A Far Road To Key West - another high adventure tale by Michael Reisig

A Far Road To Key West - another high adventure tale by Michael Reisig

This book is on sale for $0.99 (regularly $3.99) 6/23/2017 - 6/24/2017!

In the seventh book of Michael Reisig’s best-selling Road To Key West series, Kansas Stamps, Will Bell, and the “Hole in the Coral Wall Gang,” face their greatest challenges ever. They return to the Guatemalan jungle to retrieve the remainder of a Mayan king’s incredible treasure, but in the process they find themselves engaged in a grassroots revolution, pursued by a vengeful colonel in the Guatemalan military, and immersed in the intrigue of a World War Two Nazi treasure.
Then, there’s the beautiful sister of a revolutionary, the golden Swiss francs, and the greatest challenge of all – Granja Penal de Pav√≥n – the most terrifying prison in all of Central America.
Take knuckle-biting excitement and a pinch of passion, then bind them together with the emotion and courage that are only found in the depths of true friendship. Wrap all this around factual historic and modern day circumstances, and you’ve got a zinger called ‘A Far Road To Key West.’ Wayne Stinnett  -- author of the Jesse McDermitt Caribbean Adventure Series.
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Red Gambit - a pulse-pounding alien invasion adventure by Luke R. Mitchell

Red Gambit - a pulse-pounding alien invasion adventure by Luke R. Mitchell

This book is on sale for $0.99 (regularly $2.99) 6/21/2017 - 6/28/2017!

It's been 15 years since the bombs fell. Those who survive scrape by in constant fear of famine, murderous marauders, and worse: the raknoth. No one knows what they are or where they came from. Only that they destroyed the world. And now they rule what's left.

Jarek Slater never lost sleep over the fact. He had his ship. He had his exosuit. He went where he pleased, dealt justice where he saw fit. Life was good. Simple. But then someone had to go and steal his exosuit. And you just don't steal another man's exosuit.

When Jarek's only lead turns out to be locked up in a raknoth stronghold, though, things get interesting. When that lead's big sis shows up waving around a silver staff, smacking around grown men with telekinesis, and stopping bullets in mid-air, things get, well, more interesting. And when the two of them get drawn into a race across the post-apocalyptic country to save her brother and find his suit...

Look, suffice it to say Jarek didn't sign up for this crap. Energy-bending arcanists? Red-eyed space vampires? Teamwork?

Oh, and then there's that mysterious alien artifact that might just bring on the second apocalypse.

No. Jarek sure as crap didn't sign up for this. And neither did his fiery new friend. But together, they might just be strong enough to pull it off.

Assuming they don't kill each other first...

RED GAMBIT is the first book in the Harvesters Series, an alien invasion adventure set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Think HALO meets DRESDEN FILES, with STAR WARS flavored sprinkles. Fans of Michael Anderle, Lindsay Buroker, and Chris Fox will love this series for its "fast-paced adventure," "compelling characters," and "wonderfully wise-cracking dialogue."

Grab your copy today and experience the action-packed beginning for only 99 cents!

AMERICAN SIREN by Stephen Perkins

AMERICAN SIREN by Stephen Perkins

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 6/16/2017 - 7/21/2017!

She can make you a star.
But you must first sell her your soul.
For, she secretly rules the world.
This world, and the one we can't see!

The music industry is merely a veil of secrets. What if the man callling himself Paul McCartney were an imposter? William Shears Campbell is an MI6 agent with not only a license to kill, but dark secrets and an even darker past. Now that a part of that past has returned to haunt him, he becomes involved in a massive conspiracy. And, this time, he might not be able to shoot his way out of trouble. When a powerful television executive hatches a sinister plot to improve the ratings of a popular reality television talent show, there may be more at stake than just ratings!

The Wager by Christine Young

The Wager by Christine Young

Sent to London to find a husband...

Amorica Hepburn and her two cousins made a wager. No one, not even the beloved Duchess could make them wed a dandy who cared only for himself. The trio vowed to resist the debutante balls and recitals, intending to enjoy the pleasures of riding, swimming and hunting. However, despite her best efforts, she could not deny the all-consuming lust she felt for a man she needed to keep at a distance.

Trusting an emerald-eyed spitfire...

Damian Andrews kept a secret that if discovered could lead to his death. Never in his wildest dreams could he believe the woman of his dreams would discover this secret. In knowing what he did on the wild coast of Dover, her life was also at stake. He must find a way to keep this headstrong beauty safe, from himself as well as the authorities.

The Road To Key West - High adventure and laugh out loud humor - by Michael Reisig

The Road To Key West - Laugh Out Loud Humor and High Adventure, by Michael Reisig

By the the best-selling author, Michael Reisig, The Road to Key West is an adventurous/humorous sojourn that cavorts its way through the 1970s Caribbean, from Key West and the Bahamas, to Cuba and Central America.

In August of 1971, Kansas Stamps and Will Bell set out to become nothing more than commercial divers in the Florida Keys, but adventure, or misadventure, seems to dog them at every turn. They encounter a parade of bizarre characters, from part-time pirates and heartless larcenists, to Voodoo bokors, a wacky Jamaican soothsayer, and a handful of drug smugglers.

