Should an angel kill an innocent human, he or she is cast out of Heaven forever and forced to roam the Earth as a vampire. Isaac is one such creature, and the most powerful of his kind. Aside from the far-from-angelic life he now has to deal with, and the sudden return of his ex-lover Ashara, he is also handed the burden of saving the world. When a rebel group of vampires concocts a scheme to free the angel Lucifer from Hell, so they can get back into Heaven, it is up to Isaac to stop them. If he can't, does he have what it takes to kill the devil?

P.H. Dillard reinvents vampires, Hell, and Lucifer as we know them, and places them in a captivating original tale. Demons, vamps, and angels abound! Isaac is perfect for those that have grown tired of the typical vampire story, and a must read for fans of Anne Rice and Charlaine Harris