Devon Ruthin and A Vampire in Love Volume one of The Ruthin Trilogy

Book description

This adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy is the first volume in The Ruthin Trilogy.


Bliss is lonely and taking chances when she goes off on holiday and meets the man of her dreams, Devon Ruthin. She is trying to replicate the life of a character in a book she has read recently, and without realizing it, she enters a twilight world. A world filled with strange people, beautiful powerful beings who seem to be the saviours of the man she falls in love with. This is a darker tale than first meets the eye, and as the story unfolds, it becomes obvious that the beautiful people, who are seemingly so wonderful, have secrets of their own.

On her journey, Bliss encounters the pale and attractive Drew. It seems fate has a trick up its sleeve when we discover that he has met the mysterious people before. The chance meeting with Bliss sets off a series of actions by Drew that uncovers a hidden past belonging to Devon.

This is a love story, a story of revenge, hope, violence, immortality, and fate.

Who ends up losing their life or their love?

Is Devon as free as he thinks?

Follow the incorrigible, dangerous, and strangely loveable Drew in his quest to recapture a lost love.