In the Dead of Night - latest action/crime/suspense novel by Sandy Paull

Michael Cameron dies in a fiery car 'accident', and leaves behind a pregnant wife, three children, and the location to incriminating company files against his employer.

Two years later, a contract killer is given a mission ‒ find the missing files and take care of any loose ends.

Courtney Cameron wants to replace the child she lost all that time ago and seeks a donor, and not necessarily a husband. The man she chooses turns out to be Damian Lincoln, an astute businessman, and a challenging individual.

Her life is threatened, and when she realises the reason behind her husband’s death, she seeks protection from the only man she trusts ‒ the sceptical father-to-be.

Courtney’s part-time job as a locksmith often sees her helping people out of troublesome situations, but can she come to her own rescue this time when the stakes are so high?

Bill the Fly - A Dark Humor novel by Nate Gutman

A detective obsessed with new-age medicine, a killer, and a talking house fly are just a few of the eclectic characters in Virginian author Nate Gutman’s new novel, Bill the Fly. At times poignant, surreal, and ridiculous, Bill the Fly is the story of the lonely bachelor Jacob Kingsley, who wakes up one morning to find that a fly named Bill has flown in through the open window of his Arizona home, made him breakfast, and told him to bring flowers to the object of his affection, a co-worker named Emily.

As Jacob and Bill’s friendship grows, it becomes obvious that neither of them are who they seem, and the mystery of their true natures is revealed in surprising and darkly hilarious ways.

One reviewer called it a “masterful blend of horror, light-hearted humor, and a keen wit,” and another calls Bill the Fly a “guaranteed delight of a read.”

Bill the Fly is available now in both paperback and Kindle formats through

Thrown Down - a crime novel by David Menon

'Out now and on special offer, the sixth in the DSI Jeff Barton series finds him investigating two murders on his home turf of Manchester, UK that have sectarian links to the Northern Ireland troubles.

But what connects them to a seemingly ordinary housewife living in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia?

And just how friendly should he get when DC Collette Ryan of the Victoria state police is temporarily assigned to Jeff's team over in Manchester?

HOW TO FINALLY GET OVER YOUR EX: Tried & Trusted Methods That REALLY Do Work! by T.S. Drew

Free 29th July 2015 until 31st July 2015!

Discover The 12 Steps to getting over your Ex using practical and emotional tips from experts

Getting over an ex can be a heartrending problem. For some people it is simply a case of moving on to the next person in line, but if you are not one of these people then it can be very difficult.

In this Book I'm going to teach you the best ways to get over an ex.

I'll also be teaching you

  • How to spot a problem Ex who will make you miserable
  • How to remove a problem Ex from your life
  • How to deal with the “Evil Ex” who is violent or threatening
  • How to deal with emotional effects of a breakup
  • Practical ways to reduce your chances of thinking about your Ex
  • 5 Ways to let go of emotional baggage
  • How to attract the right new people into your life, by learning from the past
  • 4 ways to make a new start in life
  • How to overcome fear of a new life ahead (and of meeting new people)
  • How to avoid being a vulnerable single person as a result of your breakup
  • Finding the right person: A practical guide for finding your true love

There are probably many people offering you advice at this time but the truth is that most people don't really have a clue as to what they are talking about. Many people are comfortably attached to the people they are in a partnership with and usually in a habit forming way, and if they haven't been completely, heart wrenchingly emotionally attached with someone else, they won't understand what you are going through.

The old clich├ęs of, “Just go and find someone else” are generally the advice you are going to hear from friends and family. Don't worry, in this Book I've got your back. I've been there and I understand that another fish is not your problem! The problem is that your life became part of a partnership which no longer exists, and you are still operating as part of that partnership. You are also very probably still in love with the person you broke up with, which does not make the situation any easier.

This guide is also going to cover the break ups where children are involved. If you and your ex have had children together, forgetting your ex isn't so easy. The children you love are going to be forever tied to your ex, and a constant reminder. In looks and even in their smell they will be a reminder. There are ways around this problem at least to a degree so don't worry, they will be addresses in this guide.

Remember, it's not anywhere near as bleak as it looks on the surface.

