Growing up Wired

The college sophomore, Victor Hastings, provides the outward appearances of being on top of his game. But why's he always online, staring at girls?

Wait—is he online admiring the same girl he's dating? 

And is she sexting for everyone to see as well? 

What kind of courtship is this?

...the new kind. 

In a cyber-world of instant access, can intimate relationships ultimately survive? Can a motley cast of boyish, pseudo-intellectuals lead Victor to the truths of Twenty-First Century manhood? 

Set in a fraternity house whose Nineteenth Century rituals are being outpaced by peer-to-peer rumors and smartphone secrets, these so-called brothers begin to act more like individuals than a cohesive whole. 

Growing up Wired explores the pharmaceutical, social and sexual addictions of the digital age. Pills are popped, rebellions spark, fists fly and coeds leave their keyboards for new discoveries. Youthful passions infuse with the whirl of technology in this new twist on literary romance.