Dead Dudes and Vampire Chicks

Take a little trip into a sleazy world of kinky sex and politics.

When private investigator Sebastian Ajax gets involved in a missing person investigation that turns into a murder, he is thrown into a dark world of fetish sex, intrigue, and betrayal.

Along the way he meets...

Alexis deBain, professional dominatrix, and sadistic man hater.

Senator Hobart Calhoun, who will do anything to be allowed to crawl around on the floor dressed in women's lingerie... and to further his political career.

Natasha Erickson, high priced kinky escort, and protege of deBain.

Can Sebastian solve the murder before he becomes the next victim?
Come along for the ride and find out.

Approx. 9,200 words
Note: This is not erotica. It does contain adult content not suitable for children under 17.