The Cleopatra Murders - A Mystery By Mic Palmer

Susan is the likely target of a homicidal maniac; Jack is the prime suspect. What better way to rekindle a broken romance?

Unfortunately, she’s not particularly receptive. As a matter of fact she’s downright terrified. With Jack’s former girlfriends dropping like flies and the media portraying him as a romantically frustrated loser, whose killing spree was set off by his recent firing from a dead end job, how could she not be? Whether it’s the tabloid journalists, the dime store detectives, or the publicity hungry psychologists, everyone seems to feel that his life was the perfect laboratory for creating a psychopath.

Jack’s only choice then is to catch the killer himself, but the more he learns, the more the evidence seems to point toward him - is there something about himself he doesn't know? As if to drive the point home, he has again begun sleepwalking, the revelation of which causes him to recall aspects of his past long since repressed, not the least of which that night as a child when he woke up covered in blood.

Rocked to his core, he decides to wait it out, keep to himself, do some thinking, but that’s before Susan goes missing, and all at once he finds himself doing things he never thought possible.

To get her back, however, he will not only have to evade the police, outsmart a malicious duo of reporters, and escape from a gang of sadistic killers, but most difficult of all, face up to his demons - the only question is who will he be when it’s all over?

Ruby's Choice - a paranormal romance by D.F. Jones

Ruby’s Choice is the debut novel by D.F. Jones and book one of the Ditch Lane Diaries.

Ruby’s Choice is a coming of age story set in the late 1970’s in Middle Tennessee with a splash of paranormal which will blossom in the second and third books of the series.

Ever since Ruby discovered an amber-encased spider web in the Campbell Ridge Cave, she has had dreams of births, deaths and glimpses into the future.

Ruby’s shift is coming to a close at Everglade General Store. As she stacks the last row of bath soap, Ruby recalls the delicious dream she had the night before. In the dream, a gorgeous guy is kissing a tickle spot, just behind her left earlobe, sending shivers up her spine. If only that dream could come true, instead of the one where a state trooper gives her a seventy-five dollar speeding ticket!

Ruby snaps back to reality when she hears the store’s front door bells chime. If she didn’t know any better, she’d say the frickin’ Adonis from her sexy dream just walked through the door.

Reed Jackson and Brent Brown introduce themselves to Ruby as members of the local baseball team her brother, George, manages. Brent mentions they specifically came out to the store to meet George’s hot, little sister. Ruby is slightly confused when she hears Reed murmur Tap It under his breath, but then she remembers the rumor going around campus about Reed and Brent’s dating game, where the two best friends compete to have a girl profess undying love to one of them. And Tap It is a winner takes all—all of what, though, Ruby has no clue. Ruby decides that she’ll play along, but according to her rules. She’ll suss out if either of these players is worthy of her love and respect.

One thing is for sure, Ruby is no pawn.

Who will be Ruby’s Choice?

The Alex Cave Series. Books 1, 2, & 3.: Box set by James M. Corkill


Book 1. Dead Energy. 

The tanker left Valdez Alaska with a full load of crude oil for what started as a routine trip down to Washington State, until it entered the Puget Sound and the oil mysteriously vanished without a trace.
Alex Cave, a geophysics instructor from Montana, was on vacation sailing the waters of the Puget Sound, when a brilliant flash of light to the north caught his attention. He listened for the deep rumble from an explosion, but the only sound was the frantic voice through his boats radio, desperately screaming for help, and yelling out a set of coordinates. When he changed course to render assistance, he had no idea this would be the start of an epic adventure, where he would be the only person capable of saving humanity from self-destruction.
Can Alex, who is also an ex-CIA operative, solve the mystery before it’s too late? Or will our dependency on oil cause us to suffer the consequences of . . . DEAD ENERGY!

Book 2. Cold Energy.

Alex Cave, a geophysics instructor in Montana, receives an urgent call from his friend about unusual seismic activity in the Pacific Northwest, which had just destroyed the city of Victoria Canada, and awoke the sleeping Mount Baker volcano. Realizing his family lives near the base of the mountain, he immediately leaves to try to find out why it’s happening, before Mt. Baker explodes.
On the way, his friend Martin Donner, the Director of National Security, asks for his particular skills to figure out what caused the Polar Ice Sheet to expand by thousands of square miles in a matter of minutes. Alex knows if he cannot find a way to stop the expansions from continuing, the world will enter a new ice age.
Now Alex is torn between trying to save his family from the deadly eruption, and stopping nature from destroying humanity with . . . COLD ENERGY!

