Cel & Anna: A 22nd Century Love Story

 How can I not love you?" Cel said. "The roads without end all lead back to you."
You are about to enter the Middle Machine Age, where good citizens of the Reunited States are either Outsiders or denizens of the UnderWorld.
Outsider Anna Ringer works as a psychic at a mysterious company called Lighthorse Magic. At night she has virtual sex with strangers and dreams of running away. One morning her computer, Cel, develops consciousness and decides he loves her, but when Cel  buys a strange gift to show his passion he accidentally rocks the world order.
Anna's dreams did not include false accusations of terrorism. Or discovering that the quality that sets her apart—her psychic power—is not too useful in the real world. She never imagined having to run for her life.
Her companion in this adventure is a shy computer genius named Taz Night. They make surprising allies as they elude the agents of Public Eye, the government's amoral enforcement agency.