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Once, the vampire Dylan had feared nothing and no one. He'd rampaged throughout the world on a seemingly never ending quest to fill his eternal years with the finest, most outrageous extravagances; with exquisite, soft-limbed young women and copious amounts of rich, vibrating blood. But life, however full of joy, inevitably changes.

Finding himself alone for the first time in his long unlife, Dylan turns to the preternatural race of savage creatures called the jinn - a path that inevitably leads him to Christa, a strangely childlike woman with the power to control minds and read thoughts. Mutually intrigued by each other, they set out on a blood-soaked road trip that crosses the United States and the Atlantic Ocean, finally leading them beyond the world itself to the mysterious fae kingdoms of the Inbetween.
Review by Donna Simmonds of Donna's Blog Home:
For anyone that is a fan of vampire literature this is a book not to miss. I was intrigued when I first read about it and am glad I decided to read it. I was hooked almost instantly and didnt want to put it down once I started.

The main characters are Dylan - a vampire and Christa - who is what you could call a witch, but her origins are somewhat mysterious. They meet in the unlikely location of a Jinn bar one night and end up traveling together.

The character progression is very well done as well. The book is broken up into parts. In part one I liked Dylan and didn't really know what to make of Christa. Part two I liked Christa and was not at all happy with what Dylan had become. Part three brought it all back together and really showed how the characters had grown and evolved over the course of the story.

Its a fast paced interesting story that keeps you involved, interested and wondering what could possibly happen next. While also addressing issues of good vs evil and even ideas as basic as friendship and how one treats the people they love and meet along the way though their life.

If you are looking for a well written, entertaining novel about vampires to pick up. You wont be sorry if it is this one. And right now you can get it at a great deal.
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