My Boyfriend's Back

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This short little story kept me occupied and in stitches on a plane trip.
It sounded confusing, but the author really kept everything tight and
simple. Jack is returning to his home town a rich, successful man in hopes
of winning back the girl he fell in love with long ago. His rival in high
school, John, has always been the handsome jock, but his bad personality
and terrible morals have landed him on skid row. He wants Jack to get him
a job, so he begs a ride to the reunion in his limo.

The car crashes. Because Jack has been a good soul, an angel comes to give
him a second chance, only Jack is accidentally returned to the WRONG body,
and refuses to leave it.

He has to win his love back in the body of the guy he THOUGHT she loved.
Only she really loved Jack, not John.

It sounds confusing. I have no idea how this author did it, but it was
really easy to follow and funny as all get out. The angels were hilarious.
I read it in about two hours. Best dollar I ever spent!