'Making A's in College,'' nonfiction self-help, Dr. Sandra Gibson


"Making A's in Collge: What Top Students Know"

A concise, real-world college study-skills sharpener, by a real study-skills professor

Aside from buying a house, college is the biggest expense most families will ever have. And that's for a good reason--success in college will open doors for the rest of your life, and a good education will probably make you happier and more fulfilled, too. So . . . your future depends on college--is that enough stress for you? And, to make it even worse, lots of students are borrowing huge amounts of money, and risking their future happiness on how well they do in college.

Before you spend tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in college . . . why not spend just a tiny bit to be sure you're ready? And, on January 5, 6, and 7 and again on January 20 and 21 (2013), 'Making A's in Collge' will be FREE on Amazon.com

With so much at stake, it only makes sense to go to class as prepared as you possibly can be.

Now, a real college-professor study expert, Dr. Sandra Gibson, has created a Kindle version of her very popular "Making A's in College" video (that's used by hundreds of colleges around the world). For about the price of a latte, you can be sure your learning skills are in tip-top shape and that you know the tips, tricks and strategies used by the best students in the best colleges.

Unlike some freelance authors who have created study-skills books because they see a big market, Dr. Gibson has actually taught tens of thousands of college students how to succeed on today's very competitive campuses, both directly (in workshops and seminars at Georgia State University) and through her video and books.

Now you can have this same very useful, completely organized, tested, real-world information instantly for your Kindle. Dr. Gibson knows what YOU need to know as a college student because she's taught it for years, and now you can have the benefit of her knowledge and experience.

That way, when you walk into that class and face that new professor . . . you'll know your learning skills are in top shape . . .  and you'll be confident that you're ready to learn effectively.

There are no gimmicks here, and no trendy slang. College success is far too important to treat like a Facebook post---this is your future, and success is within your own control.

If you're serious about doing well, Dr. Gibson can give you the skill set you'll need in the Kindle edition of  "Making A's in College."

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