The Restoration Man

One man's obsession with the restoration of a near-mythical car is thrown into
sharp perspective following the death of his wife as his life becomes haunted
by her echo. A poignant exploration of the bitterness of loss.

"The strongest writing is like the male half of a dancing duo: his job is to
display the female. The writing's job is to display the content, without
calling attention to itself. In 'The Restoration Man,' Simon John Cox does this
with subtle precision and evocative imagery. He composes sentences that flow so
well they disguise the skill with which they were crafted. Every clause, every
syllable, is placed so purposefully that the brain floats through the narrative
uninterrupted by a shade of doubt, oblivious to the emotional osmosis that
occurs between the lines.

And does it ever occur. Call me cold-hearted, but I'm not often "moved" by the
weak attempts at poignancy that litter contemporary literature. But this story
is not a weak attempt; it is a powerful success. This guy has got it."
- Christina M. Grey