The Cabin - book advertising by Smoky Trudeau Zeidel

The Cabin - book advertising by Smoky Trudeau Zeidel

James-Cyrus Hoffmann has just inherited his grandfather s farm, and with it a mysterious cabin deep in the woods on Hoffmann mountain; a cabin he has dreamed about since childhood. When James-Cyrus enters the cabin, he is vaulted back through time to the Civil War era, where he meets Elizabeth, the brave young woman who lives in the cabin, and Malachi, a runaway slave. James-Cyrus realizes his dreams of the cabin were visions of the past, and that Elizabeth is his great-great aunt a woman who vanished without a trace from the family tree. He also learns of his ancestors pivotal role in the lives of runaway slaves who were offered a safe haven at the cabin, a station on the underground railroad.

Cora Spellmacher, James-Cyrus's elderly friend and neighbor, begins to unravel the secret of how he is able to make his fantastic leaps back and forth through time. In doing so, Cora begins to hope a tragic wrong from her own past can be righted, and that she can regain something precious that was lost to her many years earlier.

James-Cyrus realizes Elizabeth and Malachi are in terrible danger. With Cora's help, he undertakes a daring plan of rescue that promises to rewrite his family history and change all of their lives forever.

"Mysterious and masterfully crafted, Smoky Trudeau Zeidel‟sThe Cabin draws the reader into a world in which reality swims, and truth is a thread of love through time. When protagonist James-Cyrus Hoffman inherits his grandfather‟s farm, he discovers he has inherited more than land, his lineage bearing the passions, transgressions, and scars of his ancestors. A thoughtful, provocative, satisfying story that challenges not only the protagonist's sense of time and place but the reader‟s as well."

—Patricia Damery, author of Snakes, and Farming Soul: A Tale of Initiation

Smoky is the author of two novels, On the Choptank Shores--a Love Story and The Cabin; as well as a collection of six tales in Short Story Collection, Vol. 1 . She is the author of Observations of an Earth Mage, a photo/essay collection of reflections on nature. Recently, her two books about writing were combined into one edition, Smoky's Writer's Workshop Combo Set.