Chamaeleon: The Secret Spy

Kel is a very special thirteeen year old with the unique ability to disappear into any background. With his country under threat from the evil Grey Lord, Kel is recruited and trained as a spy. Together with Rostyn the King's Messenger, he is sent to infiltrate the forbidding Grey Keep and destroy their enemy's deadly new weapon.

On their dangerous journey into the mountains of Keraylia, Kel's growing self-doubt convinces him that he will fail. When Rostyn is taken prisoner inside the Keep, Kel's talents are stretched to their limits — and his only helper is a bossy princess. Soon Kel is involved in a desperate struggle to save his friend and successfully complete his mission.

Set in a strange, medieval world where old and new technologies combine and swords are pitted against lasers, Chamaeleon: The Secret Spy is an exciting, fast-paced adventure you won't want to put down.