Trinity of the Sun: Book I

Did master Renaissance artists imbed a secret code into their finest
works? What were artists like Da Vinci, Poussin, and Raphael whispering
to us through their enigmatic symbols? Trinity of the Sun is a fictional
reflection on these and many other questions. It is the first book in a
scintillating and thought-provoking series of creative novels by author
Darik Brooks. It is an inspired retelling of the traditional story of
Jesus the Christ, John the Baptist, and Mary Magdalene, uncovered
through the eyes, ears, and imaginations of Sophie and Carmen Leon.
Carmen leads us down a path of discovery, systematically unraveling the
mysterious foundations of belief-systems that have dominated European
and other western cultures for two millennia. Through the eyes of these
amateur art history connoisseurs, readers will discover a hidden code of
symbols within High Renaissance artworks hinting at an entirely
alternative story about the formation of Christianity.
Join Carmen and Sophie as they shed light on the mysterious obelisks of
Rome, explore hidden catacombs under the Vatican, and decode unsolved
secrets left by the greatest artists of all time, all while illuminating
the formative lives of Jesus, John, and Mary. Decorated with stunning
and illustrative images, this novel is a must have for art and religious
history enthusiasts, open-minded skeptics, and conspiracy theorists,
alike. Inspired by a survey of modern scholarly works concerning the
origins of Christianity, Trinity of the Sun skillfully assimilates many
erudite facts within a crafty, seamless, two-fold tale of intrigue.