Book 3. Red Energy. 

Alex Cave, a geophysics instructor tasked with coordinating the recovery of several items of advanced alien technology from the Bering Sea, discovers he is betrayed by one of the crew, who will stop at nothing to obtain one of these powerfully destructive devices. Alex knows that if this technology falls into the wrong hands, it could cause the end of all life on the planet. If this wasn’t enough, his past actions while working for the CIA have come back to haunt him, and his loved ones are put in grave danger. On this emotional rollercoaster, Alex literally feels the weight of the world on his shoulders as he is torn between saving the ones he loves, and saving humanity from extinction. Is there a way he can save both? Or will all life on the planet be destroyed by. . . RED ENERGY!

Someone Has Taken My Place - a thriller with a twist by David Snow

Inspired by a true story and written by the real Irish Investigator who won the acclaimed award of Financial Investigator of the Year North America & EMEA for the true case behind the book.

Someone has taken my place is an epic account of the identity theft of Irish citizens who died in the 1970’s. Irish Fraud Investigator Andrew Stone is on the trail of the serial fraudster known in Ireland as the Texan. The fraudster is inventive and elusive as he evilly masquerades in the identities of dead babies for fraudulent gain.

Stone is obsessed with obtaining justice for the vulnerable Irish parents whose babies identities have been taken by the American professional conman. Follow his personal international chase across Ireland, Europe and the United States of America as, with the help of the FBI, former KGB Agents, the United States Secret Service, Interpol and the Irish police, Stone pieces together the international conman’s tortuous spider’s web of illegal aliases and criminal intent.

"A thinking man's thriller, this book is an excellent mystery ...non-stop ride through the ruthless world of identity theft, a smart and emotional novel."
FBI Agent (Retired)

Shallow Lives... Shallow Seas by Michael J. Rowbottom

Perhaps the story of Gulf War 2 has been told now...or has it? After all, they didn't find any WMD, did they!
No, they didn't, but could they have done?
Now there's a thought, in fact, keep on thinking it because Shallow Lives... Shallow Seas will help you along the road.
What if...someone started panicking low down the pecking order in Virginia?
What if...they thought they were meant to find the weapons...even if they weren't there?
Nothing like a good conspiracy theory to get everyone fired up...and this could have happened...maybe.
Let's get this straight, the idea behind the story of Shallow Lives... Shallow Seas and the characters are entirely invented by the author. Michael J. Rowbottom had an idea that a lot was depending on finding that WMD in the early days of the war and when nothing showed up except a bleached out chem-lab then there would have been a lot of perspiring from the top to the bottom of the coalition.
And midway down there might have been - there probably wasn't - but there might have been a group of people who believed their jobs could only survive if they found the smoking gun.
Pretty good start, then the rest is from Mike's imagination with this shadowy bunch of non-people setting up some weapons to be found by coalition forces in the desert.
And it would haver worked if only...
If only A naive expat in a neighbouring emirate hadn't stumbled across a dead prostitute in his apartment block...
If only the Royal Navy hadn't turned up the decomposing corpses of four poor young men while on a minesweeping patrol out of that emirate...
If only there hadn't been a power struggle in that emirate...
If only there hadn't been an important bye-election in the UK to complicate it even more because the constituency makes weapons and needs to sell them to the emirate.
Still, life shouldn't be about if-onlys. That's what the very lazy Gulf correspondent of Randalls News Agency forced himself to say when he had to
get up from his sunlounger to investigate this little series of connections.
Thrill to the heat of the Gulf in August, the life of the expat and how they try to live in a regime which may not be quite what they're used to.
Shallow deeper than the skin of a Creme Brulee.
Shallow Seas...not deep enough to keep any secrets.
All yours, have fun!

Fatty Betty by Nirit Littaney

FREE on July 28!

