Darklands: A Vampire's Tale

Product Description

Second edition.

Twenty years ago, Susan Archer witnessed the brutal murder of her beloved twin brother.

Now, the murderer, Devin McCree, has returned. Although Devin is a "Deathwalker," Susan soon discovers that he is not the monster she has feared for so long.

Leaving her old life behind, she joins Devin on his run from a psychotic vampire hunter. Unwilling to let his love disappear, Michael soon follows.

"Darklands: A Vampire's Tale" is a violent tale of survival, bloodlust, and two people trying to hang on to the last shreds of their humanity, while teetering on the edge of immortality.

"Darklands: A Vampire's Tale" is the first volume in the Darklands Vampire series.

Print version length 316 pages.