The Terminal Diner

"Men like pie." Who would know the truth behind those words better than
Elaina Brady's mother Maria? Months after she showed her teenage daughter
how to bake perfect pie and hours after offering that culinary wisdom,
Maria abandons Elaina, her sister Dee Dee and their father Walt. All it
took was a lingering, lusty look from a Missoula trucker who stopped by
their family's diner and ordered a slice of lemon meringue. Maria hitches
a ride west with him, and with that impulsive decision, sixteen-year-old
Elaina loses her mother and gains a job baking pies at the diner.
A decade after Maria's departure, Elaina is still working at The Terminal
Diner, just around the bend from an upstate New York airport. Her humdrum
life is defined by pie-baking routine. Elaina realizes painfully that all
she still knows about the opposite sex is summed up in the three last
words her mother spoke to her. Then one deceivingly beautiful morning in
September 2001, horrifying acts committed by terrorists a hundred miles
away upset her world, bringing new influences into her life and inspiring
her to be like her mother-impulsive. Will Elaina survive the consequences
of her actions?
This suspenseful story is the fourth novel by Amazon Top 100 bestselling
author Mary Pat Hyland.

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