The Thief of Sleep and Other Tales

Imagine someone stole from you, the ability to sleep — how far would you go to get it back?
If you could go back in time, what would you do — beat up your childhood bullies?
What if you could talk with the dead, just by using an iPhone app?

This debut collection of short stories from David D Sharp, explores worlds not unlike our own but with different rules. Rules that raise intriguing questions and often uncomfortable answers about the age in which we live.

What readers have said about David's work:
"Very clever, well written and witty."
"A story that gave me chills and will linger for quite some time."
"Really unusual, very gripping and so dark in parts."
"I was completely drawn into it and the sting of horror is perfect."
"The ending gave me a laugh. A macabre laugh."

This is a collection of eight short stories totalling 25,000 words. It features a blend of fantasy, science-fiction and thriller and features some adult themes.

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