Misty Black - The Beginning

"His face. It was his face that made her want to tell it all. How, she was born to avenge the greed and the evil of men. That maybe his faith in a better world will one day come to fruition because that's all she's been working on since the day she breathed this toxic, polluted, manmade air. She wanted to give him hope in fallible creatures that were maybe God inspired, maybe."


This is Misty Black's first real world mission and it's not going as easy as she thought.

She's falling in love with the boy she's been tasked to save while figuring out how to push the long held love she has for her best friend and comrade in arms Jack Diamond further out of heart. Her brother Max Black and leader of their cell isn't helping matters by constantly changing the plans mid mission, and now she's losing faith in him. But when their cell suffers a direct hit, Misty and her brother Max find themselves being fueled by revenge which results in them questioning whether they'll ever find the will to recover and complete the ultimate task they were born for.