Betty knows a person's character is what matters most, but her classmates can't seem to look beyond her chubby appearance. They call her names and exclude her from activities, all because she likes to eat a lot of sweets! None of the other kids give Betty a chance, but one day she surprises everyone with a heroic act that makes her kind heart stand out more than her size.

Follow Betty's story to learn how she proves once and for all that no one should be judged by his or her appearance. This heart-warming bedtime story for children is a picture book that teaches the values of kindness and good deeds. Colorful illustrations and a positive message make this story ideal for children ages 3-8 or early readers.

Happy Children's book collection, book 2

I Hate Black Women - Drama by T.C. Writer

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I Hate Black Women, yeah, yeah I know, I hate you because I hate myself, Right? You, Black women, are so predictable. It is amazing how you believe your race to be something special. Well, guess what? It's not. And for every one of you who keeps telling the world that all the stereotypes that plague your race happens in every other race, I have 40 acres and a mule to sell you. You see I wanted your Black "Queens" to see that the fuckery you have cursed your race with have spread to the masses. I knew you would think I was "hating" on you, so I took time out of my fabulous life to conduct an experiment, respectfully titled, 'I HATE BLACK WOMEN.' I interviewed races from around the world and asked them, why it is that they hate black women so much? I don't expect the results to shock you because you should be immune to the hate that will follow you until the day that you die.

I am pretty sure Mona Scott Young will not be having a cup of tea with me anytime soon once she reads the letter that I penned to her inside the book. I am sure Iyanla Vanzant will read the letter I penned to her and want to fix my life, and I am all for it just as long as she fixes hers first. Those Atlanta housewives will want my head on a platter, but, it's ok because everyone needs to hear the truth at some point in their lives.

You Black Women are not low, so that is why I took my time and addressed the "known" disorderly ratchets as well as the ratchets in sheep's clothing. You bitches might have thought you were pulling the wool over people's lives, but you gonna learn today that we all see with 20/20 vision. Send them bastard ass children of yours to the babysitter, or lock them in a closet somewhere. Get out your EBT card and grab some snacks. Tell your baby father's to stop living off of you for about an hour or so because you need to be by yourself. Oh and don't forget to put on your, "I'm a strong Black woman" cape because you are going to need it.

Note: I am the author of this book and it is a controversial title. The title is a bit deceiving. This book serves a purpose I did the work and I happen to be a black woman so this has nothing to do with racism. It is me penning a book about everything that drives everyone away from black women. I paid my money to be able to place my book on the same platform as other authors. If my book is too much to stomach then let me know and I will change the book's description. If you choose not to have this book on your site then I would promptly request a refund. It is time for the truth to be heard and what better person can tell women about themselves other than a Black woman.

In His Corner - Sports Romance by Vina Arno

In His Corner by Vina Arno

ER and romance—they don’t go together. That’s what the beautiful and brainy Dr. Siena Carr thinks, until a gorgeous Olympic gold-medalist boxer walks into her ER with a cut that needs stitching. He’s Tommy Raines, also known as the Juggernaut.

Within the first few minutes inside the ER, he strips naked. His body looks like a sculpture by Michelangelo, a glorious sight that sends her heart racing and her face burning. “What are you doing?” she asks. “Mr. Raines, please put on your clothes.”

“Sorry about that,” he says. “I thought you’re supposed to check me out.”

Did he just say check him out? “Mr. Raines, this is an ER, not a bar. I don’t check out patients. Do you mean to say check up?”

He smiles. “Yeah, check up.”

This unforgettable encounter is the beginning of a hot but tension-filled romance because as it turns out, they are opposites. Siena, who was named by her parents after an Italian city, was born into money, while he comes from a blue-collar background. She’s an Ivy League graduate. He’s a college dropout. She’s older than him at twenty-six; he’s twenty-two.

Most of all, Siena is dedicated to healing patients, while the Juggernaut excels at knocking out his opponents. He’s America’s most promising boxer, the perfect combination of Muhammad Ali’s charm and Mike Tyson’s brutal power. When he falls for Siena, he is weeks away from a million-dollar boxing match, his first as a pro. Will he win the fight? How will their unlikely romance survive their differences?

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