Adding even more flavor to this Caribbean brew is a complicated romance, a lost Spanish treasure, and an antediluvian artifact created by a distant congregation who truly understood the term, “pyramid power.”

So pour yourself a margarita and slide into the ‘70s for a while, as you follow Kansas and Will through this cocktail of madcap adventures – on The Road To Key West!

Underground and Radioactive - and eye opening memoir of life underground by R.D. Saunders

Underground and Radioactive - and eye opening memoir of life underground by R.D. Saunders

A continual collection of anecdotes set in the 1970's that introduce the reader to a life they have likely never imagined..An extremely in-depth, eye-opening account of what life was like as a uranium miner in that era, presented it in a fashion that makes the reader flip page after page. Written with a light-hearted tone, a quick joke here or there, and just enough anecdotes to keep a giant smile on your face despite the backbreaking labor being described. This is a book that deserves to be read by anyone who likes learning something new in a very fun manner.

The Cavanaugh House - Amazon Best Selling Mystery by Elizabeth Meyette

The Cavanaugh House - Amazon Best Selling Mystery by Elizabeth Meyette http://www.amazon.com/Cavanaugh-House-Elizabeth-Meyette-ebook/dp/B00KBAZ9ZK

$0.99 (regularly $2.99) 6/20/2017 - 6/25/2017!

Jesse Graham thought she was just inheriting an old, dilapidated house, but she ended up with much more: a ghost, a decades old mystery, and a chance at love. Stirring up old memories puts her life in danger as she searches for answers to who she is and what happened in the Cavanaugh house. As danger surrounds her, including attempts on her life, so does her new-found "family"  and the realization that she can love again after all.

Legends & Lies (The Golden Den Book 1) - Fantasy Adventure by M. Jiminez

Legends & Lies (The Golden Den Book 1) - Fantasy Adventure by M. Jiminez

Living in Sarvyr hasn’t been easy for Adastros since his father’s death. As the town’s chieftain and a praised warrior, he left behind an incredible legacy that few believe Adastros can live up to. While it had once been believed that Adastros’ potential was limitless, such ideas have long vanished from the minds of those in Sarvyr. Now he is only a reminder of a lost hero, an unfortunate boy with no father, a potential adversary who may yet pose a threat to those now in power…

Still haunted by the loss of his father and the judgmental eyes of those around him, Adastros dreams of a day he can show everyone what he is truly capable of. The arrival of the Waypost Hunt gives him the chance to do just that.  When all is finally going well and Adastros thinks his future is set, lies, schemes, and murder destroy any hope of a life in Sarvyr and force him to flee his home.

As a fugitive falsely accused, Adastros desires now more than ever to prove himself. With nothing left to lose, he sets out on a quest that will attest to his greatness for all to see. The legendary Golden Den may seem like nothing more than a myth, but Adastros knows proving its existence will etch his name in history forever. Unfortunately, his escape from Sarvyr has left him stranded with few supplies and no idea where to begin his search— and in more danger than he realizes. When he stumbles across an ancient elven city, he is thrust into the middle of an unprecedented war threatening the elves’ survival. Will Adastros have what it takes to turn the tide of battle? Could this be the opportunity he has been waiting for?

Yes, You Do Have Time! by James Butch Tanner

Yes, You Do Have Time! by James Butch Tanner

$0.99 (regularly $3.99) 6/20/2017 - 6/27/2017!

For years, I have heard the dreams of people. Business ideas, inventions, innovative ministries, book ideas, have flowed from their hearts and minds during conversation.   Many of their ideas have been bold, creative, and exciting.  Some of them could actually be life changing for many people.

Regularly, I encouraged people to pursue their ambition. I challenged them to lay out a plan and stick to it. Unfortunately, as obstacles arose, I watched the excitement fade and the dream shelved. True potential was forfeited again and again. The world would have to wait. The top killer obstacle seemed to be time.

I wrote, Yes, You Do Have Time!, to address that issue.

Yes, You Do Have Time! offers two great finds. First, discovering time you didn't think you possessed. Second, giving you practical ways to use those moments to positively impact your life.

You have dreams you can fulfill, projects you can complete, and accomplishments that can be done to positively impact your life and income, with the time you already have.

In this book you get the skills to:
• Discover the time you need to start fulfilling your dreams.
• Clearly define your dream.
• Effectively banish time debits.
• Plan for and achieve your goals.

Many times a project gets started, but it is quickly shelved, because we don't have time.  I will show you how powerful just ten minute time periods can be in transforming your life. You will learn that investing even small amounts of time can have a huge positive impact on your life.

You really do have time to achieve your dream.

When you finish this book and complete the exercises you will be able to:
• Stay focused and energized by your dream.
• Be more productive in every area of your life so you can have more time for you.
• Celebrate repetitively because of multiple projects you can complete in the months ahead.

So, don't miss out! Start discovering time you can use for you, today. Reach your dreams. Fulfill your goals. Buy Now and learn how.

The Politician by Maggie Parker

The Politician by Maggie Parker


Thrilling story of a senior politician and the secret affair which she has tried for twenty years to recover from. Intrigue and romance set against a background of political unrest and modern day threats of terrorism.  A tale of the human side of politics, of a woman who is driven by guilt and remorse. A real page turner which has it all.

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