ordinary man. He's a top assassin whose legendary career ended because his ways were too horrendous even for the hardened State Security brass.
Youngblood's world spirals out of control when Beast threatens to avenge his kid brother by killing Roko's sister, Youngblood's wife—unless they turn over his brother’s shooter. Without Roko's protection, Youngblood is between a rock and a hard place: he must trade his own life to save his loving wife.

Kept: Book Two - Romantic Suspense by Tracey Lampley

Sex, lies, murder: Beautiful and sexy Kate is back. Instead of fighting for her life, this time she’s fighting for the lives of her family. The flawed, insecure character finds herself inviting trouble in the form of murder. This time Kate is alone in her fight for survival, in her fight for her family. Meet the characters impacting Kate Mercer-Burton’s life.

Anita Spencer: After a great loss, the woman has a score to settle with Kate.

Derrick Angel: The heartthrob threatens to ruin Kate’s family. Will he kill to win her heart?

Detective Garnett: Out of his jurisdiction, he tries forcing Kate to reveal the whereabouts of his kept mistress. When Kate refuses, he issues a chilling threat.

Carrington Grant: He’s more powerful than any of the previous three, and he indicates that he wants to become a part of his and Kate’s daughter’s life. Will he be the one to ruin Kate’s family?

Kept: Book Two is a stand-alone novella. It is not necessary to first read Kept, which is the first novella in this series. I brought Kate back because the character urged me to keep her alive. New and old supporting characters surround her. But one of them is out to destroy her and her family.
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